Chadar Frozen River Trek is a Must-Visit for Adventure Seekers

The Chadar Trek, which is also known as Zanskar Gorge, is a perfect adventure site for adrenaline junkies. Let’s explore various facts about this popular winter trek.

7 years ago
Chadar Frozen River Trek is a Must-Visit for Adventure Seekers

Do you like to go on an adventurous trip? If you do, have you ever thought of going on a frozen river trek? Well, the Chadar Trek, or also known as Zanskar Gorge, is a beautiful and thrilling winter trail located in the Indian administered union territory of Ladakh. It reflects the ancient culture of Zanskar, which is a blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures. 

Besides Chadar Frozen River Trek, several beach travel destinations and Niagara Falls are also amazing to explore in the summer and winter seasons. You can enjoy trekking there with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Undoubtedly, this is one popular trekking destination across the world that can help you rejuvenate and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So check out here some crucial facts and all you need to know before you pack your bags and go trekking in the Zanskar Gorge.

What is the Best Time for Trekking in This Area?

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Popular among the international adventure tourists, the travel in the area traditionally occurs during the harsh wintertime. So, January and February, when the temperature goes as low as -20 degrees during the daytime and -35 degrees at night, are considered the best months to do trekking here. 

How Long is the Zanskar Gorge & What are the Different Variations of Trekking Here?

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The Chadar trek usually begins from Chilling. Though, with time, the organizers drive ahead to around 1km away from the first camp situated at Tilad Sumdo (at 10,390 ft). In the following days, the trek moves to higher camps till Nerak falls (which is located at 11,150 ft). Nerak falls are the frozen waterfall and the returning point of the trek. 

Another variation of the trek includes going till Lingshed, and a bigger version takes you to Padum spanning more than 14 days. Other places to discover on the way to Chadar Trek are Tilat Sumdo, Tibb, Gyalpo, Dibyokma, and Shinra Koma. 

The walls of the trail are located near vertical cliffs up to 600m high, and the Zanskar River (which is a tributary of the Indus) is only 5m (16 ft) in certain places. The total distance is nearly 105 km (65 mi). An average trekker walks about 16 km (10 miles) on the icy boulders in a day. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind as You Go for Chadar Trek

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The word ‘Chadar’ in Chadar trek means sheets of ice. You have to tread and trek on the thick sheets of ice throughout your journey, which can be both thrilling and dangerous. So here we’ll tell you some important Dos and Don’ts of Chadar Trek every trekker must consider before starting the trek.


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  • Keep family or a friend informed about your schedule and whereabouts now and then. It would allow them to extend help or send someone for your help in case of an emergency. 
  • Carry a lot of warm clothes as the temperature can go down anytime and to a great extent.
  • Carry sufficient food items and water to prevent running out of resources during the trek.
  • Bring a first-aid kit and necessary medicines as the trek is tough and could leave you with bruises and cuts.


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  • Make sure you don’t litter around en route the trek, maintaining its panoramic beauty. 
  • Don’t use soaps or shampoos in waterfalls as it can contaminate them. Most importantly, the locals use the water for drinking purposes and thus keep it clean.
  • Respect the sanctity and tranquility of the shrines that come on your way.
  • Heed the tips and guidelines that the guide provides you.
  • Do not ever skip a meal since this trek demands high energy.
  • Do not ignore the local weather reports or forecasts.

Final Thoughts 

A road connecting Leh and Zaskar to maintain year-round connectivity could ease the lives of the locals and trekkers, especially dealing with medical emergencies in winter. If you’re lucky enough, you might even stand a chance to spot exotic wildlife species while trekking such as ibex, snow leopard, and blue sheep, which live high up in the valley.

And if you are an ardent adventurer, embark on a journey to the challenging and exciting Chadar Frozen River Trek as it would surely get your adrenaline rushing and leave you pumped up. You could also consider these places to visit if you have a low budget.


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