Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach is an Ideal Visit for the Beach Bums

The Whitehaven Beach is a 7km long beach along Whitsunday Island in Queensland, Australia. It is an attractive tourist place to enjoy a holiday with your family and friends.

7 years ago
Queensland’s Whitehaven Beach is an Ideal Visit for the Beach Bums

Do you like to bask in the sun or play with sand? Do you have a love for beaches? Do you enjoy building sandcastles? Then, Whitehaven Beach is the perfect and most attractive beach destination for global tourists, especially beach bums. Situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, it is surrounded by lush foliage, crystal white silica sands, and turquoise blue water. 

This beach has been awarded as the Queensland's Cleanest Beach in Keep Australia Beautiful's 2008 Clean Beach Challenge State Awards. Then in July 2010, Whitehaven Beach was named the world’s top Eco-Friendly Beach by CNN.

Stretching 7km along Whitsunday Island in Australia’s Queensland, the beach is accessible by boat, seaplane & helicopter from Airlie Beach & Hamilton Island. It is located across from Stockyard Beach (or Chalkie's Beach) on Haslewood Island. Let’s know more about this lovely beach here.

A Brief History- When and Who Discovered Whitehaven Beach?

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Back in 1897, Staff Commander EP Bedwell discovered and named the beach. Among many names suggested for the beach, Whitehaven was one of them. From the then English county of Cumberland, Bedwell brought it to the area. It followed James Cook's 1770 naming of the island group, the Cumberland Islands.

The Geographical Uniqueness

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Whitehaven Beach is recognized for its sparkling white sands, comprising 98% pure silica. The local rocks don’t contain silica, so it is believed that the prevailing sea currents were brought the sands to the beach through millions of years.

Unlike the regular sand, the sand found on this beach doesn’t retain heat. And this makes it comfortable for people to walk barefoot on a hot day. The sand found on the beach is so fine that it can damage electronic equipment like telephones and cameras but is great for polishing jewelry.

Why Should You Visit Whitehaven Beach?

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The locals and tourists from across the world love to visit and swim in the Whitehaven Beach and soak in the bright white sand. Some visitors relish a BBQ lunch, and people can go camping by booking the National Parks camp facilities.

Every year since the year 2009 in November, they organize 750 m and 2 km open swimming meet named Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim, as part of the Hamilton Island Triathlon on the beach. Besides, in June, people witness/take part in the half marathon, 5 km & 10 km runs along the beach in the annual Great Whitehaven Beach Run. Interestingly, the beach also featured in the much popular racing video game Forza Horizon 3.

Back in 2018, the government declared an investment worth 3.9 million dollars for constructing a new long-distance walking track and upgrading the camping areas on the island to improve the holiday experience of the tourists. The track connects Whitehaven Beach to the Tongue Point.

Being the most extensive beach at Whitsundays Island, this dreamy paradise is unlike any other beach in Australia as it remains untouched by pollution and inhabitation. It is because dogs are not allowed at the beach, and cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited. 

Concluding Thoughts

Nearly 85% of Australians live near the coast, so the country has some of the world’s best beaches. A tranquil beach to relax at, Whitehaven Beach is indeed a picture-perfect place worth exploring. 

While Palm Bungalows and Beach Club are the places to stay here, Bob’s Bakery, Mariners Restaurant & Marina Tavern are the best places to have a meal. You can also head to Tongue Point to witness the fusion of colors and breathtaking views or go trekking at Whitsunday Islands National Park and Hill Inlet. 

Make sure you visit this award-winning pristine beach for a holiday to enjoy its natural scenic beauty. Do add it to your bucket list!


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