Incredible Indoor Skydiving: An Adventurous Sport For Indoor Flying

Skydiving is fun loving indoor sport for kids and youngsters who had an illusion to fly in the sky. So Incredible indoor skydiving gives you the platform to live your dream.

6 years ago
Incredible Indoor Skydiving: An Adventurous Sport For Indoor Flying

A fastest growing sports in the world is commonly known as Indoor Skydiving or Wind tunnel. A wind tunnel is also known as Vertical wind tunnel which moves the air in the vertical direction. These wind tunnels have been developed for the aerodynamic research activities.

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The most advanced tunnel is the Recreational wind Tunnel. These wind tunnels are used nowadays frequently as the training tool for most of the skydivers. This fight is advertised in the market as the indoor sky diving or body flights.

Recreational Wind Tunnel

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A recreational wind allows the human beings to feel the sensation of flying in the sky without using planes or parachutes. You might be wondering how is it possible? It is possible with the force of the wind which is generated in the vertical column. The velocity of upward movement of the air is of 195 km/hour causing the terminal velocity of human belly to fall downwards.

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This recreational wind tunnel is frequently known as Indoor Skydiving because of its popularity among the skydivers. They even stated that the experience was similar to the Skydiving. In this activity, the human body floats in the pressure of the vertical wind and encounter multiple splits.


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The first person who made a flight in the vertical wind tunnel is Jack Tiffany in 1964 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Ohio.

A milestone was achieved by the inventors when for the first time it was disclosed in front of the people at the Torino winter Olympics. The event gained a lot of fascination when they saw the people flying in the wind chamber with no wires.

Technology Behind The Indoor Skydiving

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The wind tunnel has fans at the top of the chamber from where the air is sucked and then push it back in the return air chamber. The air is returned at the bottom from the RAT And it back up towards the flight chamber. The inlet chamber then reduces the space in which the air can travel in. This results in speeding up and compressing the air so that it reenters the chamber with a great speed.

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Types Of Wind Tunnel

1) Outdoor Vertical Wind Tunnel

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The outdoor Vertical Wind Tunnel can be both stationary as well as portable. Portable vertical wind tunnels are mostly used in movies and demonstrations. People enjoy to outdoor vertical wind tunnel because there are no walls in the area and it seems as if they are flying in the partial sky.

2) Indoor Vertical Wind Tunnel

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The indoor vertical wind tunnels are again of two types they are circulating and not recirculating. In non-circulating vertical wind tunnel sucks the air through inlets at the bottom of the building whereas it exhausts from the top of the building. While the circulating forms the aerodynamic loop with turning vanes just like a scientific wind Tunnel.

The Indoor Vertical loop can be used in cold regions as it can control the temperature present inside whereas the outdoor channel could not change it. These indoor Vertical channel flights are more recommendable than the outdoor one.

Advance Your Flight Skills

The more you will fly the better you will become after few days. Nobody is born perfect, with time and hard work the person can improve up in the skills. The passionate people can even use this as a competitive sport. Even the coaching and the instructors will help you out to become a good indoor Skydiver.

Safety And Appeal

It is the best sports activity for all those who are afraid of the height. As in this case the person flies just above few meters above the trampoline. The people who have problems related to shoulders dislocation should take the advice from the doctor before going inside the wind tunnel.

The children should not be forced to participate in the sports as it even gives jerks in the neck and the shoulder. Whereas the popularity is increasing as there is a limit of age in the Skydiving which varies from state to state and even within the countries.

Dive In Just 60 Seconds

1) Expert Help

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There are two instructors for help one is present at inside the wind tunnel to guide you whereas the other is there to control the speed of the wind.

2) Full Pre Flight Briefing

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You need to arrive one hour ago to take the pre Briefing sessions. As when you are inside the tunnel you can only use the head movements to communicate with the instructor.

3) Amazing Memories

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Your flight will be an unforgettable experience. The high definition cameras are there to record your complete flight in the wind tunnel. It is utter fun, you will enjoy it thoroughly.

4) Best Technology

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The technology has helped us to fly inside the tunnel. It has fans at the top to draw the air from the chamber and again push it back to the chamber through the return air chambers present in the tunnel. As a result, we are able to fly inside the chamber. (17.1)

So these measures are enough for you to keep in mind. Let’s get set to fly and have fun..!!


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