10 Oddest Beaches From Around The World

After a routine life we all require a place which is peaceful and which can make us alive again by its enchanting beauty. These places will definitely give you a lot of memories for the future.

6 years ago
10 Oddest Beaches From Around The World

Everyone loves to travel and explore natural beauty. Spending time at beaches is the most mesmerizing experience for all. The most happening things are to enjoy the breeze, play with the rolling waves, make sand castles or enjoy the drinks. Watching the sunset or gazing the beauty of night sky with thousands of twinkling stars.

Beaches are love for all those who love to be in exceptional pristine surroundings and sing with the waves aloud. Admiring the natural beauty and jumping with the coming waves, what a fun it is?  Wow like an adventurous place I Am sure, it will give you wonderful experience for life.

Let's see some of the oddest beaches which will amaze you with their uniqueness and will engrave a feeling to visit it as soon as possible:

1) Bioluminescent Beaches

Source = Luxurytraveldiary

One of the most beautiful beaches is present in the Maldives. The beach is known for its incredible and enchanting atmosphere. This beach brings the stars on the shore. Which enhances its beauty many folds.

The lights enlighten its beauty which is due to the bioluminescent phytoplankton. These creatures are too small and when they are put all together they create a magnificent light all around the beach which is a great attraction for all the people across the globe.

A dream will come true for all those who want to stroll over the twinkling bright stars. The glow and glitter of the sea shore are amazing to watch. (17.1)

2) Cave Beach In Algarve

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Limestone rocks are easily eroded by the water creating fascinating sights for people to watch.  If you want to have an experience of a cave like a beach then this place is best for you.

It is one of the natural wonders with a natural occurring oculus that tower over its scheduled beach. During the day the sun casts light through this dome illuminating it and giving it a most fanciful experience. If you are on a trip to Portugal then you must not leave this wonderful spot. (17.2)

3) Hot Water Beach

Source = Travelandleisure

Craving to see a hot water? Then visit the hot water beach on the East coast of Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. The exceptional thing about this place is that you will see tourist digging up place with a spade and buckets in hand. They are then seen soaking up in their personal hot springs.

The temperature of the water is high up to 64-degree Celsius. It is said that the best time to enjoy is during the low side of the tides. If you do not have a space you need not have to worry about it as spades are given on rent. For all the spa lovers this is the best place for you to visit and enjoy. (17.3)

4) Pink Sand Beach

Source = Pinimg

The Bahamas has one of the prettiest Caribbean beaches in the world. As the name suggest this beach is famous for having pink sand stretched 3 miles along the island. The single celled marine animal known as foraminifera gets mixed with the white sand which results in the formation of the pink hue.

The beach is a great attraction for people all around the world for having a different shade of sand which is unique on its own. The pale pink sand beach is a gateway to the island which is an attraction for honeymoon folk. The pink sand gives a romantic look to this paradise. (17.4)

5) Black Sand Beach

Source = Feel-planet

Another creation of nature known for its black beauty found in the Vik iceland's southernmost town located next to Katla volcano. The black sand of this beach is due to the hot molten lava which flows into the ocean.

The area is surrounded by a huge population of puffins. There are other stunning places as well such as basalt sea stacks called Reynisdrangar. (17.5)

6) Hidden Beach

Source = Travelfunetc

The marietas island in Mexico has a hidden sandy beach which has a turquoise blue water. The site was once used as the military testing island by the Mexican government. The bomb is responsible to carve out the chunks of rocks creating a hidden sand beach within several caves. This beach is known all over the world for its unusual landscape. This unique beach is preferred by many travelers from all across the globe.

The swimmers can get to the beach with 40-50ft water tunnel in the island. Therefore there is no need for the scuba gear. The beautiful environment has fascinated tourist to visit the place. (17.6)

7) Glass Beach

Source = Kickasstrips

Fort California beach is a sight where you will find sparkling pebbles of glasses on the seashore. The area is treated as a large dumping ground by the localities. The dumping though has been prohibited but the glasses still remains there. The mother nature corrected the mistakes of the mankind by eroding the glasses with the waves.

The sea gems are now an enticing sight for the visitors to look at.The visitors are forbidden to take them home. The sea is a colorful mixture of the stones and sea glasses. (17.7)

8) Red Sand Beach

Source = Naturegalapagos

For all those whose favorite color is red. This is the place for you to visit.The island is known as Jervis island, Rabida island is distinctive for having red coloured sand. The reddish color of the beach is due to the presence of large amount of iron due to the volcanic matter on the island.

This island is popular among the nature lovers as it is home for large colony of sea lions and beautiful birds which are found in the Galapagos island with include blue footed boobies, brown pelicans and much more. (17.8)

9) Shell Beach

Source = Trover

Searching seashells on the beach is the fun activity done by children. So the search for shells will end on the 70 kilometer stretch of the coast Island. Where the area is covered with cockle shells up to 33 feet deep.

As the name suggest the beach is not popular for the sand rather is popular for the trillions of tiny beach white shells which adds beauty to this Australian Beach. All these shells is due to the prolific numbers of the hamalian cockle, a specie which is found in those areas. There are only two shell beaches in the world. (17.9)

10) Star Sand Beach

Source = Staticflickr

A fantasy to be on the star island will get fulfilled on this beach. The beach is located at the northern tip of the Iriomote island in Japan. The grains of sand found on this island is of star shaped which is unique and enthralling. The grain of sand are actually shells of the microscopic organism known as Foraminifera.

When the organism die, the shells remain in the sea and reach the shore with the tides. The shells have remained on the seashore for about 500 millions making it an engaging sight for the tourist and scientist to perform their research work. The beach is also known as star sand beach of Okinawa. (17.10)

Weren’t these places, outstanding for its beauty and nature? Hope, seeing this, you will soon plan a visit to these beaches.


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