Top 10 Hottest Places From Around The World

As a result of global warming sun scorching heat has increased the temperature of some of the places in the world. There are some places where temperature Soares maximum which is intolerable for humankind.

6 years ago
Top 10 Hottest Places From Around The World

Summer season is least considered in the favorite season's list of the people in spite of the delicious fruit mango, ice creams and visit to beaches. Still no votes for a summer season. Tanning, sunstrokes, sun burn, hot breeze and less available water has resulted in making it one of the least preferred season.

But there are places in the world where you will always feel like lazy early morning or sweat dribbling down your body and we feel as if to take an ice bath. No doubt for cold countries summer is a blessing but not for the regions where places remain hot throughout the year.

Before we dig into a little deep inside the hottest places, it’s better to know that we have already covered a post on hottest peppers in the world.

Here we are alerting you from the areas which  are the hottest place found on the earth:

1) Death Valley, United States, California

Source = Nationalparks

Death Valley currently holds the record of the hottest temperature seen in the world. It is one of the driest and the lowest valley present in California. The name death valley is best suited to this place. This desert is situated within the Mojave desert. The desert has reached the 56.7 degrees in the summer of 1913  which was not possible for humans to bear. (17.1)

2) Dallol, Ethiopia

Source = Makemytrip

Africa dips to the death of 116 meters below earth level and the temperature hikes. Dallol is a hydrothermal field which has salt formations, acidic hot springs, and gas geyser. The recorded average temperature 41 degrees recorded from 1960 to 1966. The place records the highest average temperature from rest all other inhabited places on earth. (17.2)

3) Aziziyah, Libya

Source = Pinimg

Aziziyah is the capital of the Jafara district in the south of Libya. The place was earlier considered to be one of the hottest on the earth but the record of 58 degrees was considered to be misinterpreted by the person who was measuring the temperature because he was inexperienced. Though the city is still suffering from the heat waves and the hot temperature. (17.3)

4) Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Source = Blogspot

The city does not encounter the rainfall throughout the year and is therefore said to be a sweltering city which is situated in the city located on the shore of Nubia. The hottest temperature recorded here was 53 degree in  1967. The town which exists now is actually new Wadi Halfa as the original town was submerged in 1971. (17.4)

5) Aghajari, Iran

Source = Sonnyphotos

Aghajari is the capital city of Aghajari district in Khuzestan province of Iran. It has a desertic climate with hot summers and is considered to be the hottest place during the summers with temperature 45-degree Celsius and extending up to 50-degree Celsius in a summer season. (17.5)

6) Tirat Zvi, Israel

Source = Lolwot

The small kibbutz of Tirat in Asia recorded the boost in temperature in Asia in June 1942.  The rise in temperature was 52 degrees but according to an estimate the thermograph reading was incorrectly read It should have been 53 so there was inaccuracy in noting the temperature. (17.6)

7) Timbuktu, Mali

Source = Pinimg

The city on the south edge of Sahara notes the high temperature even during the winters reaching an average height of 30 degrees in January. The hottest temperature recorded there was 49 degree. The weather is hot and is driest throughout the year. The dry and dusty wind flow from Sahara towards the gulf. (17.7)

8) Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Source = Ytimg

It has a hot desert climate with an average of 30-degree Celsius. The place is hotter even in the short winters.  The weather is hot throughout the year making it one of the hottest place in the world. (17.8)

9) Ghadames, Libya

Source = Ytimg

The oasis in the middle of the desert is world heritage now. Tourist comes to see this distinctive huts which are made up of the muds which protect around 7,000 inhabitants from the scorching heat and sun strokes. The place is known as the pearl of the desert in the world. The average of the 55 temperature. (17.9)

10) Dasht-e Lut, Iran

Source = Mnn

The desert plateau is the hottest ground temperature, it was measured by the satellite in 2003 and 2009 with 70-degree Celsius temperature. There no point left in saying that the region is uninhabited. (17.10)

Change is the law of nature to run the world and periodically it changes and make us realize that nothing will last with us forever neither the seasons nor day or night. Everything will change when the time requires as nothing is constant in the world. So is the summer season.


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