Top 10 Deadliest & Dangerous Roads You Wouldn’t Dare to Drive on Alone

Do you know over 1.5 million people die in traffic accidents every year? But while many of the accidents can be prevented through safe driving, certain roads test the driving skills.

5 years ago
Top 10 Deadliest & Dangerous Roads You Wouldn’t Dare to Drive on Alone

Over the years, roads have been connecting people. They have been linking different communities with the rest of the world. While air travel is the preferred choice of many as it takes less time, traveling via road is a completely different experience. Well-designed roads are preferably safe. But today, rash driving and overconfidence of young drivers have led to fatal accidents.

Enjoying the awesome views of the mountains makes a beautiful ride, but it can be challenging too. While some of the roads are considered the safest, there are some to convince you that walking is also a good option. If looking at heights makes you anxious, you better don’t travel on the mountainous roads.

If you are a traveler and planning for something adventurous, these dangerous roads from around the world can give you a lifetime experience. So, let us take a look at the dangerous roads that would make you wonder- Walking is Not Bad at All!

1. Karakoram Highway (China-Pakistan Friendship Highway)

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You might be aware of the seven wonders of the world known for their beauty, but do you know that the Karakoram Highway is considered the 8th wonder of the world? Built in 1979, the Karakoram highway is the most dangerous road of the world. Also known as National Highway 35, this dangerous road covers 1300 km and connects the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan with China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is one of the highest paved roads passing through the Karakoram mountain range at a maximum elevation of 4714 meters.

The highway covers several hazards like flooding, reckless drivers, terrible storms, rock falls, snowdrifts, and avalanches. It is also reported that nearly 1000 men died while constructing the highway. Despite the accidents and landslides, the Karakoram is a popular tourist attraction. (16.1)

2. The Highway of Death, Iraq

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The six-lane highway between Iraq and Kuwait has been used by Iraqi armored divisions for the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Well, most Iraqi roads are dangerous at the moment, but Highway 80 is considered the ‘Highway of Death.’

In the Persian Gulf War, Canadian, French aircraft and ground forces attacked Iraq personnel which led to the destruction of thousands of vehicles and deaths of many occupants. The exact death count is never known, but the estimates vary from 500-1000.

3. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy

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Stelvio Pass may not be the dangerous road on our list but is certainly the most adventurous road. Anyone who is a wanderlust should trip through Stelvio Pass at least once in their lifetime.

It is a mountain pass in northern Italy that borders Switzerland at an elevation of 9045 ft above sea level. Every year on the last Saturday of August, the Stelvio National Park administration hosts the Bike day. On that day the road from Santa Maria Mustair to the Umbrail Pass is closed for all vehicles. Countless motorcyclists struggle to reach the highest stretch of road in the Eastern Alps. The bike day is not at all fun. While climbing is adventurous, it is challenging too.

There are many accidents caused by the bikers who find difficulty in crossing zig-zag roads and sometimes by those who are overconfident of their biking skills. This amazing road takes drivers through beautiful stretches of alpine forest and sweeping roads before reaching the foot of the pass.

So, are you set to enjoy this roller coaster ride over the road? Have fun!

4. Kabul to Jalalabad Road

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The list of the deadliest and dangerous road wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Kabul and Jalalabad road. Inexperienced drivers who plan to visit Afghanistan should stay away from Kabul-Jalalabad road.

This 60 km Kabul to Jalalabad road is one of the deadliest roads with a continuous series of turns and cliffs. Car crashes and fatal traffic accidents are the daily occurrences due to rash driving. It is a quite challenging highway and surely a nightmare for the new drivers.

During snowfall, the road remains closed, and vehicles wait for hours to get it cleared. The highway reaches an elevation of 1300 m above sea level, so you can wonder how crazy the mountain views would be from your driving seat.

One wrong turn on this deadliest road has caused many accidents. It is also reported that there are so many lives lost that people have stopped counting.

5. James Dalton Highway, Alaska

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It is said that if you can drive 414 miles of the James Dalton Highway without fear, you can drive anywhere in the world. The highway stretches over 400 miles through tundras, forests, and Yukon River.

Unlike other roads which have rocky cliffs and landslides, James Dalton has no rock staring which can cause trouble while driving. Then what makes it so dangerous? The boredom makes James Dalton the deadliest road of the world. The feeling of being isolated from the world and the stretch of gravel highway has tagged it the loneliest road on the planet.

Well, if you have decided to cut off from of the world, you will have to learn how to survive on this loneliest road with trucks driving around. The rule for driving on James Dalton is very simple – when you see a large truck, give side, and then enjoy your drive again.

6. Skipper Canyon Road, New Zealand

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It is not only one of the deadliest roads on the earth, but it is also the scariest of all. Driving a car on the road with stones hitting the underside of your car is normal, but what if it feels like blasting of a bomb?

Next, you have to drive 17 miles on a narrow road that is large enough to fit only one car. And accidentally, if you meet another car coming from the opposite direction, you would be deciding who will reverse some 1-2 km only to clear the way.

Wait, this is not the end. While driving, you are also warned not to look down otherwise you will feel dizzy, and it may cause an accident. What’s amazing is the view from here, making the whole journey fearful and adventurous. The road condition here is so dangerous that your car insurance won’t be accessed if you drive on it.

7. Svalvogar Road, Iceland

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Sometimes referred to as the ‘Dream Road,’ the Svalvogar is one of the most beautiful roads in the country. It covers 13.6 miles between Pingeyri and Lokinhamrar and provides you the road that only 4WD vehicles can pass. Reaching the southern side of the road may require time because you have to cross the low tide.

If you love driving in the rain, you better don’t pray for rain because it is difficult navigating on the road and even the experienced drivers have failed. On the way, you may experience avalanches, heavy snowfalls, landslides and more. If you manage to cross this dangerous road without any trouble, pat your back as only skilled bikers can do so on their first try. If you plan to explore the region, it is advised to buy the trip by professional drivers on 4x4 mountain cars.

8. Zoji La, India

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At an elevation of 3528 meters above sea level, the Zoji La is not the place for a long drive. The road covers only 5.6 miles and provides a link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Now you can imagine the importance of this road!

You can’t think of driving on Zoji La on a bike, because there are plenty of uneven surfaces on the road. Compared to other roads, Zoji La is narrow and requires confidence and extra skills to drive on. The Zoki La is considered the riskiest pass during the rainy season. That’s because the road conditions can be hazardous even for 4WD cars. The view from the top is awesome, but it could be distracting too. Zoji La experiences heavy snowfall and gets muddy, making it impassable.

The pass remains closed for 6-7 months because of heavy snowfall and opens it in the spring season. The newly built Zoji La tunnel (January 2018) has now reduced the time to cross the pass from 4 hours to just 20 minutes.

9. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

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The Guoliang Tunnel is said to be the most dangerous since a small mistake can prove deadly, not only for you but also for the tourists while traveling through the tunnel. The Guoliang is only 4 miles, yet it can be considered the deadliest 4 miles of your life. The tunnel is carved along the side of land through a mountain in China. It links the village to the Taihang Mountains situated in Xinxiang, Henan Province of China. It was carved by 13 villagers from the small village of Guoliang by hammers and chisels. The turns, twists, and dips in certain places are more than enough to leave any driver in fear.

Carved by hands, the tunnel has become the popular tourist attraction near Guoliang. But before you plan to explore this tunnel, make sure that you hire professional drivers to come along with you.

10. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

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The view of the North Yungas road has made it a tourist attraction. Mountain bikers ‘in particular’ have made it the favorite place for downhill biking since there is over 40 mile stretch of downhill with only one uphill section. The large, single road has cliffs of up to 2000 feet. During the rainy season, fog and rain hamper the visibility and turn the road into a muddy track.

There are several reasons why North Yungas is tagged the world’s dangerous roads. It is reported that over 300 travelers lose their lives while driving on the road. For safety, the administration has marked the spots where trucks and other cars have fallen (don’t panic and drive slowly).

The road was first built in the 1930s during the Chaco War. It was later reconstructed in 2006. The new route features guardrails, drainages and other elements to make it safer than the previous route.

Concluding Thoughts

Although roads are getting safer, reckless driving is the common cause of accidents. If you are an adventure seeker and love trying different adventures and sports, you better don’t forget that your life is precious than anything else in the world.

Have you ever driven to any of these deadliest roads? Yay or Nay? If so, how was your experience? Drop your comments below.


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