10 Best Cities for Young People Who're Looking to Have a Better Job & Lifestyle

Are you planning to move to a new city? Yes? Great! Here are the best cities that welcome young people with an open heart and mind.

4 years ago
10 Best Cities for Young People Who're Looking to Have a Better Job & Lifestyle

Naming the best city in the world is not an easy task. While some find those cities best that have soothing environments, nightlife, and cleanliness, others look for cities having employment opportunities and a luxurious lifestyle. But if you are planning to head off to a new location, then you should choose a city that offers both a great lifestyle with a good job and a beautiful climate. 

Note that moving to a new location could be challenging. So, you should be prepared for the challenges that you would face in a new country. For instance, you could face housing problems, unfamiliar new cultures, and language barriers. 

If you are a young professional and not satisfied with the current job, then below listed are a few best cities that could give you better opportunities. 

1. Helsinki, Finland

Source = Azamara

Helsinki is the largest city in Finland and has several things to offer to everyone. It has a soothing environment, best employment opportunities, most importantly, an amazing climate. 

Helsinki forms a greater Helsinki metropolitan area and has a population of nearly 1.2 million. Jobs for people who are journalists, multimedia designers, craft printing workers, sociologists, and more are always in demand in Helsinki. 

If you want to change your lifestyle and know the European language, then you must move to Helsinki. It also has amazing places to dine in. For instance, you could have a drink at a rooftop bar that is 70 meters above street level and authentic food at a market hall. 

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Source = Study-eu

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, then you would probably know why this city is popular around the world. It attracts tourists, especially young professionals, because of its employment opportunities and diversity. 

Furthermore, the city offers the best nightlife in the Netherlands. It has good and affordable hotels for accommodation and ensures young adults can enjoy everything that the city has to offer. 

Be it history, rich culture, amazing museums, and coffee shops, Amsterdam is the best of both worlds. Most people speak English in Amsterdam, but knowing Dutch can open up more opportunities.

3. London, England

Source = Londonandpartners

London has a rich culture and is a great place for fashion, education, and commerce. People who want to enjoy nightlife prefer living in east London, while renters who need a peaceful neighborhood live in west London. North London offers a combination of both, whereas South London is home to several amenities and a great choice for young professionals. 

Brixton is a lively place where you could meet up with friends and hang out. It offers extremely amazing scenes and lower rental properties than other parts of London. Another place where you can live here is Shoreditch. It has several independent shops, restaurants, and bars. 

However, rental prices in Shoreditch are high and can’t be affordable by all. Hoxton has the best cycle routes in the city and attracts visitors with several green spaces like Hackney Downs and Regent Canals.

4. Paris, France

Source = United-europe.eu

Living in one of the most romantic cities in the world is like a dream come true. If you are a shopaholic, then you can’t miss visiting Kiloshop, where you could buy clothes according to your weight. The shop also holds the record of having the best urban and classic designs. 

The type of accommodation here varies from area to area. It offers a range of apartments to sleek contemporary living rooms. If the price is a major factor, then keep in mind that as you move closer to the center of Paris, the more expensive your trip would be. 

Clicking a selfie with Eiffel Tower might be on your bucket list. So, if you want to tick it off, then head to Paris soon. Don’t forget that living in the city of life could be inspiring and challenging as well. So take your decision wisely. 

5. Melbourne, Australia

Source = Britannica

Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, is also known as Garden City for several reasons. It attracts visitors with its cultural diversity, amazing laneways, exclusive dining options, and beautiful street art. 

Melbourne is a great option for those who are seeking the best universities. In 2008, Melbourne was ranked in 4th position for having the top universities. It is an amazing city with several affordable options in comparison to other areas in Australia. 

Summer is an excellent time to explore Melbourne. The art theatre, sports culture, and food in Melbourne are popular around the world.

6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Source = Blogstudio

It is the largest city of the U.S state of Oklahoma and offers several places to explore. Lying in the Great Plains of the region, Oklahoma is home to the National Basketball Association and has one of the world’s largest livestock markets. The city has a job score of 71 out of 100 and has been a preferred choice of young professionals. Apart from this, affordable accommodation and a lively environment make this place interesting for young adults. 

Oklahoma City is also the hottest destination for a crowd-pleasing environment and dining. Walking along the beautifully lined streets and watching a movie at Harkins theatre is the best thing to do on the weekend. Myriad botanical gardens that feature live music from gardens and an appealing playing area is also an attraction for tourists. 

Additionally, it also has a science museum where kids can learn everything about physical science and its impact on our life. So, if you have a family, then Oklahoma City should be your choice on the list. 

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Source = Bostonmagazine

You won’t believe it, but Boston is one of the most educated cities in America. It has a low unemployment rate, high salary figure, and non-ending opportunities for freshers and experts in any field. 

If you are dreaming of living in Boston, then know that it is also one of the costliest cities in the United States. If you think that you could bear the expenses here, then you should apply for jobs in Boston without any delay. 

Don’t worry, if you do not have a high budget, the United States also has the cheapest cities where you could settle easily and increase your savings. 

8. Denver, Colorado

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The city has a low unemployment rate, fewer rental properties than other cities, and high salaries. Earlier, young professionals did not consider finding jobs or moving to Denver because of worse traffic and expensive public transit. 

But today, the city offers great opportunities for everyone. It is now ruled by Millenials, and new businesses are set up to meet the demands of the young generation. 

Also, it has contributed a lot to nourishing the economy in different sectors. The best job opportunities that the city offers are in the field of aerospace, agriculture, and tech. 

9. Seattle, WA

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In the ‘70s, Seattle was only known for great job opportunities that were related to coffee. But why only coffee? Because Starbucks was launched here. Later, it became famous worldwide. If you don’t have complaints about rains and traffic, then Seattle is a great place to move to. 

Rain here creates natural beauty (for nine months), and summer months are pleasant. What’s amazing is Seattle is dog-friendly. You could bring your dog at work without any worry. Also, Seattle is environmentally conscious and requests customers to bring reusable plastics at the store. 

When it comes to food, then Seattle has great options. It has both expensive restaurants and budget-friendly food shops. It is home to three best universities and several popular colleges. 

Seattle offers good job opportunities in the field of travel & tourism, Micro-electronics, aerospace, and software. 

10. Rome, Italy

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Rome is known for its beautiful Colosseum, unique architecture, and other ancient Romanesque architecture. Ancient Romans have made a strong impact on our lives. They were experts in engineering and created architectures that inspired modern sculpture. 

Vatican City in Rome is the world’s smallest with 100 people and covering 44 hectares. It is considered to be an independent country within the city of Rome. The city offers great employment opportunities in the banking and finance sector. 

Several intriguing facts about ancient Romans have been published. But one fact that would shock you is about the Phalluses. They considered Phalluses as their lucky charm and even wore them as rings and necklaces. 

So, if you want to experience mouth-watering food, amazing landscapes, a lavish lifestyle, and better job opportunities, then Rome could be a great option for you. 

Final Words

The cities that are listed above are growing at a rapid rate in every sector. Be it in education, culture, job opportunities, or tourist places: these cities are welcoming everyone with their open heart. It is up to an individual how good he/she is in a different field and in what way he/she grabs an opportunity. 

So, if you are a young professional looking for some best places to move on forever or temporarily, then add these cities to your list. 

Have you ever been to these cities? How was your experience - Yay or Nay? Share your views. 


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