Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations to Explore With Your Best Folks

Take a look at the top 10 beaches that are the best destinations for an exotic vacay. Some like open beaches, while others prefer sites with calm waters.

4 years ago
Top 10 Beach Travel Destinations to Explore With Your Best Folks

Is there anyone who doesn’t love traveling? I guess, no one. Traveling is a different experience; it lets you explore interesting and surprising things existing in the world. In a 9-5 routine, everyone needs a break to relax and to visit a place that is peaceful and enchanting. So how about spending the time on the beaches that are equally mesmerizing and full of beauty? Beaches are the place where you with your kids can make sandcastles, relish the drinks, and enjoy the ravishing beauty of nature.

You are at the office and staring out your window, wishing to be at the place with a sandy beach and breathing fresh air. And no doubt, millions of us plan to travel a beach destination whenever we have time. The top beaches from around the world have clear turquoise water, palm trees, vast stretches of sand, and vacationing at these places is always exciting.

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly resort or a beach full of adventure sports, these top 10 beaches from the corners of the world have covered it all. You could spend hours on these best beach destinations. But how to choose which one should be planned for a perfect vacay?

The following list of top 10 beaches can help you in selecting the best beach in the world to explore. Are you ready to kick back and relax? Let the scrolling begin.

1. Nyang Nyang Beach and Nunggalan Beach, Bali

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Nyang Nyang Beach and Nunggalan Beach are two of the best beaches that shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Bali. Most people refer to this long beach as Nyang Nyang, but these are two different names with two different beaches. Located in the Pecatu area, in southern Bali, Nyang Nyang beach is often called as a secret beach. It is one of the longest stretches of white sand with the crowd at any given time. The part of the coastline is divided into two beaches. Nunggalan is on the eastern half, whereas, Nyang Nyang is on the western half.

The western side is clearer and has small huts made from driftwood. The beach calls for a beautiful long trek down a cliffside to reach it. The blinding white sand and mesmerizing turquoise water make this beach to be added on the bucket list. If you are planning to visit Bali, then stay at Kuta or Canggu as it would take only 1 hour to reach Nyang Nyang journey.

2. Bahía de la Chiva (Blue Beach), Vieques, Puerto Rico

Source = Elyunque

If you are a beach freak and fantasize about snorkeling over clear water, then Blue Beach is the perfect destination for you. Below the surface, you can capture an exotic view of the colorful world with healthy coral.

Starting at the west end of the beach, the water tones are deeper turquoise and navy blue on the horizon. The site has several locations for photography. The best spots for snorkeling are the rocky areas and near the small cay at the end of the road. Bahía de la Chiva was earlier known as Blue Beach.

3. Laguna Beach, California

Source = Californiabeaches

Located in southern Orange County, California in the United States, the Laguna Beach city is best known for tide pools, sandy beaches and of course for sea caves. Laguna Beach is the ideal option for those looking for a perfect beach getaway. It is one of the top 10 beach destinations for adventurous exploration.

Pack your shoes, water bottles, and book a ticket to Laguna Beach if you want to enjoy hiking, visit the sculpture garden, and explore a lot many things. Laguna Beach can keep you busy for hours with its shopping places, art fair and sawdust festival, art galleries, and clothing boutiques. The place is great almost any time of the year, but it is suggested to visit during September and October when there is less crowd.

4. Ocean Cay Reserve, Bahamas

Source = Travelpulse

Ocean Cay is a beautiful island located in the district of Bimini. It is an artificial island, which was formed in the early 1970s. During that time, the site was used as an industrial sand extraction site. It was later redeveloped as a private island to be used by MSC Cruises.

When it comes to choosing the best beach destination, Ocean Cay is probably the most talked-about location. And why not, it is beautiful and offers the best aquatic activities. What’s surprising is, like you can swim along with jellyfish in the Palau lake, here you can dive with pigs. We won’t judge you!

Also, don’t forget to take Ocean Cay bank escape tour, where the captain crew takes you to a short ride while enjoying the stunning views of turquoise Bahamian waters. Once you arrive at the Bahamas Banks, you can enjoy several interactive activities like football, Frisbee, and more.

5. South Beach, Florida

South Beach or SoBe is located due east of Miami city between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The site has gone through several changes over the years, including the tourism sector and the regional economy. Relaxing beaches, several nightclubs, and restaurants are what all you need on holiday.

Start your day while soaking up the sun, then take lunch, drinks, and dance accordingly. It offers a mix of the culinary hotspot and top hotels, and everything from dining to beachside cuisine. Take a walk to Lincoln Road to watch people in Miami partying at fancy bars. Then visit the Bass Museum of Art to know about their culture.

6. Grenada, Grenadines

Source = Justgrenada

The beaches in Grenada are amongst the top 10 beach travel destinations. The beaches here have everything right from adventure sports to relaxing sites. It is a place where beauty meets people and offers them a lifestyle so pure and authentic that makes them refreshed.

The most visited of the state is the Caribbean island that has it all. The hiking trails here are suitable for all ages, so you can take your kids along with you without worrying. It offers a lot of attractions to visitors. The best time to visit Grenada is around December when you can experience and enjoy both sunshine and winter crowds.

7. Bathsheba Beach

Source = Usnews

It is believed that the surf-covered white waters of Bathsheba, Barbados are rich in minerals. It is incredibly beautiful and is stretched along a coastline of rock formations. The village of Bathsheba is home to fishing folk and their families. Bathsheba Beach is a photographer's paradise. If you also love photography, the location offers dramatic rock formations and old homes.

The beach is also known for Soup bowl, where local and international surfing competitions are held. Bathsheba beach is also a great place to fly a kite and to enjoy a picnic as well. The public transportation in this area is limited, so rental or private car is a good option. Restaurants are not located nearby, but visitors can find alcoholic beverages on the beach.

Overall, Bathsheba is a picturesque beach and one of the most alluring landmarks on the East Coast of Barbados.

8. Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Source = Clubofmozambique

What could be better than relaxing in the shadow of a hill on an exotic beach with soothing waves and fluffy sand? Baia do Sancho is a magnificent Beach in Brazil, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. The site offers steep trails with breathtaking views surrounding the beach. If you love snorkeling, dive into the clear blue-green water to see colorful fish. While enjoying the beach, you can also spot manta rays, small sharks, lizards, and turtles.

From the fortress, capture the breathtaking view of Dois Irmaos Hill. The hill has two rocks of similar size and appearance that stands near the shore. Plan for about a day on the beach because the sunset like here couldn’t be seen anywhere else. Popular for its cliffs and turquoise water, Baio do Sancho is favorite of surfers and snorkelers for its unique marine world. The area is also home to Dolphin Bay and is the only place in the world with a huge population of dolphins.

9. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Source = Flightnetwork

Eagle Beach or Arend Beach is famous for its low-rise resorts and wide public beach. The soft white sands, shaded area, beach huts, fascinating Caribbean ocean views, and several water sports engage the visitors for long. It is home to the two most renowned fofoti trees that have been starred in several advertising campaigns.

If you love tennis, then visit this beach on the weekend. The locals here play tennis on the white sands of the Beach. It is fun to watch them, and if you want, you can also participate in the game.

Famous Aruba Beaches, including Eagle beach, has been ranked as the number one Caribbean beach in a USA Today survey of travel writers and frequent travelers. In 2018, it was featured in National Geographic’s 24 Best Spots in the Caribbean.

You can also visit Mangel Halto, Baby Beach and Arashi beach on the southeastern and northwestern part of the island. You can plan a visit to Eagle Beach during Easter week when locals here enjoy the tradition of camping on the beach. Staying here is not a problem as several hotels are nearby to the road and provide lounges for the guest.

10. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

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Elafonissi is like an island and a peninsula. To reach there, you have to walk through the sea. Located in the southwest end of Chania, about 70kms from the city of Chania, Elafonissi offers stunning views of nature that can’t be missed. It is a peninsula that breaks into two parts by water, showing it as a separate island. It is full of sand-dunes and jupiners. Several endangered species like sea turtles and plants find shelter on the island.

What makes it the top beach to travel is the shallow turquoise water, which sometimes looks like a lagoon, and sometimes pink because of the shell powder. It is a magical place that is usually visited by tourists during the summer. It is almost a mile long, and there are many things to explore. Sandy beaches, rock formations, and small coves are a name to few.

Also, if you have planned to visit this exotic beach, don’t forget to visit the Chrisoskalitissa monastery, which is only 5kms of Elfonissi. It has been built on a high rock. And the last step of the staircase that leads to the monastery is gold. It is believed that the gold staircase could be visible only to those who believe in god. The opposite side of the beach is less crowded and quiet.

Final Words

So, when you are planning to visit these top 10 beaches? To be honest, there is no best season to plan for a holiday. But at certain times, the location appeals the tourists to visit it in different seasons. Here is a guide about how to choose the best season for vacation planning.

If you don’t prefer these top beaches on your vacation list, you can also explore these oddest beaches that will surprise you with their beauty and uniqueness. Book your tickets now and have fun.

But before you plan a schedule to visit beaches, make sure that you check the weather during that time.


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