10 Most Dangerous Countries You Shouldn’t Dare to Visit Alone (GPI-2019)

Some countries have breathtaking sceneries, adventurous sites, historical monuments, and low crime rates, while some others are dangerous to inhabit.

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10 Most Dangerous Countries You Shouldn’t Dare to Visit Alone (GPI-2019)

While you plan for a vacation, you look for a country or a place that is peaceful and gives an amazing experience. But do you search for countries that have high crime rates and are the most dangerous to visit? No. Also, several countries allow citizens to own guns, and that is the most bizarre thing you can ever read. The locals say that they own a gun in self-defense.

You might not know, but every year the Institute for Economics and Peace  (the Global Peace Index) evaluates the peacefulness of several world’s largest countries. They determine the result by calculating many factors. For instance, they calculate terrorist activities happened, the relation of the country with other countries, external or internal conflicts, and other things. The higher the score is on the GPI report, the more dangerous the country is.

The GPI checks 163 countries based on three groups, namely; Conflicts, Security, and Safety, and the degree of militarisation. In 2018, Syria was listed with a score of 3.6 and considered the most dangerous country in the world. You would be shocked to know that Syria was at the top even in 2017. But, before you read about these dangerous countries, check the list of countries that are known for having the highest suicide rates.

Let us now know which are the most dangerous countries in the world with their Peace Index, according to GPI report 2019.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries of 2019 That Shouldn’t be Visited

1. Afghanistan - 3.574

Source = Thenation

With the population of 38,041,754 and a peace index of 3.574, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries to inhabit. Bombings and land mines dispersed all over the region are regular affairs in the country. Terrorism is the major problem of Afghanis. The country has been haunted by war for almost two decades.

It is not only a dangerous country but also the poorest one due to government corruption and lack of foreign investment. The Durand Line (border between Pakistan and Afghanistan) is considered dangerous due to illegal smuggling and several military activities. Kidnapping and robbery are very common incidents happening in the country.

Afghanistan is the world’s largest producer of opium. Over the past few decades, Afghan history is filled with violence and war. Any travelers visiting the country, if caught by the groups, will surely face death. People in Afghanistan live in threat, but this Afghani boy has a reason to dance with joy.

2. Syria - 3.566

Source = Nyt

With the population of 17,070,135 and peace index 3.566, Syria is another dangerous country that has high crime rates and a high level of violence. Use of military tanks, aircraft, and small arms are common to see in Syria. The country is not good to live in but features a few breathtaking artistic pieces like Dead city of Serjilla, Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque, and other tourist destinations. The locals are amazingly friendly and show that everything you hear or read about Syria is not negative.

The main reason why Syrian is on the list is the Syrian Civil War. The conflict was started against President Bashar al-Assad’s government, whose members replied with violent attacks on people. The war is currently the second deadliest war of the 21st century. The terrorist group in Syria look for foreigners and journalists as their target and even have killed thousands of them. The news of Alan Kurdi, a boy from Syria, was found dead on the beach also raised several questions.

3. South Sudan - 3.526

Source = Independent

It was in 2011 when South Sudan became an independent country. Since then, it is suffering from internal conflicts. Currently, it is the most dangerous country in South Africa, and visitors are not advised to go there. Since December 2013, over 45,000 people are killed in an on-going civil war.

It has a peace index of 3.526, and 11,062,113 population as of 2019. The country has high crime rates, armed conflict, and kidnapping. Violent crimes like shooting and assaults are common in South Sudan. After 2013, over 4 million people have fled from their homes and 3 million living in the neighboring countries.

Terrorist groups in South Sudan continue to threat Westerners through shootings and bombings. They attack without warning and target foreigners in several events. Members commit sexual violence against women during armed attacks on their homes.

4. Yemen - 3.412

Source = Bbci

With the population of 29,161,922 & a peace index of 3.412, Yemen is not safe to travel. The security forces and government of the country are accused of corruption. It is also ranked at last on the Global Gender Gap Report.

The civilians in the country are suffering because of the war between the Yemen government supporters and Houthi rebels. It is reported that water scarcity and lack of food is the biggest threat to the country. Besides ongoing fighting, terrorist attack, robbery, kidnapping, and criminal groups, attacking civilians is common to notice.

The armed conflict has killed thousands of people since it began. Houthi forces used children and fired artillery indiscriminately into cities like Aden and Taizz, and launched rockets into Saudi Arabia. During the conflict, the citizens suffered long-lasting health problems. People died because of the poor health system and untreatable diseases. According to the UN, over 4.5 million people suffered from malnutrition.

5. Iraq - 3.3.69

Source = Independent

As of 2019, Iraq is home to 39,309,783, with a 3.369 Peace Index. The country is divided into three factions.  This includes the Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant (ISIL), the Kurdistan Regional Government, the sympathizers aiding the Kurdish forces, and the Iraqi central government. There are military groups and terrorist organizations that placed bombs beside the road.

From June 2014 to December 2015, over 30,000 civilians died from the violence. The country has a high risk of terrorism and greater threats of attacks in Baghdad. The security in Iraq is uncertain and can deteriorate quickly.

Often known as the cradle of civilization, Iraq’s influence decreased around the 13th century with Mongol invasions. In 2003, the United Kingdom and the United States invaded Iraq with other nations. The war continues today, and thousands of innocents are still in danger. Also, it is reported that US citizens do not travel to Iraq. Besides Iraq, thesehorrifying cities are never meant for traveling.

6. Somalia - 3.3

Source = Reliefweb

Do you know Somalia has no government? The country is home to pirates, angry young people, and kidnappers. It also suffers from drought and high food prices. Terrorist groups target westerners and people who work for western organizations. It was in October 2017 when a truck bomb exploded at Hodan District. This was the biggest terror attack and killed over 300 people, and thousands were injured.

Somalia is one of the world’s most homogenous nation-states. It is reported that over 10 million people share the same language, ethnicity, culture, and religion. People divide themselves into numerous clans, sub-clans, and other groups. Tribal wars can take place at any time in Somalia.

In 2006, Ethiopian troops entered the country and covered Somalia. However, the country has seen improvements but still is dangerous to inhabit. Journalists are killed for no reason. Travelers who come to visit Somali, are targeted by criminals who know they will not be hanged for their actions. As of 2019, Somalia has 3.3 peace index and population of 15,442,905.

7. Central African Republic - 3.296

Source = Justiceinconflict

The country is unstable, and most of its states are lawless. With rogue troops located in the country, the Central African Republic is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The country also deals with administrative, economic, and infrastructural problems.

Reports of looting, violence, abuses are common to hear and continue to occur in the country. High levels of corruption and exploitation are the main cause of the war and the reason why the Central African Republic has no international presence.

The country is located at the geographic center of Africa and bordered by Sudan & South Sudan to the east. It is facing numerous humanitarian crises that are not noticed. It is home to 4,745,185 and has a peace index of 3.296. It is reported that over 2 million children are at risk of starvation. The chance of returning home safely in the country is very less.

8. Libya - 3.285

Source = Armytimes

After the dictator Muammar was overthrown in 2011, the country is unstable and in conflict. The country has its problems, which create a threatening environment for locals and tourists. The country has been dealing with war from 2011, and the risk of murder and armed violence is high. Libya is an extremely dangerous country to visit because of the lack of stability and the attacks against western interests.

In 2019, the war is still active, and the reports of robbery, violence, murders can be read in the headlines. With a peace index of 3.285, Libya is ranked at number 8 on the list of most dangerous countries in 2019.

Above all, it was once the most beautiful place in North Africa and featured stunning monuments, markets, and harbor. Crime in Libya remains high, and particularly US citizens are the targets of crimes. Tripoli in Libya is the worst city to inhabit. Besides Tripoli, these cities are also dangerous to travel.

9. DR Congo - 3.218

Democratic Republic of Congo or DR Congo suffers from civil war, corruption, and robberies. It is one of the biggest countries in Africa by population and area. Also, the country is the richest in terms of natural resources. Infrastructure in the country is at developing conditions, and security is unstable.

Besides war, crimes like rape and demanding ransom are common to hear. Do you know the Democratic Republic of Congo is also known as the Rape Capital of the World? The eastern region of the country has the highest rates of sexual violence. Other studies suggest that sexual violence is common in all parts of DR Congo.

Despite several pieces of evidence of sexual violence against women and children, the country has no law, and the matter is under-researched. Eleven years after the country gained independence in 1960, the president Mobuto renamed the country Zaire in 1971 and ruled the country. Under his rule, sexual abuse was used as a method of torture.

You can also read about the unspeakable tortures that North Korean camps prisoners when through. According to GPI, DR Congo in 2019 has a population of 86,790,567 & a peace index of 3.218.

10. Russia - 3.093

Russia is amongst the most developed country; unfortunately, it is also counted as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. This might come as a surprise to you, but it is dangerous to travel there. Theft in public transport is common. Even walkways and taxis are not safe.

In the early 90s, nearly (⅔)rd of murders and crimes were done by intoxicated persons. Things are changing but at a slow rate. Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 75-80% over the years.

As of 2019, the country is home to 145,872,256 people and has a peace index of 3.093. However, not all Russians are involved in crimes; some are incredible artists and draw mesmerizing paintings that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Final Words

Everyone loves to travel. However, you should think twice and do your research before planning to visit any dangerous place. Also, you might know that several things are banned in different countries, and if you are caught with them, you can be put into prison.

Violence, crime rates, political stability are a few things that make any place hostile. Have you ever visited any of these most dangerous countries? How was your experience? Share your views below.


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