10 Pictures That UFC Has Always Kept Hidden From Us

Unseen Pictures From Ultimate Fighting Championship

7 years ago
10 Pictures That UFC Has Always Kept Hidden From Us

Unseen Pictures From Ultimate Fighting Championship

What makes UFC so unique as compared to other sports organizations is how cool its president Dana White is. Dana is exactly the boss who comes early to work and enjoys beer after his shift. 

Dana holds a lot of grudges with various mega UFC stars. He even had a rocky past with the trio Jon “Bones” Jones, George St-Pierre and Randy “The Natural” Couture. 

We have a collection of such pictures. Surely, Dana White and UFC do not want you to see them. Here is the disclosure of the undisclosed.  

10. Tiki Ghosn Holding Dana’s Junk

The picture seems awkward but is actually awesome. Think about it. Will any authority face allow its employee to do so? Not many, in fact only negligible. Dana White is a very cool dude.

9. Chuck Liddell Getting Low

Chuck Liddell was a pioneer in the UFC. His achievements will live on for years. He is happily retired now but these pictures definitely reveal his love for the nightclubs and girls across the United States. He still indulges himself into various love affairs.

8. Mayhem Miller Mugshot

This man was the ever entertaining person to watch. The high energy dude always put on a good show for the UFC crowds. However, his personal life was disastrous. In one arrest, Miller was found naked outside a church. 

7. Dana gets a little too low with Ronda

Rumours say that this picture is photoshopped but certainly Ronda Rousey was one of Dana’s favourites. The two have often been spending lots of time together mostly on promotional work.

6. Rogan takes a hit

If we see Rogan’s life outside UFC, the picture isn’t much surprising. He is a huge advocate of legalizing marijuana in the United States claiming for its numerous benefits. He even supports consumption of various other drugs.

5. Silva Swag

Brazilian turned California resident Anderson Silva is one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. He was quite ruthless in his fights and would disrespect his opponents. But this picture finds him uncomfortable dancing with the girl.

4. Glazed Clay Guida

Guida’s career seems to wind down at the age of 34. He has lost many of his past fights. This might be a celebratory drink for giving a toast to what his career was.

3. Jones in Orange Jumper

Here is another feud of Dana White with MMA megastar Jon Jones. He is one of the greatest in MMA history but hurt his legacy outside the ring. He has faced controversies many times. From using homophobic slurs to failing doping tests, Jones constantly falls in more and more rails. His worst offence was hit and run case in 2015 where he ended up pleading guilty and sentenced to 18 months of probation. 

2. Conor McGregor caught

McGregor is a huge mystery for his personal life. He parties constantly with some of the greatest luxury items and is always surrounded by women. A Reddit video finally exposed him. He was heavily toxicated while spending some time with a woman. Another girl came forward to claim that Conor was a heavy drug user. 

1.Randy Couture v/s Bellator

Just like Dana White, Bellator also had some past heated battles with former UFC legends. A high profile dispute that he had been endured in was with MMA legend Randy Couture. Despite all trials and tribulations, Randy has not been with UFC since April’11. He blames Dana White and Zuffa for his non-existence in the previous years.


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