10 Good Acts That Backfire In The Worst Possible Way

We are taught to be righteous and nice to everyone since our childhood. Be kind towards others. No matter what the situation is,...

7 years ago
10 Good Acts That Backfire In The Worst Possible Way

We are taught to be righteous and nice to everyone since our childhood. Be kind towards others. No matter what the situation is, help others and treat them the same way you want to be treated. But these good deeds can actually backfire and leave you embarrassed in some situations that you would have never landed otherwise.

Here are 10 situations where your acts of gentleness are ruined by the world.

1. When you let someone get in the queue and the counter gets closed on your turn

You have sincerely been waiting in the queue for a long time now. Despite being in a hurry, you grant space to some person ahead of you. By the time, your turn arrives, its either the lunch break or the counter gets closed.

2. When bad timings are better than perfect timing

Everyone has been a victim of bad time some or the other time. You study sincerely for half an hour, no one bothers but the moment you check your phone, it’s the entry of your mom or dad.

3. You proxy in the attendance of your classmates and get punished

We all enjoy bunking classes. We feel bad when our friend enjoys somewhere and asks us to put his proxy. What a mishap it is when your teacher recognizes your voice and you get punished for it.

4. Trying to patch up your friends’ relationship and screw your friendship with both at the end

Dealing with your own relationship problems isn’t as difficult as your friends’ problems. But the worst part is, both of them patch up and start hating you for the things you told them out of your concern.

5. When you leave the parking space for someone else and your car gets towed away

You are being genuinely nice when you allow someone else to park in your place. You good deed bought the other person a secured parking but you end up with your car being towed away right in front of your eyes.

6. When you cover up your colleague and almost lose your job

You try to protect your colleague from your boss for his absence or task incompletion. You finish their work with timely submission and end up being yelled for the delay. Boss is okay with your colleague when he turns up but is angry with you.

7. When you help in catching the thief and you are assumed to be the thief

You see a thief stealing and you run behind him to get the items back. You are even successful in it but the owner assumes you to be the culprit and lodge complain against you. Now you visit regularly at the police station to prove your innocence and help them to catch the real thief. The scene sounds filmy but it happens with some.

8. You let your friend stay in your house and pay his bills of receivables after he leaves

Your friend is in search of a house. You allow him to stay with you. He shifts in to a new house a month later and you are paying the plumbing expenses, laundry bills or other facilities he has used.

9. When you want to treat your friends and they get an upset stomach

Most of you may not agree with this but the unexpected can happen anytime. Your friends always tease you for not giving them party and someday day you decide out of the blues to treat your friends. They curse you for their upset stomach that caused because of the unhygienic food.

10. When you feed street dogs and they get angry when the food is over

You feel bad for the street dogs searching for some food in garbage. You bring them food and a whole bunch of his community members jump on it. The food runs out and they start losing their minds, really turning wild.

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