World’s First Smart Condom i.Con Is All Set To Make You Better In Bed

The smart condom is a wearable which keeps track of all the important stats that you would like to know about your sex life. The range of things this little ring can do is unbelievable, keep reading to find out more about it.

6 years ago
World’s First Smart Condom i.Con Is All Set To Make You Better In Bed

The condom released by the British company collects intimate data of your sex life. It even rates your penis size, checks for STDs and bedroom skills. In the world of technology when the word ‘smart is common – smartphones, smartwatch are used to track the daily activities, this i.Con smart condom by a company is also launched to track your bedroom scenes.

Now You Don’t Need Worry About The Math, Only Thing You Need To Do Is Have Fun

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Have you ever wondered how many calories did you burn during intercourse? Or what is the duration of your sessions? How many different positions you have used in a week? In case if you are interested in knowing your bedroom activities, this i.Con smart condom will help you out. The i.Con will keep a track of your calories burned, speed and the duration of the session.

The State Of The Art Wearable Can Also Help Diagnose STDs

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This high tech wearable is made of rubber and is initially placed on the condom, it then sends the collected data to your smartphone. In addition, this smart condom can also help you in detecting STD’s like syphilis or Chlamydia.

The Collected Data Is Yours And Only Yours To Keep

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What’s more interesting is that your private data is kept under wraps, so you don’t have to worry about your intimate details to be shared with another person. More than 90,000 people have already started using this smart condom. The ring inside the packet comes with a warranty, is adjustable in size and can be worn again and again. Utilizing the nanochip, the device measures your sessions, once it is completed you can use the i.Con app to download the data which is initially paired with the device with Bluetooth technology. (15.1)

Check Out The Features On This Thing

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  • This smart condom lights up during sex.
  • It is waterproof, extra flexible and can be adjusted to every size.
  • It records speed of thrusts and calories burned during the intercourse.
  • i.Con also records the frequency of sessions and girth measurement. 
  • It comes equipped with micro USB port so that it can be recharged at a time.

Do you want to know who the man is behind this smart technology? Adam Leverson the engineer of the product said –

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It’s here and it’s beautiful. We wanted the i.Con to look refined, non-intrusive and lightweight – the finished article is nothing short of any of those things. ‘There’s a lot of techs packed into the i.Con and for us to be able to deliver it in such a way that there is absolutely no hindrance to the user was our main goal – and I think we have gone above and beyond with the i.Con to make sure of this. ‘I’m just so happy that we can now share the i.Con with the world! (15.2)

Either keep your secrets anonymous or share it with your friends or to the world.


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