Tesla Semi Truck: Will Blow Your Mind

Tesla launched a hulking and menacing hauler in the world’s market to make future seem cool. Tesla Semi Electric Truck is a biggest reverie. A truck which exactly matches with the DNA’s Of the company.

6 years ago
Tesla Semi Truck: Will Blow Your Mind

Tesla unveiled the biggest and long awaited company’s new vehicle:- Tesla Semi Truck, yesterday in Hawthorne. It is not an ordinary truck , it is powered by the massive battery and cable of hauling 80,000 pounds. It is Elon Musk’s biggest electrifying gamble as it is a delicate moment for both fan’s and investors to see a truck rolling out on the roads of the country after the massive car market. Semi Truck has the power to shake the trucking industry.

Biggest Move Towards Safeguarding Planet

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Trucks are known for emitting toxic gases out in the environment. Although, it contributes only 7% of the total vehicles but it produces 20% greenhouse gases and one third of the NOx emissions.

Tesla Semi Truck is the latest step towards the mission to forget about the toxic fuel and embrace the gospel electric power.  If this truck, convinces the trucking industry then, the world will see stuff moving around in the Tesla’s Semi Electric Truck. Every truck which moves with electricity has the huge impact on the health of the planet.

Star Power Of Tesla’s New Vehicle

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None other truck in the market has the strength to come and beat the Tesla’s Semi Electric Truck. It is 18 wheeler truck; an ultimate force multiplier. It has the ability to cut through the wind more efficiently than some sports cars. Tesla promises to give a range 500 miles for a class  8 heavy duty vehicle.

Its sleek design allows the truck drivers to stand inside the truck as it is 6’6’’ tall. Tesla made the nose of the cab vertical so that the truck driver can easily see the ground. The driver’s seat is now in the middle of the cab.

Navigation System

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Tesla car has two 15 inch touchscreens, one on either side of the of the cab to handle navigation, data logging and blind spot monitoring.

The only button which operates the hazard lights is present on one of the screen rest everything is done by the other. There are two stalks coming out of the wheel which can also be used for operating the lights.

Safety Features Of The Semi Truck

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The suicide doors are present from the bottom of the window to the upside of the truck for making access extra easy.  The battery which has been applied in the Tesla truck is fully reinforced so as to keep it from explosions or catching fires during the crash.

The onboard sensors has the ability to look of the signs of jackknifing and adjust powers to the individual wheels, to keep everything in line.

Enhanced Autopilot Feature

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This feature let the truck drive on the highway on itself. The software installed in the truck helps it to maintain and be in lane. It also helps to keep a little distance from the neighbouring vehicle. To keep this feature intact radars are placed on the front of the cab and camera is placed all over, it also includes a pair of fin like protrusions on the upper bit of the cab.

Battery Size

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Although Tesla did not revealed about its battery size but it is 3 feet high, stretched right from the front of the wheel to the second pair. Just behind the pairs, there are four electric motors exactly like the model 3 at each axle.

According to the EPA document of the model 3, it has been stated that a single motor generates 258 horsepower which can give 1,032 ponies higher than the normal diesel truck. However, electric motors are champions of accelerating from the stop. It will give a far better experience for the driver by increasing safety and reducing the cost. (15.1)

Tesla Semi Truck is aerodynamic and kind of clout that makes the whole country’s attention towards the most innovative design and structure of the Semi Truck.


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