6 Surprising Concept Bikes That You Would See in the Near-Future

If you are a bike lover, then these bike concepts would amaze you for sure. Check out bike concepts that you might see on the road in the coming years.

7 years ago
6 Surprising Concept Bikes That You Would See in the Near-Future

As the technology is growing, motorbikes are attracting people with their new concepts. These concept bikes give us an overview of what you could expect in the future. The bike concepts are used by the companies to show a new design, and then they are turned into a production motorcycle. The bikes are designed from scratch and then get ready to hit the road.

While some of the designs never make it to the production, it is always exciting to see the creativity that many designers show. Do you know Eta Bike is the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle? It comes in a bullet shape, and its outer shells are made of carbon fiber. It could reach over 125kmph.

If you love reading or exploring the latest technologies and inventions, then these surprising concept bikes is a must-read for you.

1. Royal Enfield Concept KX Bobber 838– 2020

Source = Autopromag

Royal Enfield Concept KX features a fuel-injected V motor that generates around 90-100 Hp of peak power. It has a bore of  80mm and was paired with a 6-speed gearbox. Unlike other Royal Enfield, the concept KX Bobber 838 include LED headlamps, premium brake calipers, and single-sided swingarm.

The digital instrument console also features smartphone connectivity. This could turn navigation, SMS, and call alert. It is expected that Royal Enfield would launch the variant of 838 in 2021.

2. Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike

Source = Pinimg

Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike has controls similar to a car. It has a steering wheel and a pedal-operated accelerator.

It is a new version of the Swiss-made Eco mobile. It has two doors and two seats.

It has the best equipment to empower your driving experience. You would see this bike concept very soon. Don’t you think this Monotracer Jet Bike looks like the coolest toy in the market?

3. Bombardier Embrio

Source = Diseno-art

You must have seen unicycle in the circus and street parades. But did you ever wonder that this unicycle concept would come on the streets? The riding position of a rider would be similar to a motorcycle, but it has a series of sensors and gyroscopes that balances the rider on a single wheel. The turns are made by shifting body weight and not through the steering.

Bombardier Embrio is an eco-friendly bike as it is designed with materials like recycled aluminum, polythene, and lightweight materials like nylon and Santoprene. This unicycle could be driven at over 85km/hour. It also includes active suspension and infrared night vision. This bike concept is amazing; unfortunately, you have to wait to buy this bike till 2025.

4. Batpod

Source = Renderhub

Batpod came into limelight after appearing in The Dark Knights. It was designed by Nathan Crowley. It features a single-cylinder machine, fiberglass body panels, plastic cannon barrels, and more.

Six models were designed for the movie. It is steered by the shoulders and not with hands. The Batpod impressed the bike lovers very much. But let’s see when this bike concept would be launched in the market.

5. BMW Urban Racer

Source = Silodrome

BMW Urban Racer features LED Lighting, fiber bodywork, quilted leather, and multi-spoke wheels. This concept motorcycle is developed by Jans Slapins. He came with design by combining seating arrangement with graphite and bold color to give it a luxurious look.

It comes equipped with a 1200cc twin-cylinder boxer engine and is capable of 115 horsepower.

BMW Urban Racer also has a single-sided swingarm at the rear. You might see BMW Urban Racer on roads by 2025.

6. BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

Source = Topgear

BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is another powerful and stylish bike that you would see in the future. It would be the safest bike ever to be launched. The bike would have self-balancing technology and would avoid accidents.

Source = Ytimg

The bike would be connected to the visors to give the rider the information whenever he/she rides.  Furthermore, the bike is completely electric and is one of the best bikes ever.

Final Words

These bike concepts are a mix of pioneer design and technology. In the future, you would see these amazing bikes on the road. Some would be a mix of classic and modern stylings; others would be futuristic machines that you see in sci-fi films.

If you own a bike, then know what your bike says about you. You might find this post hilarious, and at the same time, relatable. But, if you are a true bike lover, then it doesn’t matter what bike do you own. Apart from these concept bikes, these stunning concept cars would make you fall in love with them in the coming future.

Have you ever seen or rode a bike that used any of these bike concepts? If yes, then don’t forget to share your experience.


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