Know Amazing Fact! Your Mouth Watering Lemon Makes a Fire

Everyone knows about lemons ...

7 years ago
Know Amazing Fact! Your Mouth Watering Lemon Makes a Fire

Everyone knows about lemons or lemonade, but what do you think about igniting the fire with lemon!

Sounds very dangerous, right? Well, you can truly create a lemon battery very easily and this all is achievable because of wonderful science.

Now, let’s find the fundamentals. As you know, electricity gets produced by decomposing zinc into acid and this leads to a chemical reaction termed as oxidation-reduction. And, it’s well-known that lemon includes citric acid so, it’s very simple to use it for that reason.

See how you can ignite a fire with lemon.

Take a tiny lemon.

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Look at this; it’s neither raw nor very ripe.

Basic survival tips must be known to everyone.

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Particularly, those people who go for camping frequently.

You require copper pins, zinc nails, steel and a wire.

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Ensure that you carry these things with lemon on your trip.

About 1 volt can be passed out of a lemon battery.

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It’s indeed something unimaginable and amazing.

First of all,

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..Attach copper fasteners into the fruit.


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Some zinc nails must be connected to the zinc.

The copper must be connected to the zinc.

Create the connection in a diagonal fashion.

One insulated wire must be connected to the free copper fastener.

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The other shielded wire must be linked to the free zinc nail. The 2 wires must be made to touch a portion of steel wool. It’s is done for generating a short circuit. You would be really surprised to get the steel wool heat up. And finally, you generate a fire out of a lemon!


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