Kill Vehicle - Line of Protection against Ballistic Missiles

A kill vehicle is a highly developed...

3 years ago
Kill Vehicle - Line of Protection against Ballistic Missiles

A kill vehicle is a highly developed projectile that demolishes long-range ballistic missiles outside of the earth’s atmosphere utilizing the sheer force of impact. The “hit-to-kill” technology has been more likened to a bullet hitting a bullet. The huge collision of a kill vehicle hitting its goal destroys the threat entirely; explosives are not essential.

Kill vehicles are crucial because they are first line of defense against the increasing threat of extensive-range ballistic missiles. Ballistic missiles travel in the space and could carry destructive payloads targeted at significant infrastructure or population centers.

The U.S. Department of Defense is building up an integrated BMDS (ballistic missile defense system) to give national level safety from ballistic missile attacks. BMDS will include layered defense design to engage threat missiles at earliest opportunity.

By leveraging decades of practice or experience across different kill vehicle programs and huge strategic weapon expertise across each domain and mission area, Raytheon is meeting the crucial requirements of today and arranging for the threats of tomorrow.

Raytheon is the only organization working on four kill vehicles all together, offering a pipeline of critical lessons learned, factories and laboratories packed with experts whose experience and knowledge is irreplaceable.

These 4 kill vehicles are:

  1. Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV)
  2. Standard Missile-3 (SM-3)
  3. Redesigned Kill Vehicle (RKV)
  4. Multi-Object Kill Vehicle (MOKV)

This company develops the way where kill vehicles are created, tested, deployed and finally how they perform to protect the United States and its associates. It is producing this legacy of specialization to modernize the roles that kill vehicles play in missile defense.


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