Faraday Future’s FFZERO1 is a Perfect All-Electric Car for Racing with 1000 BHP

Having an advanced design and technology, FFZERO1 is the first Faraday Future concept EV (electric vehicle). It was unveiled at the International Consumer Electrics Show 2016 at Las Vegas.

7 years ago
Faraday Future’s FFZERO1 is a Perfect All-Electric Car for Racing with 1000 BHP

At the International Consumer Electrics Show (CES) at Las Vegas in 2016, Faraday Future unveiled its first concept car. This autonomous or self-governing Batmobile-like car named the FFZERO1 is an all-electric racing car.

The “Zero” in the car name signifies the status of the concept vehicle, and the “1” means the first-ever edition in this model. It is based on a customized, modular electric platform called the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA). 

Let’s know about the impressive features of this all-electric racer.

Fascinating Features of FFZERO1

  • It has more than 1000 horsepower (750 kW) and can travel from 0 (zero) to 60 mph within three seconds. 
  • It has four quad-core motors as part of its electric powertrain, one at every wheel, and can accomplish a top speed of 200 miles in an hour.
  • It has aero tunnels integrated into the design to the channel air by the vehicle to decrease drag and cool the batteries.
  • The Halo Safety System has a glass roof, race car style head & neck support system. 
  • It has oxygen and water tubes attached to the driver's helmet from ports in the seat. 
  • It was a single-seater with cockpit design. It features a driver’s seat inclined at 45 degrees angle for improving comfort. Also, it has a head restraining system.   
  • It sits on VPA that could be rapidly reconfigured to adapt to various types of vehicles. Adding batteries to the platform in ‘strings’ enhances adaptability.
  • It is engineered to adapt to both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive configurations. 
  • The instrument panel is designed to collect biometric data about the driver. 

Exterior Bodywork, AR Displays, Smartphone Features & Zero-Gravity Driving Position 

The exterior bodywork of the car is made up of carbon-fiber and composites. The styling and air tunnel design channel the cooling air to the battery packs. The rear-fin could be used as a digital canvas to display the name of driver and race. 

The smooth, flowing surfaces are built by aerodynamics for driver efficiency and performance. Its angular structure offers directional stability and increased aerodynamics, doubling a digital canvas to display the vehicle charge level, driver name & track position.      

Augmented reality displays could be projected onto the windscreen, and a mobile phone mounted on the steering wheel is used to control certain driving functions. These cars also come pre-equipped with sensors required to conduct autonomous functions. 

The NASA-inspired zero gravity design makes the driver feel a sense of weightlessness. The seat drastically decreases the stress on the driver’s body at high speeds. 

The car’s UI visualizes velocity and data flow intuitively to & from the vehicle. It displays info attractively and preemptively for better driver safety. This advanced car offers personalization, seamless implementation of vehicle configurations, and effortless access to real-time data. 

It has a smartphone dock in the steering wheel and utilizes amplified reality to project things onto the roadway in front of the driver. The driver’s smartphone is directly connected to the car and allows real-time data visualization and interaction. The car’s app is used to configure settings like traction control and throttle response for a personalized experience. 

Watch the Clip of FFZERO1 Here:

Source: Faraday Future

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