12 Incredible Smartphone Tricks To Amaze you Friends

Smartphones are basic necessities today. They can even be placed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs according to the present scena...

7 years ago
12 Incredible Smartphone Tricks To Amaze you Friends

Smartphones are basic necessities today. They can even be placed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs according to the present scenario. Personal assistant, friend, guide and what not, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. We are dependent for almost anything on them. You might have read our previous article on Google Assistant. It makes you rely for everything on it. 

But there are some tricks that you are still not aware about; things that you can do with your smartphone. 

Let’s have a look at these incredible tricks. You can flaunt them in front of your friends. Thank me later!

1. Charger holder

Source = Icreativeideas

This is the best hack till date. For all those who are struggling with small cords, this is amazing. Just take an empty shampoo or some other bottle and the procedure given in image. You can create the holder in different shapes and also decorate them according to your room’s décor.

2. Support your phone with hairclip

Source = Youtube

Use a big hairclip and place your phone inside it. Your smartphone just turns to television. You can sit back and watch your favourite show.

3. Make a stylus for your phone

Source = Whstatic

It’s really simple. Wrap an aluminum foil around a pencil and that’s your stylus. Pencil cell can also be used for this. And again your can decorate the stylus in matching with your phone.

It looks like this

Source = Youtube

4. Zoom in with water droplet

Source = Youtube

No smartphone has ever got a better zoom that this. Here’s the hack. Place a drop, only one drop of water on the back camera of your phone. Now click. This is macro photography! You just made a convex lens all by yourself.

5. Is the sound not audible enough?

Source = Kinja-img

Place your phone in an empty glass with its speaker turned down. It’s turns to a loudspeaker now.

6. A night lamp

Source = Youtube

Place a water bottle over the flashlight of your phone. And it’s ready. Imagine with different colored bottles you can get a different light. You can actually create a party mood in your boring room with many such lights.

7. Because loudspeaker is not enough, we need a sound system

Source = Youtube

You only need paper glasses and one cardboard cylinder.

It shall be like this

Source = Youtube

Fix your smartphone on the cardboard cylinder by cutting marks equal to the size of smartphone. The speaker shall face down. Attach two glasses on the sides as shown in image. And its’ done. Now groove to the beats.

8. Did your phone get wet?

Source = Gravity

Rice is the savior. Keep your wet phone in rice inside a ziplock bag. Rice will absorb all water. And we saved your phone.

9. Making earphone holders

source= “Make It and Love It”

You must be wondering that these items have always been in front of your eyes and yet you never got this idea. No worries. Try them now.

10. Workout phone storage

Source = Onecrazyhouse

Do you still miss your old sock but can’t wear them now? No problem! You can still put that extra sock around your arm making it an arm band to store your phone. This is especially useful in your workout sessions.

11. Family charging station

Source = Onecrazyhouse

The DIY family charging station gets you rid of all the chords hanging around everywhere in the house. It keeps your technology neat and organized.

12. A DIY back cover

Source = Youtube

Inflate a balloon. Place your phone on top of it and slowly deflate the balloon.

This is how it turns out to be

Source = Youtube

Match the balloon color with your phone. You can even decorate it with your favorite design. And the best, it involves no cost and is made in no time. You can even change them every day to match to your dresses.


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