11 Examples of Modern Technology That Save a Lot of Time & Money

Modern technology is now much more than a fitness tracker and smartwatches. It is providing benefits to humans and making their work easier.

4 years ago
11 Examples of Modern Technology That Save a Lot of Time & Money

What do you understand by modern technology? It is nothing but the advancement of old technology. Earlier, people used landline phones to talk; today, everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection. But have you ever wondered in this 21st century, what your life would be if there were no smartphones and smartwatches? Boring, right?

Indeed! New-age technologies are ruining the natural selection, but it is also true that these modern technologies are saving a lot of time. Earlier, people had black/white TVs; today, the TV comes equipped with smart features and shows high-resolution pictures and videos.

With each day passing by, new technology is launching. While some modern technology is saving human efforts, others are expensive but less time-consuming.

See how modern technology has changed the old scenario.

1. Smart Refrigerators

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Have you ever imagined that like smart TVs and Smartphones, the refrigerator that you use to keep fruits and vegetables fresh can be connected to the internet? Smart refrigerators can sense the products stored inside.

Additionally, it also has a touch screen on the door and can be used to search for recipes on the internet. What’s more amazing is smart refrigerators can be used for messaging and phone calls. It keeps track of the products that are stored inside the barcode.

By the late 1990s, the idea of a smart refrigerator was seen as the next big thing. LG launched the world’s first smart refrigerator, the Internet Digital DIOS. But it was not liked by the consumers, as it was costly and they found it unnecessary.

Despite having high-tech specifications, these refrigerators still work as a normal fridge. Several smart refrigerators are now available in the market, but consumers report that they had several issues with its smart features. What do you think - is the smart refrigerator worth buying?

2. 3D Printers

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No doubt, smartphones, tablets, and laptops have made our work easier. But today, portable printers have changed the technology trend and made printing easier than before. It is small in size and can print around 60 pages a minute.

Gone are those days when you use the printer to print your assignment and other documents. Today 3D printers are in trend and are considered to be the most exciting technological development of the 21st century. Right from students to professional designers, everyone is finding 3D printers an outstanding product. 3D printers create 3D objects from a two-dimensional plane.

The latest version of 3D printers is used by doctors to see the replica of the patient’s organs. Whether for professional or personal use, 3D printers are affordable than ever. With the evolution of technology, 3D settings are now preferred by everyone. People now not only look for 3D printers but also search for the 3D floors to add to their home.

Have you ever used 3D printers for work? How was your experience?

3. Digital Cameras

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Earlier, people used to click pictures and then wait for the camera film to develop. It was a waste of time and money. Digital cameras have made this work easier. You can select which photos to be printed and which to be deleted.

With a digital camera, you can see the pictures instantly. Memory cards that are required in the camera don’t take much space. Film rolls have limitations; digital cameras feature massive storage options. It offers multiple functions such as face detection, night vision, and other functions, to take better images.

Pictures can be edited directly and easily on a computer via editing software. They allow you to store photos on devices that can be developed later. The only drawback of the digital camera is that it comes at a higher price than a film camera. However, several companies have now launched digital cameras at a low rate.

4. Electric Vehicles

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Pollution is increasing day by day. To stop/control this, companies have launched electric vehicles that use electric motors for propulsion. Humans have made a negative impact on the environment, and using electric vehicles is the best way to minimize further damage to the earth.

Electric vehicles are built to be environment-friendly, as the battery inside the vehicle can be recycled. Additionally, using electric vehicles eliminates fuel costs. In the 21st century, electric vehicles are not only good for the pocket but also a great choice if you want to contribute to the environment.

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If it is charged through renewable resources, it can reduce greenhouse emissions further. Plus, it reduces harmful emissions that lead to fewer health problems. Electric cars run at a faster speed than ones that run on fossil fuel. See how electric car Rimac wins against Lamborghini and Aventador in a drag race.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity these days. But flying cars that were headlined in 2019 are ready to hit the market soon. What do you think- would flying cars affect the popularity of electric vehicles? Here are more science inventions that you might have heard in 2019.

5. Electronic Funds Transfer

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Thanks to Electronic Funds Transfer, now you don’t have to keep money in your pockets and fear from pickpockets. The Electronic fund transfers money from one bank account to another via a computer-based system and without the intervention of bank staff. It includes direct deposits, wire transfers, online services, and more.

The Electronic Fund Transfer system was started by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco with the Los Angeles branch in 1972. After this process was started, millions of dollars are getting transfer in a day. The process is secure and safer and eliminates the need for carrying money in the pocket.

Additionally, it helps individuals to save on costs such as printing documents and checks. People have started using this system because it has fewer administrative procedures and thus reduces staff costs.

6. Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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You can’t disagree that robots have already transformed into humans. They can dance, show emotions, and even can have sex. The first industrial robot was designed in 1954 by George Devol.

After five years, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology founded its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to test on how they could add human minds and hands to robots. AI is helping humans in several ways. It is making easier the day-to-day application, interact with humans in different avatars as a digital assistant, reducing manual errors, and more.

However, AI can be dangerous. It can program robots or anyone to do devastating. Robots will soon invade our brains. These scary developments of AI shouldn’t be appreciated.

Robots have given a new definition to technology. And you would be surprised to know that in the future, certain human jobs would be replaced by robots.

7. Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering or genetic modification is the direct manipulation of an organism's genes using biotechnology. It has been applied to several fields, including medicine, agriculture, and research.

Genetic engineering alters the genetic structure of an organism by introducing DNA. Watson and Crick revealed the secret of DNA in 1953. But do you know that Boyer and Cohen constructed the first organism with combined DNA from other species in 1973? After 30 years, it was recorded that 70% of processed foods contain modified ingredients such as soybeans.

The benefits of Genetic engineering include tastier food, less use of pesticides, more nutritious food, and medicinal foods that could be used as vaccines.

8. Smart Meters

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Smart meters measure the gas and electricity used and show their costs. The smart meter-in home allows you to control the use of energy and gives a little understanding of how can you save on bills. This modern technology is efficient for homemakers and for everyone who unnecessarily uses electricity.

It is an electronic device that sends information about the electricity used to the supplier for billing. It enables two-way communication between the central system and meter. The benefit of installing a smart meter is that it saves time, energy, and money. It sends the reading automatically and saves your time of reading the meter again.

Also, you can log in to your account anytime to see about energy usage. Another benefit of using smart meter is that it replaces electricity meters and existing gas. It involves real-time sensors and power quality monitoring. What do you think - is installing a smart meter in a home a great alternative to existing gas?

9. Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

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Self-balancing electric unicycle is a great example of modern technology. It helps you to commute to your workplace and avoid traffic jams. This electric cycle is a self-balancing personal transporter and has a single wheel. It is affordable, portable, and eco-friendly.

Riding this unicycle is easy. The rider places his/her feet on its feet pads, and the sensors detect his/her feet movement. Its speed is controlled by leaning backward and forward and by twisting the unit using the feet.

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The wheel in the unicycle is 12-16 inches in diameter. The only drawback of unicycle is it needs the practice to drive it. It is a bit expensive and heavier than hoverboards. The benefits of using electric unicycle include its faster speed. It is a great vehicle for those who commute daily to the office.

Furthermore, it can easily cross big bumps and obstacles. It can easily move on grass, gravel, and dirt. Have you ever used an electric unicycle to commute long distances?

10. Wireless Key Finder

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Things like room keys, mobile chargers, and hair accessories, get misplaced easily. You often forget where did you keep your car keys and then look for it and waste your time. Wireless Key Finder that comes equipped with sensors is saving a lot of time. The device has a Find Key button that locates the device if it is within 55-60 feet.

The box of Wireless Key Finder includes a user manual that teaches you how to connect it to your keys. Some key finders flash the light; others make an alarm sound when they locate the keys.

Today Key finders are used in restaurants to alert consumers when their meal or seat is ready. It is attached to luggage and personal items to ensure that they do not miss while traveling.

So, if you also forget important items, then buy a wireless key finder and see how it solves your problem within a minute. If you find this gadget cool, check about these gadgets that were loved in 2018-2019.

11. Automated Dispensing Cabinet

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It is a great example of modern technology. It is a computerized storage device that is majorly used in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It promotes a higher quality of care and reduces costs.

Getting the things that are kept on the top shelve or at the back of the cabinet can be difficult. These cabinets reduce the chances of getting sprains, as it automatically pulls out the cabinet to reach out to the things kept.

This automation technology is in use since 1980 and is constantly evolving to meet health standards in the industry.

Final Words

Technology is constantly evolving and making our lives better. Although we haven’t seen the best of modern technology yet, these examples promise a great future.

Which of the above examples of modern technology attracted you the most? Share your views with us below.


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