45 Cute Photos of Babies That Would Keep You Smiling All Day Long

Every parent in this world thinks of his/her baby to be the cutest. Check out cute photos of babies that will make you go aww.

4 years ago
45 Cute Photos of Babies That Would Keep You Smiling All Day Long

Do you like babies? Well, I find them adorable. Don’t you think babies can make you smile anytime? Whether you come home late or are busy in your office schedule, when you see your baby smiling, you forget all your tiredness.

Babies are a bundle of joy. You don’t need anything to make your baby look pretty. All he/she has to do is to smile with that toothless grin. The most challenging part is to capture their cuteness at the right moment. Every expression on the newborn baby’s face, right from staring to a loud wailing cry, is priceless. As they grow, they give specific expressions to understand what is behind their cry and laugh.

It is truly said that pictures speak louder than words. Even if you are having a bad day, a picture of a dog licking his owner or a newborn baby opening his/her eyes for the first time, makes you smile instantly.

Don’t you think sharing happiness is a kind gesture? See how these powerful pictures motivate you to spread a smile. You don’t need anything to spread happiness; a pure heart is enough. So, check out these cute photos of babies and share them with people who have lost their SMILE.

1. Let me Sleep PLEASE!

Source = Acdn

Awww, this is cute. Let him sleep. This is the best time of life when you don’t have to worry about the future.

2. Don’t You Dare Kiss me Again

Source = Techdotmatrix

I hate kisses! :(

3. Good Morning Everyone!

Source = Cdnparenting

Aww! I want this kind of morning every day.

4. Did You See a Change in My Hairstyle?

Source = Rd

How do I look? Adorable.

5. I am not Yawning but Laughing

Source = Practicalparenting

Did someone crack a joke? Maybe.

6. Look, Mamma! I am Flying.

Source = Newyorker

No, you are not flying. You are on earth.

7. I Need Attention!

Source = Istockphoto

Can anyone entertain me?

It is a compliment when your baby hints that he/she needs attention. Engage your baby with toys. Sing a song or vary the tone of your voice. Do anything that needs his/her involvement.

8. No! I Didn’t Spill The Milk on the Table!

Source = List25

I am innocent. I haven’t done anything wrong.

9. No, it is Not Fake, I Am Crying.

Source = Ytimg

Well, but it looks fake. Babies are intelligent. They make a fake crying face and get whatever they want.

10. Sorry, I Sneezed.

Source = Cdnparenting

That’s Okay. We have already blessed you with love and laughter.

11. When You Have Bills Overdue

Source = Rd

I make the same face.

12. How Do I Look in These Specs?

Source = Oshiprint

Awww! You look cute.

13. I am Hungry

Source = Timeincuk

I hope Mamma will give a chocolate shake and not a vegetable soup.

14. Yay! I Won.

Source = Chilloutpoint

Can I ask what you were playing? Cricket?

15. I Will Become a Musician

Source = Chilloutpoint

Don’t disturb him; he is serious about his career. Okay! But, I love his chubby cheeks.

16. Haha! Look at my Teeth

Source = Redd

His smile is contagious.

17. Throwback to my First Birthday. Ain’t I Looking Adorable?

Source = Flixcart

Belated Happy Birthday, kiddo! And yes, you look cute.

18. Don’t Do This to Me. I Don’t Want to Go to School

Source = Pinimg

You still have time, dear! Enjoy your life.

19. I am Learning How to Make Pout. Don’t Laugh :/

Source = Redd

She would make a perfect pout soon.

20. How Dare You Touch by Soap

Source = Adorama

You better don’t mess with him.

21. Look at my Eyebrows. I Look Dangerous

Source = Thesun

He would complain about this when he grows old. Sometimes parents turn funny. A couple used markers to draw brows on their kid’s face. If you think this is cute, draw wavy eyebrows that are getting popular.

Note: We are not responsible for the consequences you will face when they turn old.

22. Don’t Make Me Angry!

Source = Angrybabyfaces

Do whatever you want to do. As if I care!

23. Yes, I Want That Ice Cream!

Source = Noahsdad

Can you share with me?

24. I Don’t Know What You are Talking About

Source = Theinfonerds

He looks innocent.

25. I Know I am the Best

Source = 7-themes

Yes, you are.

26. I Want to Watch Cartoon, Mommy. Change Your Boring Serial

Source = Pinimg

Oh! I thought he was sleeping.

27. What I Just Saw! My Brother is Kissing His Girlfriend

Source = Thegreatcoursesdaily

I would tell Daddy about this.

28. Don’t I Look Cute While Sleeping? Yes? Then Don’t Disturb Me.

Source = Boredpanda

She looks adorable.

29. Where is My Mommy?

Source = Yunamirul92

Do you know where his mommy is?

30. I Will Set This Picture as My WhatsApp DP

Source = Pinimg

Which expression do you like the most?

31. I Want This Kind of Peaceful Sleep

Source = Meredithcorp

Let me sleep for half an hour more. I don’t have any work to do.

32. I am Not from China. But I Look So.

Source = Imgix.bustle

I love his smile.

33. You Don’t Know Anything About Teething

Source = Pleaseandcarrots

Yes, it hurts.

34. When all Eyes are on You, Just WINK

Source = Istockphoto

Aww, he looks cute.

35. Haha! Mamma, Look at Me.

Source = Ichef.bbci

Is this your new hairstyle?

36. Sorry! But I Can’t Share My Watermelon; it is My Favorite Fruit.

Source = Staticflickr

I am going to eat it all.

37. Don’t You Understand I Hate Bathing?

Source = Raisingchildren

Then what do you love? Sleeping!?

38. I Pooped in My Pants, But That’s None of My Business! Mamma, Where are You?

Source = Pregnantchicken

Yes coming! :(

39. What Did You Say! You Found a Baby Cuter Than Me!?

Source = 3.bp.blogspot

I bet! That’s impossible.

40. Did You See our Selfie?

Source = S1.1zoom

That’s the cutest selfie I have seen. Cuteness doubled!

41. Wow! My Birthday Cake Looks Beautiful. I Love Roses

Source = Theperfectbabygirlensemble

She looks adorable in Pink.

42. She Ditched Me. But I Love Her

Source = Babywearingbg

Look who is saying this? Have you ever been to love school?

43. See our Twinning

Source = Whyienjoy

Yeah! Your Mommy is looking at you from the other side. Put off the TV.

44. No, I was not Sleeping!

Source = Cdnparenting

But you act like a professional.

45. Yes, That’s My Dad. He Doesn’t Know Where my Bed is? And That’s Okay

Source = Ytimg

This is what you call unconditional love between a father and a child.

Babies Teach Us to Smile No Matter What

Right from giggling to cooing, several things that babies do make them incredibly adorable. Babies give innumerable expressions and let you think about what they are up to. Sometimes, you don’t understand what they are trying to say; still, it is lovely watching them. They are like little aliens who make weird expressions and make you smile. If you don’t believe this, then check these funniest baby expressions that would brighten up your day. Their smile is contagious!

Do you know, according to scientists, newborn babies can’t make judgments, but they can act differently in different situations? For instance, they show different expressions when playing peekaboo and offering chocolate.

Babies stay away from the worries of the world and create their world. They teach us to be happy no matter what. They teach us to forget the pain and to smile for everything.

Furthermore, the baby shoot is always good to go. Seeing a baby’s different weird and adorable expressions makes us smile. But sometimes, capturing them is not a cup of tea. Parents put their efforts to click the best shot, but it results in a hilarious one. Check out these hilarious baby photoshoots that failed and show how reality is different from expectations.

Final Thoughts

You know what can make you smile on your bad day. Cute babies! They are cute, full of innocence, and show adorable expressions. So, next time, if you look for anyone who can make you smile without uttering a word, go no further and see your baby smiling.

If these pictures of babies made you smile, then this news of 9 labor unit nurses delivering babies together would surprise you.

Do you have other cute photos of babies that made you smile and can be shared on social media? If so, share them with us below.


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