16 Powerful Pictures That Will Make You Smile Instantly

Are you having a bad day? If yes, then take a look at these 16 pictures, and I bet at least one of them will surely make you smile. Give it a try!

5 years ago
16 Powerful Pictures That Will Make You Smile Instantly

No second thought when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is true that photography is a powerful medium of expression and communication, it offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation, and execution to every single on-looker viewer. Even if you are having a bad day and come across some cute photos at a glance, your heart will melt instantly, and all the disturbances that you might be having at work or home will suddenly vanish in seconds. You don't believe? Then, do have a look!

Here are some most magical photos that looking on them will change your mood and will make your day even brighter than a sunny day.

1. When Street Dog Becomes Family!

Source = Hronika

This man said,

“We rescued this dog a little over a month ago. That smile says it all.”

Well, this picture shows how our world is still amazing. Isn’t it?

2. Few Things Never Change

Source = Ytimg

One said,

“A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.”

And, this picture justifies it. Just Beautiful!

3. Cat Chooses Him!

Source = Mott

Who thinks a cat couldn’t be a man’s best friend? If you do, then look at this picture! This kitty waits for his bus with him every morning before school.

4. Love for Fan!

Source = Thejournal

This is one of the best Irish photos of the last decade where Brian O’Driscoll, Irish rugby player brought the Heineken Cup to a small girl in Temple Street Children's University Hospital.

Well, look at the smile of the little fan on seeing her favorite rugby player. Simply wow!

5. Girl with Her Camel: Pure Joy!

Source = Imgur

No caption needed, it can simply make you smile the moment you see it. Right?

6. Way to Go, Kids!

Source = Vantagemag

A big salute and hats off to these kids as well as their parents for such great parenting. Their teamwork saved this dog’s life. Just awesome!

7. Humanity Wins!

Source = Takingfive

When a duck nested at Walmart, the employees care for this new mama and her ducklings very nicely and put this note there which says,

“Nesting Duck Has Nine Eggs Please Do Not Disturb. Thank You.”

So nice of them!

8. Grandfather’s Love!

Source = Gifgifmagazine

This reaction of grandpa on seeing his granddaughter will surely make you teary-eyed. Isn't this is one of the pictures that show “It's only love what we want!”

9. Happy from Heart!

Source = Pinimg

The smile says that how happiness glows from the inside.

10. Innocence!

Source = Tfln

This tweet made me smile. What about you?

11. Kiddo Fun!

Source = Twimg

Adorable! Their mother captioned-

“My daughter tells jokes that my son finds uncomfortable.”

12. The Kindness of the Stranger!

Source = Zadn

Well, this is one of the pictures that restores faith in humanity as this man spent his entire subway ride playing the violin for a baby who was crying.

13. G-H-O-S-T

Source = Iloisesti

Isn’t this is the cutest ghost in the world?

14. Sweetness Overloaded!

Source = Blogspot

A woman with cerebral palsy asks for a nail service from a salon, but they refused service to since she “moves too much.” The cashier from the same salon decided to buy a bottle of nail polish and paint the woman’s nails during her break. Sweet it is!

15. LOL!

Source = Boredpanda

Chucklesome! The text on the bag says:

"This Text Has No Other Purpose Than To Terrify Those Who Are Afraid Of The Arabic Language."

16. Unbelievable!

Source = Twimg

I looked twice to believe my eyes that this professional actor and musician William Boyajian who plays the guitar in busy subway stations in his spare time to help people in need. Something different!

Final Thoughts

So, we have seen an incredible collection of pics which surely will have a positive effect on your mental health only at a single glance.

Someone said,

“Kindness is a contagious phenomenon: one good deed spreads rapidly like a virus and brightens the day of dozens of people.”

And, the above pictures justify it!

Well, if any of the above images made you smile, do tell us in the comment section.

Keep Smiling!


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