15+ Photos That Show It’s Only Love What We Want!

No doubt, love is essential to happy living. And, there are several kinds of love possible. Have a look at these 18 best photos that show why it is only love that we want!

5 years ago
15+ Photos That Show It’s Only Love What We Want!

Love has no specific definition or boundaries. It’s limitless!  It could happen with anyone, anywhere like it could be the love parents have for their child, one has for his/her pet, one has for stray animals, one has in friendship and many other kinds. And, when it comes to unconditional love, it is the simplest & purest form of love. It simply means appreciating someone else for who they truly are in spite of their imperfections and mistakes.

Here are the 18 most swoon-worthy unconditional love pictures that show love in some best possible ways.

1. Love for Humanity!

Source = Infomaniya

This is one of the most beautiful forms of love. The moment she saw that little kid, she adopted him to give and give. Selfless love, right?

2. You Can Literally ‘FEEL’ the Love!

Source = Mycdn

Women not only love their kids but everyone, regardless of caste, creed, gender, species, animal, anyone.

3. A Good Place to Be!

Source = Tumblr

Aww! No wonder this picture shows a beautiful bond between a sloth and a girl. How strongly they both trust each other is quite amusing.

4. Dad’s Love

Source = Twimg

Motherly love is so common to all but the love of the father is not that much highlighted ever. But it is beautiful in its way. These small gestures are truly heartwarming. Isn’t it?

5. Teacher-Student Bond

Source = Blogspot

Nothing could be as pure as this. The tears of the kid playing the violin at his violin educator’s burial service depict the pain in love. Isn’t this picture is Heartbreaking?

6. “Love” or “Bravery”?

Source = Patrasevents

Some may get scared by looking at this picture, but it is one pure form of love. And unbelievably, a brave kid he is.

7. The Joy of Meeting a Loved One After a Long-Long Time!

Source = Zadn

Well, this one is a little different! And this picture itself gains respect at first sight. It's so beautiful when one man lives for his country but is unable to meet his family often, so this love has its own essence.

8. Love has No Age!

Source = Brightside

Oh yes, love has no age, and it surely strengthens with time. This picture is a true example of that.

9. Love Can Melt Wildest of Hearts!

Source = Outdoorlife

It’s one unusual love picture that is showing tremendous love. And, also picture clearly depicts show a wildest dangerous creature melts just for love. Beautiful,  right?

10. Daughter-Father Love!

Source = Suddl

It’s one old pic from 1942, showing how a little girl runs to meet her father as he returns home from work. It's just amazing!

11. In Sickness and In Health!

Source = Cdninstagram

Isn't this is a beautiful example of marriage vows where health and sickness can’t stop you from loving each other?

12. A Differently-Abled Man Gets Crowd Surfed!

Source = Pinimg

It's one unexpected picture where music lovers show love for this man during a concert in San Francisco.

13. No Matter it’s Human or Animal, Mother Love is Mother Love!

Source = Dama

They say “Mother is another name of God!” Well, it surely is.

14. Brotherhood Matters!

Source = Twimg

Siblings are Siblings! This image can make anyone weep!

It is a picture of a North Korean man and a South Korean man. It has been 60 years of separation on 31 October 2010. And, he just cried out after a family reunion at Mount Kumgang, North Korea. After all, it’s family!

15. A Sigh of Relief!

Source = Pinimg

This historical picture shows many emotions. It might have been a heart-touching moment when the parents reunited with their children in Saffron Walden, Essex, during World War II.

16. Love for a Stray!

Source = Pinimg

It’s one beautiful picture of children sheltering a stray dog during heavy rainfall in Mumbai, India.

17. Love for Sportsman!

Source = Huffingtonpost

This picture gives joy to all! He is one Washington Redskins player who is gaining loads of love by the kids at the Salvation Army.

18. Anything for Her!

Source = Medium

Love has no limits! It is beautiful that he even wants to bring sun to her. Just Wow!

Final Thoughts!

Love is what makes the world go round. Isn’t it?

We hope you enjoyed these pictures which show the true essence of love. No wonder love adds meaning to one’s life. Well, which one did you love the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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