10 Rare Pictures of Lightning Strikes That Are Strikingly Beautiful

You would be amazed to see these pictures of lightning that are natural and not photo-shopped!

4 years ago
10 Rare Pictures of Lightning Strikes That Are Strikingly Beautiful

Nature could surprise us in several ways. Sometimes, it shows cloud-to-ground lightning, other times, it impresses us with a perfect lava square coming out of the sea. It is said that pictures could speak thousands of words, but only lucky ones are those who could see these rare phenomenons through a naked eye. Lightning is a powerful force that not everyone could understand. It sometimes appears during small storms and volcanic eruptions. No matter when it appears, lightning is dangerous and beautiful at the same time. 

Whether you capture these lightning strikes when it goes from cloud-to-ground or within the cloud, pictures of lightning always look impressive when it strikes the sky. For those who are uninitiated, a lightning strike is an electric discharge between an object and an atmosphere. These lightning strikes occur in clouds and strikes on the ground. Sometimes it occurs from the ground to cloud (it is rare though). Nearly 25-30% of lightning occurs between the atmosphere and earth-bound objects. The lightning flash lasts only for a few seconds. 

You might have seen edited pictures of lightning over the internet, but here are some pictures that are natural and are clicked by photographers. They are not edited, have no filter, and are rare to capture. 

1. Beautiful Lightning Shining Like a Star

Source = Vaisala

Wow! I wish I could have captured this natural phenomenon. But thanks to the photographer who clicked it beautifully.

2. This Lightning Looks Like a Smog Coming Out of a Glass Surface

Source = Lightningprotection

This is rare.

3. Rain of Lightning

Source = List25

This is phenomenal.

4. Is This Ground-to-Cloud or Cloud-to-Ground Lightning?

Source = Videezy

Do you know which kind of lightning is this? Whatever it is, this looks surreal.

5. This Picture of Lightning is Beautiful

Source = Ebaumsworld

This one is captured beautifully. I haven’t seen this kind of phenomenon of white lightning looking like snow striking the clouds.

6. This Looks Like the Root of the Tree is Hanging in the Sky

Source = Ebaumsworld

I don’t think this is natural.

7. Wonderful Lightning Display from the Supercell Outside of Hodgeman

Source = Pinterest

It seems that light is striking the ground and returning to the clouds. This picture was clicked by Kelly Delay, who is a multimedia artist and environmental photographer.

8. This View is Breathtaking

Source = Ebaumsworld

I wish I could see this amazing moment live.

9. This Picture was Seen from the Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln

Source = List25

Look at the aircraft sitting peacefully at the airport.

10. This Picture was Captured in Lombok, Indonesia

Source = List25

It seems that there is a competition going on between volcanic fire and lightning. 

Final Words

You would be shocked to know that annually over 5000 people are killed by lightning strikes. The lightning is scary but is amazingly beautiful. 

Have you ever seen these types of natural lighting with your naked eye? If so, then share the pictures below.


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