World's Strongest Toddler - Liam Hoekstra

If you thought superman existed only in DC comics, think again. We have a present day Liam Hoekstra who is our ...

7 years ago
World's Strongest Toddler - Liam Hoekstra

If you thought superman existed only in DC comics, think again. We have a present day Liam Hoekstra who is our real life superhero and the most interesting part is that he is a kid.

Early Story

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The world’s strongest toddler, Liam Hoekstra was born in 2005. Because of his various medical conditions, he was given up for adoption by his biological mother. Since then he is living with his adopted parents Neil and Dana Hoekstra in Roosevelt, Michigan who took him in and have fostered him till date.

Parents adopted Liam out of their love towards the kid. They did not know that their beloved son would bring the greatest television stations of the world to their fortune.

How did it start?

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Liam’s first display of super strength was when he was 5 months old. He did an iron cross. 

Neil and Dana were startled. Soon they started sending Liam for gymnastics. They made Liam join the Cassell Gymnastics and Dance. 

While other kids were struggling with chin-ups, Liam had already gone much far. Chin-ups were as easy as ringing doorbell for Liam. 

At this stage where other children were practicing chin-ups, the strongest toddler started hoisting his torso above the chin-up bar and stayed in position for minutes. 

Liam Hoekstra’s Super Power

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After numerous checks and tests, Liam was diagnosed with Muscle hypertrophy. This was a rare myostatin related condition. The body builds up muscles speedily while inhibiting body fat.

Experts say that this condition can be rarely found in humans. They don’t even have the count of people suffered by this condition. 

When Liam was 3 years old, he had 40% body muscle and minimal fat. This is the rarest situation for any bog of this age. The kid has extraordinary strength and speed than boys of his age and can excel in any muscle related activity that he is put into. 

The super kid has enough strength that he can comfortably lift heavy dumbbells without quickening his breath. He can pull rapid sit-ups while hanging upside down can lift any furniture of the house. 

Another interesting feature about his medical condition is that his skeletons structure and muscles grow rapidly fast without making any side effects on body.

Little Liam can sit on a sofa munching potato chips while watching his favorite TV series and his body would continue to naturally rip.  Liam can gorge on ice creams and chicken without worrying about his looking chubby. This is an advantage of his medical condition. How cool is that!

The Growth of Liam’s Powers

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  • When he was 4 months old, he lied on the floor holding up his head and upper body with arms.
  • In 5 months, he started walking upright on the stairs.
  • In 6 months, Liam could climb up and down the stairs on his own. 
  • When Liam was a year old, he could do chin-ups. 
  • At the age of 18 months, he was already moving the furniture around in his house. 

A documentary has been made on the world’s strongest toddler. Watch it here.


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