The Living Goddess of Nepal - Kumari Devi

Nepal is a land of strange pra...

4 years ago
The Living Goddess of Nepal - Kumari Devi

Nepal is a land of strange practices. One amongst them is the worship of pre-pubescent girls.  The girls are known as “Kumari Devi” and are worshipped in different cities of Nepal. The topmost amongst them is the Kumari Devi of Nepal who lives an isolated and secret life in a palace like home known as “Kumari Ghar” situated in Kathmandu.

The girls chosen as Kumari Devi belong to the Shakya caste of Nepalese newari community. The girl is declared as Kumari after an elaborate selection process. She should posses the basic eligibility requirement like excellent health state, should never have fallen ill and have never lost blood due to injury. She should have black eyes and black hair. The horoscope of the girl is checked to see if she is complementary to the king or not. In her final test she has to spend a night alone with the slaughtered heads of goats and buffaloes.

The appointed girl stays as a Kumari until her periods start or till the time she doesn’t suffer  from  an injury or diseases. The Kumari is always dressed in red and has symbolic “fire eye” painted on her forehead.

During the occasion of festivals like Navratri or durga pooja, special darbar is held where people come to worship her and seek her blessings. The king of Nepal also comes and kisses her feet to stay blessed.

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