Billy Meier Predictions That Went Unfortunately Wrong!

Born on 3rd February 1937, Switzerland, Billy Eduard Albert Meier has copyrighted and published several predictions and Propheci...

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Billy Meier Predictions That Went Unfortunately Wrong!

Born on 3rd February 1937, Switzerland, Billy Eduard Albert Meier has copyrighted and published several predictions and Prophecies. Sceptics have argued about the prediction dates but it cannot be fully denied that many events and statements that were predicted have taken place and continuing to do so. For over 67 years, Billy has maintained the communication with number of telepaths with extraterrestrial beings claiming that they are from the Plejares system. 

Billy began a contact with Semjase, a female Plejaran. He took at least 1000 of the clearest UFO pictures. 

For anyone who had to undergone with Billy Meier predictions and UFO photographs, than you must be pretty sure that the entire topic has been a disorder between skeptics and believers for many years. 

Billy Meier Predictions That Went Wrong

Pacific Tsunami Prophecy

Source = Silverdoctors

It was the end of 2005, when the researchers of Oregon State University published that Congress was working on enactment to give NOAA $35 million per year to revamp disaster planning and Tsunami warning systems. 

They noted that the interest raised in tsunami planning was only because of 2004 Indonesia tsunami that reportedly killed more than 275,000 people. It was in 2008, that Michael Horn started exploring internet, telling people about the Billy Meier prediction. 

This is Michael tactic to find some publication about a warning and then disclosed to any believer website that will publish it, that Billy had made the prediction before the warning was published. When a tsunami hit the Pacific Northeast, Horn instantly claim that Billy accurately predicted it, but didn’t mention that Billy’s predictions came in 2008, 4 years after the tsunami warning system was placed in 2004.

Prediction – Asteroid Apophis

Source = Independent

Asteroid Apophis was one of the best investigations of Meier prophecy that came from Stuart Robbins of the Bad Science Blog, who plans to analysis Horn’s claim that Meier had forecast about the asteroid apophis that it will strike earth in 2036. 

The Billy’s actual forecast in 1981 didn’t mention anything about the Apophis asteroid but it only stated about that a ‘red meteor’ would harm the Earth. In the year 2004, Apophis was discovered and publicly announced. Billy Meier releases “Contact Report #471 claiming to have a 

conversation with Plejaran Ptaah and date related to Apophis.

Stuart noted the variations as below – 

Okay, so remember the timeline here: 1981 was the first mention, 2002 no new information, 2004 Apophis is found and its orbit calculated and all this other stuff, and then, FOUR YEARS LATER, Meier very directly links his red meteor with the astronomical data of Apophis, though we don’t have it by name. There was nothing connecting the two before, and Apophis isn’t exactly red, but now he’s put the red meteor together with the dates of Apophis.

After 4 reports later, Billy claims that Apophis is the ‘Red Meteor”. But this tactic is explained as “retrodiction” by Stuart. 

Prediction [is] where you’re saying something will happen before it does. Retrodiction is the opposite, where you say something was going to happen after it already did, or you said something vague and then when something specific happens, you claim that vague thing was the specific happening.

NASA’s scientific findings make Meier’s prophecy even less accurate. Updated calculations in 2013 put Apophis even farther away than 30.5 million miles from Earth.

Prediction – Jupiter Moons

Source = Whenthestarscomeout

It was in the year 2004, when an IIG researcher guides the investigation covering Meier’s predictions throughout his writings.  He found the following prophecies – 

1. Meier just copied from the media that Jupiter’s moon contained water. As he wrote – “the moon, Io, once was totally covered with water”.

Later it was found that – lo contains little to no water.

2. Billy’s forecast about the Jupiter was not predicted, but they are originally drawn from the reports after Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 passed by Jupiter in 1970’s. Scientists didn’t found that the rings of the Jupiter were made of tiny particles as claimed by Horn. 

3. Investigators were finally succeeded in proving Meier’s predictions are drawn out of newspaper in 1979, because one of the prediction regarding Amalthea was accurately matched the wrong information in 1979 newspaper articles. 

IIG researchers finally stated – 

“The fact is, the more I researched the predictive information in Billy Meier’s Contacts, the more likely it seemed that Meier copied his information from widely-available news sources.”

Few More Accurate Predictions Or Prophecies of Billy Meier

  • Plastic Money was one of his predictions. He believed that there would come a time when plastic money will lead in the form of a card.
  • He even predicted that marriages would turn into being more money and less love. 
  • Terrorists will spread destruction all over the world and would bring death and corruption over humanity.

Source = Blogspot

  • In the beginning of the 3rd millennium, the human would take himself for creation to cause harm to the entire earth that would be effective to the whole nature. 
  • Child prostitution will increase rapidly as is the sexual murder of women and children.
  • Marriage between man and woman will be based only on the personal interests without love and would no longer be constant resulting in divorce.
  • New satellites will be launched that move far outside the Pluto.
  • In the end of the 20th century new planets will be continuously be discovered that however could bear no life.
  • The human will be more addicted to money and wealth and even could secretly murder their parents.
  • The human will populate the air, the seas and more and take all the living space, which is for the wildlife, thereby killing number of species.
  • Any of those who are addicted to drugs or any drink will lose their self-control and many of them will start stealing, raping or become a real catastrophe. 



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