7 Women Who Reportedly Stolen Other Women Babies

In our society, there are some people who are broken, or say heartless and lost that willing to kidnap babies that aren’t theirs. What do you expect a woman can do to have a baby? Probably, you can’t define in words what circumstances does she faces when became pregnant.

6 years ago
7 Women Who Reportedly Stolen Other Women Babies

While there are some women who do anything to have a child, there are certainly some who try stealing other women’s babies to raise them as own. Chances are that the stress and pressure to have children has forced some woman to kidnap or steal other women’s children.

Sometimes, it is headlined that babies are kidnapped from the home in the absence of the guard, or have been missed from the hospital.  In some cases, it is also reported that a woman expecting a child is murdered (planned) and the fetus is removed from her womb. Here are some cases when women stole other women’s babies.

1. Lisa Montgomery

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It was on December 2004, when Becky Harper went to meet her 23-year-old pregnant daughter Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the day she entered her house, she saw Stinnett was dead, her stomach was open and 8 months fetus was nowhere. After the investigation, it was found that Lisa Montgomery was the murderer. She had been telling the society that she is pregnant although she wasn’t.  Once, she was noticed in her home watching the Amber Alert for the missing child she was holding in her hands. She was sentenced to death.

2. Korena Roberts

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In June 2009, Korena Roberts called her boyfriend and said she is in labor. By the time her boyfriend reached, Korena had given birth to the baby, but baby appeared lifeless. Healthcare professionals arrived and took baby and mother to the hospital where it was declared that baby was dead and Korena is not the real mother. The staff called the police and searched Korena’s home where they found the dead body of Heather Snivel (real mother). The inspection reported that Roberts had killed Snivel and removed the fetus from the womb.

Robert covered the Sinvel’s body with a carpet and dumped the body into space and called his boyfriend that she was in labor. It was also reported that Korena used to tell people that she is expecting twins several months before this incidence. In addition, she even kept stroller, baby magazines, parenting journals just to keep the people aware.

3. Gloria Williams

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Alexis Manigo, 18-year-old diva was in shock after she got to know that her mother Gloria Williams was arrested for kidnapping. It took so many years to Alexis to cope with the trauma that her mother was the kidnapper and she was the victim. Reports suggested that Alexis had known this truth over a year but she didn’t want her old mother to get into trouble.

It was in 1988 when Williams has hidden her identity as the nurse and stole only 8 hours baby from the hospital. She named the baby and raised her as daughter. Unfortunately, in 1998 this kidnapping incidence was covered in Jacksonville and the city was put on an alert. Police find the possible locations but she was never found.

4. Erika Jisela Miranda – Alvarez

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Erika Jisela Miranda – Alvarez entered Carolina Flores’s Houston home and stabbed her to death before escaping with her newly born baby Shamali Flores. Miranda was pregnant and her due date was in January, but she had a miscarriage and didn’t tell anyone, not even to her boyfriend. She continued pretending that she was pregnant before murdering her. The FBI tracked missing baby girl and she was found at Miranda’s home. This case of stealing other woman baby happened on 19th December 2017.

5. Mysterious Unnamed Woman

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It was in April 1997 when someone kidnapped a 3-day old baby (Zephany) from a South African hospital. A witness claimed that they saw a woman (unnamed) dressed as a nurse at the time of the kidnapping. She was finally caught but her identity was not revealed just to save Zephany. She changed her original name, now here comes the twist of fate, Zephany and her younger sister luckily got the admission in the same school, and people there noted the similarity between the girls.

DNA revealed her true identity; the woman denied the kidnapping and said that Zephany was given to her by a lady who paid to find the missing child; she could adopt the baby after she suffered a miscarriage. The court didn’t believe her story and it was reported that she has kidnapped Zephany.

6. Nadene Faye Manukau-Togiavalu And Sydnee Toulapapa

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Both Nadene Faye Manukau-Togiavalu and Sydnee Toulapapa entered a home in the Auckland, New Zealand and stole 11-day old baby. 80 police officers involved in the investigation and caught them. Police officers revealed that Manukau – Togiavalu pretended that she was pregnant and even held a baby shower, invited friends and family to celebrate the delivery of the baby (non-existent). Both kidnappers were charged with housebreaking and kidnapping.

7. Linda Carty

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It was on May 16, 2001, when Linda Carty entered the house of Joana Rodriguez with other three men and kidnapped Joana and her three-day-old baby. Joana was tied with a duct tape and was forced into the trunk of a car where she died because of lack of oxygen. Linda Carty was sentenced to death and other 3 persons entered were given jail terms. Investigators revealed that Linda Carty kidnapped the baby because she has suffered a miscarriage in the past. (12.1)


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