30 Facts & Differences Between Men and Women to Understand Your Partner Better

Know the important differences between men and women based on leadership, education, and other factors that make each of them unique.

3 years ago
30 Facts & Differences Between Men and Women to Understand Your Partner Better

Be it a man or woman: everyone has equal rights and freedom to live in society. Nowadays, making statements about people is dangerous and could create a dispute. One such case comes when the differences between men and women are ignored for several reasons. For instance, do you know a man and a woman have different brains? 

According to studies, male brains connect between the front and the back of the same side of the brain. However, in females, the connections run from side to side between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 

It is said that Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. In reality, they are not from either planet and are the species of the same planet. However, they differ in many ways. They serve different biological functions and help you better understand your health needs. 

Let us know how men are different from women and other fun facts related to them. 

1. Stress

Source = Nyt

According to studies, when there is stress, women react with feelings, whereas men do not react with deductive reasoning. Women report that money and the economy are the major sources of stress. Women show more emotional symptoms of stress than men, like headache, upset stomach, and indigestion.

2. Leadership

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A recent study was undertaken to know whether sex could play different roles in leadership. It is found that men have held more leadership positions than women. However, Americans see both genders as equally capable of doing the same work. 

Also, those who see the differences in the genders see women stronger in majority areas like business and politics. Views differ by gender and party. For instance, women have seen more gender gaps in leadership styles. In some cases, female leaders gain an advantage over their male counterparts. 

3. See Things Differently

Source = Wl-brightside

Both genders see things differently. According to studies, women have more P cells, which are responsible for analyzing textures and colors and identifying other objects. Men have thicker retinas and larger M cells, which are responsible for knowing the movements of objects. So, it is fine if you argue with your spouse for unnecessary reasons. 

4. Have Different Brains

Source = Express

Men use the left hemisphere of their brain, whereas women use both hemispheres. Women develop verbal capability on both sides. Therefore, they can explain a story, object, feeling, or person better than men. Men develop verbal capability only in the left hemisphere. 

Furthermore, they have less connectivity between the regions of the brain, which are responsible for language, memory, and expression. Also, it is a stereotype that women speak better about their feelings than anyone. So, do you know why females speak their heart out when they fight with their spouse? 

5. A Spare Chromosome

Most babies that are born with disabilities are male. The reason behind this is females have a spare X chromosome. This defect is caused by genes on the X chromosome. For instance, if a baby boy is born with the gene for red-green color blindness on its X chromosome, the boy will have color blindness for red and green. 

A baby girl born should have the red-green color blindness gene on both chromosomes, which is rare. Now, can you agree why women are better at distinguishing shades of lipstick than men? 

6. Women Have Better Memory

Source = Wl-brightside

How many times have you asked your wife or partner for the car keys that you forgot where you have kept? According to studies, women are better at memorizing things, and men likely to remember more directions and distances. 

7. Females Can Hear Better Than Male

According to studies, females have 11% more neurons than boys that control hearing and language. Besides this, they can better distinguish between emotions like crying, happiness, and more. 

8. Store Fat Differently

Source = Bellemedical

This is an amazing difference between men and women that not everyone knows. Women store fat in a ring shape around the abdomen & fat in men is deposited between their organs. Women carry more fat than men and store it in their buttocks, lower abdomen, and hips. Men carry fat in the abdomen and upper parts of the body. 

9. The Daily Calorie Intake Requirement for Men is Higher Than Women

According to a study, men have larger bodies and greater muscle mass than women. It is said that an average-sized physically-active female needs around 2000 calories per day. Men need 2800 calories per day, even if they are of the same height. 

Males have higher muscle mass and basal metabolic rate. The recommended breakdown of protein, fat, and minerals are the same for both genders. Women need fewer calories than men in several cases. However, they have higher mineral and vitamin needs. 

10. Women Feel More Pain

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When experiencing pain, women’s left amygdala–the part of the brain associated with internal functions–is activated. They have more pain sensitivity and have greater nerve density, and may cause pain more than men. Also, women worry more about pain and feel helpless about it. 

Women are at greater risk for chronic pain conditions like temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and migraine headaches. Other pain conditions like neuralgia are seen commonly in older people, and thus it is seen more in postmenopausal women than younger women. When males experience pain, the right amygdala is activated.

11. Humor

The majority of males use humor to impress the opposite gender. However, females rarely try to become funny. This is the major reason why people think women don’t have a sense of humor. Next time, before you get impressed with a man on a date, make sure that you know everything about his hobbies, likes, and dislikes before accepting his proposal. 

12. Neurological Disorders

According to a study, men suffer from more neurological disorders like autism and dyslexia. Male brains are more prone to genetic flaws. Women require more genetic mutations to develop the same conditions. 

13. Gene Difference While Digesting Alcohol

Source = Verywellmind

Women have a hard time digesting alcohol because they have less of a liver enzyme that breaks it down. Do you know there is a difference of 1000 genes in female and male livers? Those extra genes help men digest alcohol faster, and they feel fewer effects of alcohol. 

14. Men Can Have Sleep Deprivation

A study from Duke University revealed that men could manage less sleep. But, when women don't get the required sleep, they suffer physically and mentally. Women have higher chances of developing heart disease, blood clots, and depression. 

There is a major difference in the sleeping pattern of men and women. So if your lady love is sleeping, don’t disturb her; otherwise, you can be in trouble. 

15. Women Have Colder Feet Than Men

Source = Hunimed

When the blood flows in women, it gets concentrated around the lower extremities, but in men, it is spread evenly. This is why women have colder hands and feet than men. 

16. Women Produce More Tears Than Men

Have you ever wondered why women cry over small fights or when someone talks to them loudly? The hormone that produces breast milk also produces tears. Women have that hormone more than men (naturally) and thus produce tears easily. 

Some women have higher levels of the hormone, which makes them cry at any situation and not necessarily at the time when she is sad. 

17. Both are Multitaskers

Source = Duke

While some people believe that men are better multitaskers than women, the data suggests the opposite of this. The data show that both genders show equal capabilities when it comes to multitasking. However, they lose the ability as they age. 

18. Women Have Neater Handwriting Than Men

Girls develop skills earlier than boys. Therefore, they do have good handwriting and make projects and assignments attractive. Both genders have different gripping capabilities, which also affects their skills when writing. Can we find this point relatable to male doctor handwriting? 

19. Women Have Thinner Skin Than Men

Source = Thefashionspot

Women develop more lines and wrinkles in comparison to men because they have thinner skin. Men have higher collagen density, which makes them look younger. This might be the reason why women prefer doing makeup when they leave home. 

20. Women Have Longer Lifespan

According to studies, women live nearly 5.2 years longer than men. They have better immunity, take fewer risks, and have a reduced risk of blood disease. However, women didn’t live long in the 19th century. Though there’s no specific reason for this, the environmental, biological, and behavioral factors contribute a lot in increasing their life span. 

21. Women do Not Take Risks

Source = Goodnet

Women are thought of as caregivers. That's why they are more worried than men. Men, on the other hand, think they have one life, and nothing could stop them from living their life according to their choice. 

22. Women Love Cooking Food for Their Spouse

Have you ever wondered why girls in a relationship start feeding their boyfriend well? Maybe they want to show how good they will be as housewives. 

23. They Have Equal Intelligence

Source = Incimages

Men have larger brains than women. But, size does not relate to intelligence. So, better do not debate on this topic with your spouse; otherwise, you can suffer. Also, a man with a lower IQ drinks too much. Scientists believe that the lifestyle of a man depends on his IQ. 

24. Men Lie Twice Than Women 

While women are believed to be the biggest liars, the study proved that an average man lies to his partner and boss five times a day. The most common lying phrase that men use is- 

“It’s okay, I am fine.” 

25. Men Become Friends If They Share Common Interest

Source = Possibilitiesunlimited

After research, it is found that men develop a friendship based on their interests. If a person likes playing football, golf, tennis, and poker, they become friends and play together as a team. Contrary to this, women choose friends who are emotionally attached to them.

26. Women Use Smartphones for a Longer Time Than Men 

A study found that women use their phones 4-5 hours more than men. The research revealed that one in five women feel insecure when they are separated from their smartphones. 

27. Women Are More Likely to Prefer to Have Protected Sex

Source = Nxedge

Men are less likely interested in wearing a condom if they feel the partner has a beautiful face. However, the research adds that both genders want safe sex for good looking partners.

28. Men Gossip More Than Women

True, it is! You might have heard that women are the best gossipers. But this is not true. 

Men spend over 80 minutes a day gossiping with their friends and colleagues. When men know a secret, they instantly share it with someone close. 

Women keep secrets to themselves for at least 3 hours before sharing them with someone. Do you know about this major difference between men and women? 

29. Women Initiate Divorce

Source = Akamaized

According to research, women initiate 65% of divorce. They express conflict and dissatisfaction in the marriage. Men are likely to be okay even in a dissatisfying marriage. 

30. Women Rely on Social Ties for Survival

Source = Springernature

You won’t believe that men get a chemical boost when they compete or conflict with women. Contrary to this, women experience stress, sadness, and fear. Also, females depend more on social ties for a long time relationship. 

Final Words 

Now that you know how both genders are different, you better don’t fight with your spouse and understand them better. 

Do you know other differences between men and women that are not mentioned here and need to be shared? Drop your comments below. 


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