15 Things You Should Do To Move On After A Breakup

Life is so hard to handle when ‘We’ becomes ‘I’. In fact, it becomes harder when it happens all of a sudden. The person you considered your life, leaves you unexpectedly, alone in your hard times.

6 years ago
15 Things You Should Do To Move On After A Breakup

Breakup sucks! In fact, it clearly breaks your heart. Cry, get drunk, or beg them to come back in your life….you will only end up hurting yourself. Clever way to handle a breakup is to act like you don’t care. Guess, the only option is to make yourself strong. Well, what’s more, confusing is getting tangled in the thoughts ‘what the heck I am doing with my life’, ‘How would I live alone’ etc. The latter is actually a universal fact every single person (after a breakup) thinks of.

When the person you thought was your ‘world’ leaves or walks away from you, you are shattered into million pieces. Most importantly you aren’t the same person like you were before. So, how will you get back to your old self in such case? Here are some tips you should use after a breakup to move one.

1. Read Your Favorite Book

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Often times people do read a book as their hobby, but sometimes reading a book can help you move on, and heal your emotions saving the downfall. Reading puts life into reality and helps you kick off the worst moments.

2. Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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It strictly doesn’t mean going scuba diving, or just pushing yourself harder to win a trophy. You can join gym classes, a conversation with the stranger, step into a bar alone, simply do something that boosts your confidence. Breakup literally damages you like Hell, but sometimes moving out of your comfort zone is much needed to revitalize yourself. (12.1)

3. Focus On What You Have Gained, Not What You Lost

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Focusing on yourself is the most crucial yet essential thing you should aim for after a breakup. There comes a time when you or your partner doesn’t feel to stay long in a relationship, just remember that some relationships are meant for the time being. Focus on what did you learned from the past, how you have grown and what are the things you should be thankful for.

4. Accept Your Emotions

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What do you do after a breakup? Just cry and cry and fill a bucket full of tears? That’s absolutely fine but don’t refuse to accept that you are not okay. Losing someone close to you is really heartbreaking and even sometimes you feel shattering. Just accept that you are not fine and work on your emotions, don’t judge them.

5. Enjoy The Company of Great People

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Enjoying the company of great people is what you should after a breakup. Spend your time with friends, laugh and be social. Your best friends are the only one who supports you on your worst and good days. Chances are that you won’t like spending time with anyone, but let it go and be the part of them. (12.2)

6. Stop Being Social Media Stalker

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You don’t directly have to unfriend them; instead just say that you need to unfollow them until you become friends (if it happens). Scrolling their posts, again and again, can ruin you emotionally.

7. Don’t Send Long Text Messages or E-Mails

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Write what you are feeling, but don’t send it to your ex, instead send them to your best friend and talk about it. There are chances you may be fighting with emotions, talking about them will help you losing reliability.

8. Don’t Become Annoyed and Bitter After Breakup

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Even if they lied to you, betrayed you, being angry at them is not a solution, it will not make you a better person. In fact, it will make you angry, annoyed and unpleasant to be around. Stop finding the reasons why he/she ignored you instead, focus on the things which bring joy to your life and cheer you up.

9. Change Your Profile Pic (Killer One)

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Ohh, you have got some amazing looks, it’s time to show it to the public. On the revenge side, show your ex what he/she will be missing. Update the best yet the hottest picture of yours as your DP on social media, making your ex-regretting of breakup ;) (12.3)

10. Don’t Forget To Care About Yourself

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Get manicure done, pamper yourself, take enough sleep and spend a lot of time eating. Overall, make the best use of time and enjoy little things that come in your way, it will make you feel better.

11. Have an Alone Trip

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Traveling alone is not a bad idea. While that you don’t have the habit of traveling along, planning a one can make you feel better. You need to give yourself a nice time to forget the crap happen so that you can enjoy the gateway.

12. Focus on Work

Put as much as you can in your day job. Being able to be more productive at work is far better than getting indulged in the memories which can remind you of your ex.

13. Throw Off the Related Stuff

Remember not to stick with their old stuff. That old shirt may be soft and cozy but it can play at your back, it can remind you the memories attached to it. Just throw it and any other games and mementos that you bought together.

14. Go For a New Look, You Always Wanted For

Be it a haircut or wearing sexy pants, go a bit wild makeup and experience the new colors of lip shades and eyeshadows, after all, you have just cut off with your relationship and not with your inner side. GO CRAZY!!

15. Try Something Challenging

Do something that you haven’t done before, try something that challenges your skill; use it as a moment to better yourself. Go hiking or try something amusing like singing karaoke or clubbing. Crossing the limits makes you feel win, after all, winning is a fun.


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