10 Most Regretful Confessions Ever Made In Deathbeds

A person does a lot of wrong things throughout its life. Some he confesses there itself and some are kept hidden from the entire world. Here are some most regretful deathbed confessions ever made.

6 years ago
10 Most Regretful Confessions Ever Made In Deathbeds

Confession is the best practice to reveal the hidden secrets of a person's life with a strong heart in front of everyone. It is done by people who do not want to die with a heavy heart. It requires courage to confess the wrongdoings to the world. But, there are people who confessed few things on their deathbeds so that they can lay peacefully on their deathbeds.

Here’s some confessions ever made in the world:

1) Man Confessed That He Was Garden Genome Predator

Source = Bakker

For a decade, residents saw an unusual creature known as garden genome in the village. Soon this story gained hike and was visualized on television by news reporters and crew members.

When Peter Leighton died due to prostate cancer, his son revealed that his father was the mastermind behind garden genome predator. His father asked him to reveal this comical transgression to the world.

2) Naomi Shemer Confessed That She Copied Basque Lullaby From Her Famous Song

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Naomi Shemer wrote a song which was considered as an official Israeli anthem popularly known as ‘Jerusalem of gold’. She continually denied the accusation of the Basque lullaby.

But during the last days of her life, she wrote a letter to his composer Gil Aldrena stating that she consider the entire work as a regrettable accident. Further, she said, she heard a well known Basque lullaby which crept her unwittingly. She agreed to reveal out her secret to the entire world.

3) Murder Mystery Of William Desmond Taylor Was Solved

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William Desmond Taylor was a top actor as well as director. But he was shot dead and soon this murder mystery became a national sensation.

After 42 years, a reclusive old woman confessed to her neighbor, that she was a silent film actress named Margaret Gibson. And she was behind the murder of William Desmond Taylor. So finally after her confession, the unsolved mystery of the case was solved.

4) Julian Altman Confessed That He Stole Stradivarius Violin

Source = Blogspot

In 1936 during the show, Hall Hubermann was about to change his Stradivarius with newly Guarnerius violin. After the intermission, his violin was stolen by Julian Altman, who was New York’s nightclub Musician. He became a violinist with the national symphony orchestra.

After 42 years, when he was about to die, he confessed it to his wife that he had stolen the violin. He instructed his wife about the place where he kept it. After two years, she returned it to Lloyd's of London in exchange for the finder’s fee.

5) Christian Spurling Faked The Famous Loch Ness Monster Photo

Source = Thesun

In 1934, Robert Kenneth Wilson sold a picture captured by him near a lake stating that he observed some unusual activity of monster in it and therefore, he stopped his car and slowly went near it, to take the picture.

Later, he confessed that the picture was just a hoax and was unreal. His stepfather convinced him to sell it to the Daily Mail.

6) Geraldine Kelly Confessed Murder Of Her Husband, John Kelly

Source = Rivermedia

Geraldine confessed her crime to her children during her last days stating that their father didn't’ die in the car accident rather she murdered him. She claimed, that he accused her of years when domestic violence was in boost.

She told them where she placed the body. After the investigation, it was found that the body was inside the locked unplagued refrigerator exactly where, she told. Authority identified the body based on the distinctive tattoos. The cause of the death was a gunshot.

7) James Brewer Confessed That He killed His Neighbour Jimmy Carroll

Source = Netdna-cdn

James Brewer was arrested in Tennessee in charge of his neighbor murder.  He somehow got the bail and then shifted to Oklahoma where they began a new life as Michael and Dorothy Anderson. Everything was going well, they even became the active member of the church.

After three decades, James Brewer’s wife called police in the hospital where James confessed his crime but unfortunately he didn’t die. So, when he was released from the hospital he was arrested by the police authorities for his crime.

8) E Howard Revealed That He Was Involved In JFK Assassination

Source = Ytimg

E Howard Was a CIF agent who served 33 months in the prison for Watergate scandal. During his last days, he recorded some of the secrets of his life.

In the recordings, he detailed his involvement in the assassination of JFK. He also listed some other key participants who were involved in the assassination.

9) Lieutenant Walter Haut Stated That Aliens Did Crashed Land In Area 51

Source = Hswstatic

Lieutenant Walter Haut was a public information officer. In New Mexico in 1947.  He revealed that he was ordered by the base commander William Blanchard to press release that US Air Force recovered crashed land by a flying disc. But later, in the afternoon, he was ordered to announce that a hot air balloon was recovered.

Halt signed a sealed affidavit stating that he witnessed the wreckage of the egg-shaped disc and some extraterritorial crew members but he was forced to tell the story of air balloon by higher authorities.

10) David Niven Confessed That He Was An Illegitimate Child Of Popular British Politician

Source = Wp

David Niven, an English film actor, and novelist who was popular in Europe and The United States for his ultimate work in the pink panther as Phantom.

During his last days, he confessed that he was the illegitimate son of the conservative party politician who refused her mother’s love and didn’t even acknowledged her. He kept it as a secret so as to avoid damage, as this news can halt the politician's career.

These are some regretful confessions that people made on their deathbed.


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