10 Most Beautiful Queens in the History - Beauty With Brains & Bravery

Here is the list of the most beautiful queens from the history who influenced the world. They were not only beautiful but also brave and the fashion icons for many.

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10 Most Beautiful Queens in the History - Beauty With Brains & Bravery

What comes in your mind when you hear of the royal families? Is it a king and his queen, all dressed up in radiant attire ruling over some land, a beautiful princess and fearless prince, and their lavish lifestyle which most of us only dream of? 

There is something scary, something beautiful and something royal that holds the beauty of their grand empire. But what attracts millions is the beauty of the queens and their charisma. 

In today’s world, we have princesses like Meghan Markle and Madeleine who are known for their fashion and elegant body, back in the time we had Rita Hayworth, Princess Marie of Romania and more which were recognized for their charm and elegance. 

The stories of queens and princesses always manage to lure the crowd. While Princess Diana is known for photography, Princess Margaret Rose is identified to attend social parties and clubs.

So, let us talk about queens from the history who were not only recognized as the wife of the kings but also as beauty with brains.

1. Maharani Gayatri Devi

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Born to Prince Jitendra Narayan and Princess Indira Raje, Gayatri Devi grew up in opulence. She was an excellent rider and a great polo player. She married HM Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and had one child Prince Jagat Singh of Jaipur. Throughout her life, with her flowing dark hairs, dark eyes, elegant features, her charm and beauty was admired, and she even became the fashion icon for everyone in those times. 

Known for her kindness, Gayatri Devi was also once voted as the 4th most beautiful woman in the world. Following India’s independence, the queen Gayatri Devi became a successful politician. Few days before her death, in an interview, she had stated that she enjoyed her life with no regrets. Gayatri Devi died on 29 July 2009. She is still known for her title as ‘Rajmata of Jaipur.’

2. Princess Margaret Rose

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Princess Margaret Rose was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. As a young British princess and a royal beauty, she enjoyed visiting clubs and pubs. Margaret was known for her bright blue eyes and 18-inch waist. 

Known for her determined personality, Princess Margaret Rose made headlines for her party girl lifestyle and her romance with Peter Townsend (he was her father’s equerry group captain). Died in 2002 at the age of 71, Princess Margaret Rose was better known for her experimentation with new fashion styles and as a trendsetter at those times.

3. Rani Padmini or Padmavati

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Did you watch Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavaat? The plot of the story revolves around Indian royal queen Rani Padmini, King Rawal Ratan Singh and the most powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty Alauddin Khilji. The film shows the true story of Indian royal beauty Rani Padmini and her grand life which shed the story of her smartness and bravery.

The queen of Chittor Rani Padmini was the daughter of Singhal King Gandharva Sen. She was known for her breathtaking beauty and bravery. The princess was a well-trained fighter too. Her husband and king Rawal Ratan Singh got to know of her beauty from a parrot Hiraman (it was her closest friend). Rawal Singh was mesmerized with her beauty, while Alauddin Khilji got attracted only by seeing her reflection and later attacked the fort to win her. 

No doubt, Rani Padmini was one of the most beautiful queens in Indian history. There are several stories about Rani Padmavati. Contrary to this, the Rajput community didn’t reveal anything related to her. It is also said that her life was nothing like that; it was just a poet’s imagination. 

Did her smartness and bravery ever inspire you in any way?

4. Isabella of Portugal

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Isabella of Portugal is said to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was the eldest daughter of King Manuel I of Portugal and his second wife Maria of Aragon. Isabella was a royal beauty with beautiful dark eyes. She was also inclined to melancholia. The princess was jealous, ambitious and possessive about her goals.

After her marriage with Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, she became Holy Roman Empress and Queen of Italy, Spain, Sicily, and Duchess of Burgundy. Isabella of Portugal was known for her beauty and intelligence. Her beauty and charm served as regent of Spain for several years in the absence of her spouse. Isabella’s sixth pregnancy was a stillbirth. Unfortunately,the queen died. The king didn’t marry again and became a Catholic saint.

5. Rani Vijaya Devi

Source = Indiatimes

The list of most beautiful queens in the history wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Rani Vijaya Devi. She was the perfect example of beauty with brains during her time. Born on 28 August 1922, Rani Vijaya Devi was the eldest daughter of Yuvaraja Kanteerava Narasimharaja Wadiyar and sister of Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. Vijaya Devi, an Indian royal princess, was not only known for beauty but she was also recognized as the dancer and a great Veena player. 

Do you know Rani Vijaya Devi also started piano lessons and cleared the examination of the Trinity College of Music London? After getting married to Thakore Saheb of Kotda Sangani in 1941, she continued studying piano at Juilliard School of Music, New York. She also recorded for television and appeared in several concerts. Not only this, but she was also the President of International Music Arts & Society. 

Wow! Must say, Rani Vijaya Devi was a multitalented royal beauty we ever had.

6. Faustina the Elder

Source = Ancientrome

Faustina the Elder was a beautiful Roman Empress and wife of the Roman King Antoninus Pius. She was the most beautiful queen and a respected empress during the Antonine Dynasty. The queen provided education to the poor girls and was involved with several charitable trusts. Faustin the Elder was recognized for her fashion statements and unique hairstyle. She used to style a bun behind or on the top of her head. Her hairstyle was copied for three generations in the Roman world. Today also, Faustina the Elder is one of the most influential queens in the Roman world.

7. Nefertiti

Source = Hindustantimes

It is believed that Egyptian queen Neferneferuaten Nefertiti was as strong and powerful as her husband 'Akhenaten.' She even dressed as a man. Both Nefertiti and Akhenaten were known for a religious revolution in which they praise and worship only one god - Aten. The beautiful queen Nefertiti was known by many names including Lady of Grace, Lady of the Two Lands, Mistress of Lower and Upper Egypt, Sweet of Love and more.

Do you know her name translates to ‘a beautiful woman has come’? And finally, her bust (a painted stucco-coated limestone) found in 1913 proved how beautiful she was. Her bust has now become the cultural symbol of Berlin and is kept in Berlin’s Neues Museum. 

If you ever visit Berlin, don’t miss visiting Nefertiti’s bust. People who visited her bust say the portrait is tall, has a Mona-Lisa like smile and shows a clear expression of wisdom.

8. Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick – Wolfenbuttel

Source = Wikimedia

Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick – Wolfenbuttel was recognized for her elegance and charm. She was the eldest daughter of Louis Rudolph, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and Princess Louise of Oettingen-Oettingen. After her marriage to Emperor Charles VI, she became the Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Bohemia and Hungary and Archduchess of Austria.

When she was 13, the princess got engaged to Charles VI. She opposed the marriage as it involved her to change into Roman Catholicism. Later she was forced to get married  to him. In 1740, the prince died leaving her widow. Ten years after his death, the Queen Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick died on 21st December 1750 in Austria.

9. Queen Victoria

Source = Tosshub

Queen Victoria or Alexandria was the daughter of Prince Edward and Kent of Dutchess. She was identified by the people as the strict empress who follows the standards of personal morality. Besides this, she was also one of the most beautiful queens in the world who ruled the UK, Britain, and Ireland for over 60 years.

She became the queen of England at a very young age. It happened after the death of her uncle King William IV. Although the incident shocked her, she accepted the throne with serenity. Few hours after his death, she attended the council and accepted the royal responsibilities. Queen Victoria knew several languages including Latin, French, Italian, German and more. She is still the history’s most iconic monarchs who ruled for over 60 years.

10. Sita Devi of Kapurthala

Source = Deccanchronicle

Born in 1915, Sita Devi was the daughter of the Raja of Kashipur. She was also known as Princess Karam, who was referred to as one of the most gorgeous and beautiful women in history during that time. Sita Devi was admired for her choice of elegant long dresses and jewel covered necklaces. She was fluent in various languages and was also referred to as the queen with a strong sense of style. 

At 13, she got married to Karamjit Singh, a younger son of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. When she was 19, the popular journal Vogue declared her as the latest ‘secular goddess’. After three years, Sita Devi was ranked among top 5 best-dressed women on earth. Today also, she serves as the inspiration to several international photographers.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the beautiful queens from the history who have shaped the future of their country. Be it their lavish lifestyle, indelible grace, unique love stories or unusual sense of style; these beautiful women have left a mark on their country’s history with their elegance and confidence.

Do you find any 21st-century queen or princess as your inspiration? Drop your comments below.


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