10 Different Types Of Smiles

The smile is an expression to show feelings, it is the way to communicate with others. A smile is a conveying style to display ...

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10 Different Types Of Smiles

The smile is an expression to show feelings, it is the way to communicate with others. A smile is a conveying style to display the thoughts such as joy, pleasure, amusement, merriment, and enjoyment. A smile is an attire to be dressed at each and every time. Whatever circumstances you might be facing still smile can heal the problems for a short period of time.

A smile makes the person more attractive and pleasing. It enhances the beauty and makes the person look pretty. A smile is a way of greeting when we meet with friends, relatives or family members.

A smile makes the presence of a person counts, it is a way to agree on some points. Thus a smile is considered to be a positive notion. It is an emotion, a feeling which creates the aura pleasant. A smile is a facial expression which includes contraction of muscles and corner of eyes.

Here are some of the different kinds of smile we use at different times depending on the mood and feelings.

1) Genuine Smile

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The genuine smile also is known as the Duchenne Smile. It is a real smile which is most liked by the people around. The true and warm smile which can heal the wounds. The psychologist describes the smile to be genuine and full of happiness. The smile is identified with happy eyes and wrinkle skin. This is a natural smile which is used for symbolizing positivity.

2) Plastic Smile

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Plastic smile also known as Fake Smile. This smile avoids the involvement of eyes. People generally do it show that they are happy but in reality they are not. So even at times people have a plastic smile on their face. We can easily relate it with the camera smiles which are fake and often done when they feel that they are not completely happy with it.

3) Sarcastic Smile

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The smile can often be taken as positive but will have a disdain effect in it. This smile is sometimes considered as a dislike and aversion. The smile is crooked and unpleasant to see. The smile is used for showing the opposite of what it actually appearing. The sarcastic smile is done by stretching the corner of mouth. In this smile there is no involvement of eyes in it.

4) Uncomfortable Smile

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Sometimes it happens that the people feel certain inappropriate and awkward and indulge themselves in the other things. Just to ignore the situation created around. The smile done during this period of awkwardness is said to be an uncomfortable smile. It is a way to hide the true feeling of discomfort. This smile is little different than the usual one.

5) Seductive Smile

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The seductive smile can be said to be positive smile with eye contacts and suddenly the person takes away the eyes but the smile is still on the face. This type of smile is considered to be  seductive one. The smile is often seen with a head down. It is even seen as a smile slowly glancing away from the person.

6) Love Smile

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When a person falls in love with someone, the smile during that instant of time is considered to be the love smile. It is one of the most amazing smile from all the other.  This is for the one whom you love and when the person comes in front of you, the smile automatically covers up your face. When you start feeling in love then nothing matters at all. It is a slight secretive smile.

7) Smug Smile

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The smile done when you want others to think about it but they do not understand what it is. But they know it that there is some reason behind the smug smile. This smile is done to get attention of others. The smile is therefore said to be smug smile.

8) Sneer Smile

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The smile which is done with the slight upward movement of the one of the cheek. This smile is known as Sneer Smile. The people who has a sneer smile generally does not have respect and empathy towards others. This kind of smile is mostly seen in patients and criminal people.

9) Forced Smile

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If the person feels unhappy and others keep on insisting them to smile at that moment of time the smile done is said to be forceful smile. We cannot make a person smile forcefully as it can be clearly noticed. The smile of such a kind is said to be forced smile. The forced smile can be regarded as the smile of illness. That is smile which is done to show that we are happy in spite of the fact that in real we are sad and depressed.

10) Victory Smile

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The smile which occupies the space when you win after a long struggle is the victory smile. This smile occurs when the happiness reaches beyond their limitations and people feel as if they are flying in the sky. This smile is the most precious one and is seen only during the time when the person achieves something after a long hard work. Victory smile is for the big wins and it sets a landmark for the others.

We smile millions of times every day to convey happiness and positive effects. The smile is used for creating a beautiful atmosphere. Every person should start their day with a natural smile. And they should continue it until the day ends. It is said that behind every smile there is a reason.  

                                  So Keep smiling always :)


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