Why Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word!

We all love a big ‘ol good ending because “All’s well that ends well”

7 years ago
Why Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word!

We all love a big ‘ol good ending because 

“All’s well that ends well”

This Idiom sums up all of our feelings when the 5-day daily grind of a week comes to a halt, only to give us a little break from the work pressure, deadlines, and nagging bosses.

So leave all your worries behind and get your Friday groove on with these TGIF GIFs

Friday Is The Day Dedicated To Binge Watching

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Though everybody is just trying to be friendly and making plans to party together, you will make any god forbidden excuse to stay out of it. 

 You’re not that person; you would rather go buy a large tub of "cookies and cream" on your way home where you can binge watch an entire season of your favorite series with your furry friends.

It's A Getaway From Forced Friendships

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We all at some point in our 9 to 5 shifts try to avoid certain clingy colleagues, the ones who will appear out of nowhere, startle you when you’re daydreaming or using the split urinals, but when it’s Friday, you can just wave them goodbye in the face as you’re leaving for the weekends.

You Can Dance Away Your Weekday Blues

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Just about everyone around you is counting down to the end of the day because Friday night is all about partying together with friends at a happening place or dancing on your own, cause you feel like it.

If happiness were to exist in an active physical form, it would most certainly be dancing

Fridays Are Universally Happy Days, Its Vibe Will Get You Moving

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Even though you have no apparent reason to smile, sing or dance, Fridays will work its magic on you to get your dancing shoes on or pick up a karaoke mic to let you inner Elvis shine or just look at memes all day and smile for no reason.

Hakuna Matata

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Fridays are like those days when Timon & Pumbaa from the “Lion King” felt like there are no worries in the world, just true bliss. 

You just have to pause your super fast life for a little and observe for a while doing nothing just look and feel the world around you.

That Sneaky Friday

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When the week has been mercilessly grinding your gears for so long that you don’t even realize it’s the weekend, but when you do, a euphoria dawns on you, with highly improbable overdue weekend plans in your head. 

“I will go trek the Himalayas this weekend”

Cause, Why Not!

So, shut down your systems of despair and unwilling short talks to get your Friday vibe on!


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