17 Tried and True Ways to Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Season

Are you feeling hot? Here are some amazing ways that would keep you cool this summer. Remember to be kind to the environment at the same time.

2 years ago
17 Tried and True Ways to Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Season

As the sun beats down, we can’t help but look for ways to keep ourselves cool in summer. For some, summer means diving in the pool, spending the evening on the beach, playing outside, and enjoying shakes. Others look for ways to turn their home into a freezer. 

Summer is a beautiful time; when days get longer, we rediscover our garden and wear loose-fitting clothes. With several benefits offered by the summer season, we can’t deny that it has downsides too. You are enjoying the sun but also struggling to beat the summer. 

So, here are ways on how you can stay cool this summer. 

1. Stay Hydrated

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Make sure that you drink after every 15 minutes. If you are doing any activity or spending time outdoors, ensure that you keep a water bottle in your bag and drink more often. Avoid sugary drinks and drink lots of water. 

Staying hydrated promotes cardiovascular health. Dehydration lowers blood volume, which makes the heart work harder. An overworked heart could lead to heart diseases and strokes. Staying hydrated boosts physical performance and also cleanses your body. 

2. Eat Lighter Meals

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The best way to keep yourself cool this summer is by consuming foods rich in protein that require more metabolic processing and thus require more water. 

It is recommended to eat hydrating foods like watermelon, strawberries, peaches, and cucumber. Drinking water is important but also eating water-rich foods is necessary to stay hydrated. 

3. Choose Cotton Clothing

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Cotton clothing is versatile. You can choose to wear cotton cloth in any season. 

It is versatile, durable, and odor-free. It doesn’t retain odor and is a perfect choice for sensitive skin. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t require daily cleaning, and stains can be cleaned easily. It transmits moisture away from the body and removes liquid from the skin. Wearing cotton in summer protects heat in summer and cold by providing thermal insulation. 

4. Close the Curtains

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If you are coming back home from the office or somewhere, you would want your room to be cool and non-sticky. When you go out of the home, don’t forget to keep the curtains closed. This would stop the sun rays from coming in when the temperature is at the peak. 

Block heat from entering the room by closing the curtain and growing large potted plants. 

5. Dive Into the Swimming Pool

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What’s cooler than diving into a swimming pool in summer? Besides relaxing, diving into the pool is a peaceful exercise. If you do regular swimming in summer, it improves core strength and stability, decreases cholesterol, blood pressure, and improves aerobic fitness. It gives more power to your knees and back and manages stress. 

Another benefit of swimming is that you don’t have to decide on today’s workout to be weight-based or cardio. It lets you take oxygen effectively by increasing your endurance capacity. 

6. Drink Coconut Water

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Nowadays, coconut water has become a trendy beverage. It is refreshing and is rich in nutrients and minerals. One cup of coconut water, nearly 240ml, contains 2 g protein, 11% of the RDI Of sodium, 6% of the RDI of calcium, and 3 g fiber. 

It also has antioxidant properties and protects your cell from damage that is caused by free radicals. It is an excellent source of magnesium and reduces blood sugar levels in people suffering from type diabetes 2. Furthermore, it prevents kidney stones by reducing stone information. 

7. Practice Meditation

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You might find practicing meditation the weirdest way to keep yourself cool this summer. Also, several specific breathing exercises are there that could make you feel cooler in the summer. Meditation is also good for concentration. 

Furthermore, it reduces anxiety and stress and thus increases longevity. Whenever you meditate, choose the right environment. For instance, choose a quiet space to concentrate. You can use an eye mask to prevent yourself from the distraction. 

8. Protect your pets in summer

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Like humans feel hot and in summer, animals too. Be mindful if you have a pet at home. To keep them calm and cool, take them for a walk early in the morning or when the sun is not at its peak. 

You can also keep ice cubes in their water bowl to keep them hydrated. Ensure that they always consume fresh and clean water. Pets get sunburn too, so apply sunscreen after every 2-3 hours or cover their ears and nose. 

9. Turn off the appliances

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The heat released from household gadgets adds up and could lead to many problems. Ensure that you switch off the plugs and appliances which are not in use. This would prevent excess heat and contribute to the environment. 

Switching off the appliances when you are going for a holiday also saves energy bills and also protects your house from any electrical damage. Take advantage of natural lights and keep rooms cool after dark by using minimum lights. 

10. Make refreshing and cooling treats

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What is your most favorite food in summer? Ice cream or dessert on a sunny day? Besides these refreshing foods, you can also pour fruit syrup on ice creams to refresh your afternoon. 

Other foods you can make are frozen cheesecake sandwiches, lemonade icebox cake, jello popsicles, ice cream cupcakes, and more. Next time, whenever you feel hot, try these amazing cool and refreshing treats and enjoy them at home. 

11. Eat Spicy Foods

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Do you know why spicy foods are popular in places with hot temperatures? Spicy foods contain capsaicin, a substance in peppers that makes food spicy and binds pain receptors in the mouth. The brain interprets it as hot and makes you sweat. The sweat on your skin cools you down. 

12. Move to Public Locations

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Several public locations like the library offer free cool places to sit and relax. If you don’t like reading, then you head to shopping malls, cinemas, or museums to keep yourself cool this summer. Look for the places that are air-conditioned and allow you to sit at a minimal price.

13. Use Umbrella When you are Going Out

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It is recommended to use an umbrella when you go out in the summer. White or any colored umbrella would deviate the rays and could make you feel hot. On the other hand, a black umbrella absorbs heat rays and prevents them from reaching you. Umbrellas protect you from harmful rays from the sun. 

14. Close the car windows

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Would you enter the car that is parked under sunlight? Hot summer days could make your car feel sauna. When it is hot, the interior of the car could heat up and makes driving impossible. Ensure that you find shaded parking like under trees or underground parking lots. If you have parked your car in sunlight, open the windows a few minutes before entering. 

15. Adjust ceiling fans

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Sometimes ceiling fans throw hot air around the home. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise to create a cooling effect. In weather, set the fan at high speed, whether it works best at low. Ensure to adjust ceiling fans so that they can make a difference to the temperature of the home. 

16. Avoid foods that heat you up

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It is recommended not to eat food like beetroot or citrus fruits, as they increase heat in the body. Eat more salad, especially when you are having lunch. Also, do not miss lunch during summers, as this could make you irritated. 

17. Don’t Sleep Naked

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Sleep wearing loose trousers or shorts, as they remove sweat from the body. T-shirts and pajamas are the most comfortable clothes ever made. Sleeping naked has several benefits. However, not everyone is comfortable in doing so. 

Final Words 

We all have dealt with this hot season and hated it the most. Also, the weather doesn’t entertain you every time. Next time you feel hot, try the above ways and chill in summer. 

What are the other ways you follow to keep yourself cool in summer? 


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