When Your Favorite Car Maruti 800 Gets A New Avatar (Video)

Have you ever thought of transforming your old Maruti 800 into a luxury car by adjusting and replacing its accessories? Before you start thinking about it, watch how a family from Punjab has completely changed the look of Maruti 800 into a luxury car.

5 years ago
When Your Favorite Car Maruti 800 Gets A New Avatar (Video)

You won’t disagree that Maruti 800 was your first love. Manufactured by Maruti Suzuki, this small city car was not only India’s favorite but was also the most sold car across India. Even after the discontinuation, the car still holds a special place in the hearts of millions. 

Maruti 800 holds emotional value for many families. And still, there are some who have preserved their first car as a masterpiece at their home. Not only this, a family from Punjab recently modified their Maruti 800 and the new version of the old car is grabbing the attention of every car lover.

A Quick Glimpse At The Modified Version Of Maruti 800

Source = Wp

The final transformation of the car is inspired by the SUVs like Maruti Suzuki Gypsy. The car is roofless but has a roll cage to save the travelers from any injuries if it met with an accident. It also has a spare wheel mounted on it. The skeleton doors in the car are constructed from hollow pipes and reduce the weight of the vehicle.

This new version of Maruti 800 is surely worth watching. But unfortunately, it cannot do hardcore off-roading. The car is powered by a 796-cc engine and produces a maximum of 59Nm and 37 Bhp of peak torque.

Source – “Baby Magnet”

This was not the first time Maruti 800 was modified in India. Many people have modified the car into two-seaters too. However, such modifications are not legal and the cars can be caught by the cops.

Altering any vehicle’s structure is strictly illegal according to the rules of the country. The modified version is allowed to be driven only in a place like private properties. (18.1)


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