Soul Connection: A Connection That Last Forever

The soul is the intellectual and emotional energy which connects us with people positively. Sometimes it happens with us that w...

6 years ago
Soul Connection: A Connection That Last Forever

The soul is the intellectual and emotional energy which connects us with people positively. Sometimes it happens with us that when we meet strangers we start feeling connected. Even in the first meeting, we can make out their likes dislikes easily.

We feel as if we know them since ages, not denying the fact, we met a few hours before for just an hour in train or bus, during traveling or may be at times when we go for parties with some mutual friends.

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Heart connects two souls together. It acts as the medium between two unknown persons. Let's see it with an example when we meet are old friends, we do not hesitate while talking to one another despite meeting them after so many years but we easily get in connection. The reason behind is our soul which keep us connected.

A soul connection is everlasting, ones we find connection then it remains in our heart forever. The relationship may be sweet, cute, adorable and kind but if the souls are not connected then nothing else matters. Because with everyone we cannot get connected with. The connection is at the core of the heart that is our soul.

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Some connections are deeper than time and space. The connection which cannot be put in words, the one which is unique and present inside are heart even when the person is not physically present with us. The closeness between the two person increases when their soul gets connected. The soul is the spiritual spirit which gets close with only those with whom we feel happy and close.

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here is some special person in our life with whom we can share our heart out. No matter what relation we are in with the person what is important is how much we feel connected together in life. The universe is full of millions of souls but we hardly encounter 10 souls a day.  But with everyone, we do not fill connected.

Soul Connection VS Soul Mates

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Do not misunderstand soul mates with Soul connection. They both are different and often misinterpreted. Soul mates are the one with whom you will spend your whole life with. A person with a whom you are bound to marry with. Whereas soul connection is the person with whom we feel connected as if we know each other. The soul connections have some similarities and interest to attract each other's attention.

Some of the different kinds of soul connection. They are:

1) Karmic Mates

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The presence of karmic souls in one's life is to teach a small lesson. These souls can be present in any form such as family members, friends or even enemies. They all enter are life and help us to evolve spiritually and mentally. But only humans are not the one to show karmic relationships. The pets considered as a family member also show Karmic Mates. They have a purpose to deliver in our lives. When the purpose gets complete they leave us.

The karmic soul cannot be a good partner. They can prove to be better in some relationships such as best friends, teachers, and mentors. They scold us, tease us, inspire us and helps to improve and insist us to do the good deeds in life.  They are the one to teach us some things in the fun loving ways. This thing can be learned even when we are busy playing. When we understand their appearance in our life, we can easily appreciate them for coming in our life.

2) Companion Mates

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Companion mates are the one who is close to our heart. This kind of a soul agrees on the long term relationships. You cannot consider the as the twin flames but they are special and close to us, they can be the romantic partners or the family members. Relatives or friends. It is possible to spend the life with the companion mates if you haven’t found the twin flames. It requires more work to maintain the healthy relation.

The companion mates often let the others move ahead in life leaving them to live their life separately and remain friends at times. They both have the intimacy, love, and care for one another but they do not have it unconditional. They act as a mentor to each other and learn things which would help them to lead a successful life.

3) Twin Souls or Twin Flames

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Twin flames or twin souls are just like a mirror to show all the things which are holding you to move ahead. They are the one who brings attention to your own life.

At the first meeting, we get amused by the parallel paths, interest, and dreams. They quickly identify the similarities and telepathy which cannot be a coincidence. There must be some spirit or divine power which holds us together to be connected.

They have an unconditional love for one another which is long lasting at any condition. The trust, understanding, and care for one as above everything. They have ultimate affection and intimacy. The bond between the two is as made in heaven. The power of their love is so strong that they believe nothing in the world can apart them in life. Each day their love increases and grows more and more.

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The soul connection is as same as the over flowing fountain of humanity, love, and care. The soul connections are unbelievable and work as a pillar or a support system one wants in their life. These relationships and connections help us to explore, learn and understand things on our part.


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