Pros Vs Cons Of Being A Stripper

Once in a lifetime you must have thought of being a stripper isn’t it?  And who would mind doing a stripper job if their...

6 years ago
Pros Vs Cons Of Being A Stripper

Once in a lifetime you must have thought of being a stripper isn’t it?  And who would mind doing a stripper job if theirs is a lot of cash in your underwear and vodka dripping down your face? But then comes society and family! Growing up is really very hard.

But if you are still considering entering the adult industry, then here are some advantages, drawbacks, and cautions to make you aware of the industry. Whether you are choosing as a part time, or want to completely delve into the character, it is important to note down the pros and cons of living as a stripper.

Pros of Being a Stripper

1) Significant Amount of Money

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You can’t even imagine how much you can earn in the stripping job. It totally depends on the places where you are working. You may enter into the clubs with high profile, restaurants with rich society etc. Only a few hours of dancing can give you salary more than your 50 hours of job in a single night.

2) Get enough Time to Sleep in the Morning

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LOL! The most amazing part of being a stripper is that you don’t have to wake up early in the morning. It is actually so inhuman to wake up early at 9’o clock. Strippers do job only after 10 in a night. So if you are lazy enough to wake up in the morning, this job can work best for you but only if your family allows! A BIG QUESTION MARK?

3) Pole Dancing

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Pole dancing is actually an excellent form of workout. Performing erotic dance moves looks easy but actually, pole dancing requires endurance and muscle control. If you think that stripper only performs pole dance then you are absolutely wrong, it needs efforts and confidence to be the best stripper.

They undergo rigorous training to maintain their body and some of them also take up classes to improve their performances.

4) Maintain Healthy Body

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If you only work from home then you can’t be slim as the strippers. Being a stripper required toned body and physical strengthening. As a stripper, you are always forced to remain slim and physically fit to impress more and more customers. (18.1)

5) Boosts Self Confidence

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The more customers wait for your performance, the more you feel that you are sexy enough further it increases self-confidence.

Cons of Being a Stripper

1) Bad influences

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A high-class profile clubs always entertains you with alcohol and drugs. As a stripper, you may meet the customers who will request you to join them. Stripping job brings a high risk. Make sure you know all these things before entering into any club.

2) Different Perceptions

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Though the society has become open – minded, there are people who think that being a stripper is below the cultural standards.

3)  You Can’t Choose Your Customers

Sometimes, you will need to dance in front of the old people who are rich and in case if you are lucky enough, you will meet up the attractive ones and definitely, you will be happier accepting their requests.


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