9 Money Prayers That Really Works

The money is one of the essential items with the help of which we exchange goods and other services. It is the only medium to b...

6 years ago
9 Money Prayers That Really Works

The money is one of the essential items with the help of which we exchange goods and other services. It is the only medium to borrow food and other necessary items needed for the survival including shelter and clothes. The money is a very important currency of every country. With the help of money, one can buy a lot of things he or she wants. It has become the part and parcel of our lives.

The supply of money is limited but the need of money is unlimited. So nowadays people are trying harder to earn more and more money. To have all the luxuries and live a life full of lavishness. So the cravenness to earn money has increased many folds. The money is the primary thing for buying up products but it is not everything. The people have changed their perception and start thinking money can buy happiness. It is a high time for people to understand that money can never buy happiness. The trend to earn more and more money has lead people even to bribe the gods to give them a lot of money in order to live a life of their dreams.

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There are people who are in poverty and cannot afford one day meal for their children. This thing will shatter you, the condition is very horrendous. The poverty stricken people are the happiest ones as they have no expectations from their lives. They are happy with whatever they have. The richest person has been seen crying for the happiness because money can buy you earthly things but cannot afford to buy the happy moments for life.

But all of us need money to fulfill the basic needs of life and this has resulted in many of us to ask God to provide us with the money through prayers. Some pray to get job and others for the raise in income. All the people worship the divine with a hope that the God or Goddess will fulfill their demands.

Hindu people worship deity Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity whereas different people worship different God and Goddesses according to their religions. They all have only one and only demands to have lots and lots of money so that they can spend it to earn things of their wish.

Prayers make us look things which are invisible. Above us, all we have the God who listens are prayers, help us in need, and fulfill all the request. God answers to every individual without any discrimination. God treats everyone equal nobody more nobody less for him everyone is his children.

Knock and the door shall be opened, Ask and you will receive. This is one of the famous statement which has proved to be true.

Here are some prayers which are going to help you impress the god of wealth. They are:

1) Prayer for Abundance

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The first and foremost thing is to have faith whenever you pray because the faith and trust in God are the only things which can complete the demands done by you. If you do not have faith in God then your prayers will have no use.

2) Prayer for help with finances - Lynn Robinson

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This prayer will help you when you face financial crises in life. This will help you out during the debts and will give you energy and hope that things will get better with time. And you will come out of it soon.

3) Prayer for money help

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This prayer will help you gain money and utilize it in all the circumstances in life. Sometimes all we need is money to fulfill life needs and requirements.

4) Prayer for Prosperity

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All the people need to have prosperity in their life. This poem will help them to flourish and prosper in life at heights.

5) Prayer for wealth

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This prayer will help you to increase the wealth in your life.

6) Prayer for financial blessings

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This prayer will help you and provide the financial blessings.

7) Prayer for neither poverty nor richness

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This prayer is done when you want only sufficient amount of money in life. When you do not want to be poor nor rich but be able to fulfill basic needs.

8) Prayer for

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This prayer will help you to get relief from all the burdens you have in life-related to money and debts.

9) Debt Prayer

Source = Bayart

At times when you get into debts, this prayer will help you get out of it.


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