Is It Genetic Occurrence or Something Else? Explore Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

A baby girl born can expect to live around 80 years almost 5 years longer than a boy baby born in the same year. Why so? Complicated it is! Let’s find out the reason here.

6 years ago
Is It Genetic Occurrence or Something Else? Explore Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

It’s already been found out by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that men live shorter than women, on an average. According to the research, an average women lives anywhere from 5 to 7 year longer than men.

In the traditional era, people believed that men tend to live less because they work more to bring money and stability to the family and never hesitate to put themselves in the hazardous situation. However, the time has changed and nowadays both men and women live stressful lives and work really hard on a daily basis to bring money and good life to the family. We guess that past beliefs are not that practical to conclude this statement.

So, what are the factors which suggest that women live longer than men? Well, there are several factors that influence our lifestyle can conclude this statement, “Why women live longer than men”?  We are not denying the fact that more men die from murder, car accidents, risk attempts and cardiovascular-related diseases than do women. But this is not the reason actually. According to some scientific research, the key factor that really influences life expectancy of men and women is a genetic phenomenon or their genes. Scroll down to find out such factors.

1) Male Baby Develop Slowly in The Womb

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According to a scientific research and doctors, baby boys develop at a slower rate physically than girls prenatally in the womb. This which means that the boy baby is more likely to die if he is a preemie (a baby born prematurely) due to underdeveloped organs, lungs or brain development or something similar.

2) Women are Less Likely to be Daredevils

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An accidental or unintended injury is another factor that can cause death in men. Well again, it's time to point finger at biological disorders. According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), the frontal lobes of the brain (the area concerned with risk calculation, behavior, learning and voluntary movement) elevates quite slowly in males as compared to the females. As a result, men often take more risks. Even the baby boy is never afraid to attempt some risky games and sports which a girl of same age wouldn't try. This scenario leads to the accidents and sometimes death.

3) Cardiovascular Disease is Often Diagnosed in Men

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No wonder, heart disease is the leading problem these days that is killing both men and women. But we cannot neglect the fact that percentage of the male is higher than female in this category. The research finds that women develop these problems usually in their 70s and 80s. While, on the other hand, men develop it in their 50s and 60s, which makes for a huge difference (nearly 10 years). According to the studies, women protected from menstruation (menopause), since their bodies churn out estrogen, which helps them to keep arteries strong and flexible, and keep them away from such diseases.

4) Women Have Great Social Network

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You might have heard that social networks and talking makes for a great medicine and holds healing properties. According to a 2010 study at Brigham Young University, most men tend to hold their stress and worries close to their chest whereas women tend to get involved in social network and talk to others regarding their stress and other serious matters to lighten their stress. We can say this may be one of the causes of heart attack and stroke in men.

5) Different Chromosomes

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Another more complicated reason is the difference in the chromosomes. Chromosome also influences life expectancy. Cells, produced by male and female, contain either an X or a Y chromosome. But women have two X chromosomes, while men have one. The variation that occurs on the X chromosome will exhibit in males because they only have one X chromosome. These mutations often result in diseases that lead to premature death. Since females have two X chromosomes, so the possibility of any premature death can be avoided.

In short, in women, cells can be protected by a slightly better variation of a gene on the second X chromosome and men don't have this suitability.

6) Aging Occurs Faster if it’s a Man’s Immune System

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Studies have found that women show a slower decline when it comes to immune system than men, which influences the life expectancy. This is directly linked to the blood cells that influences the aging process. The research has discovered that younger men have more lymphocytes (white blood cells) as compared to women but later on, the level becomes similar. In men, the rate of decline in specific lymphocytes faster than women and this may be another reason.

It is no secret that men are biologically and sociologically different from women and these factors can really influence their life expectancy.


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