These 10 Funny Recruitment Ads Are So Creative That You’ll Applaud

Ads have a simple purpose of getting the point across to masses. It can be a simple ad with a to-the-point approach or it can be a clever riddle with a hidden meaning. Keep reading to find the most interesting advertisements inside.

6 years ago
These 10 Funny Recruitment Ads Are So Creative That You’ll Applaud

When companies go on a hiring spree, they tend to turn towards Ad agencies to help them find best candidates with their clever advertising. These 10 companies set a great example of some clever advertising campaigns in the history of advertising.

1) P*rnhub Is Aware That Most Of Us Are DIYs

Source = Adweek
Well, everybody at some point in their lives were 'doing it themselves' ;). This ad claims to promote DIY culture, which in essence is the whole point of this website. 

2) Dallas Restaurant And Bar Hitting The Right Spots

Source = Pinimg
"I think I'll have one more before I go home" I don't think I am drunk right now but I just read that in my drunk alter ego. I might be wrong but if I am not then I qualify for the Job of bartender at Dallas Restaurant & Bar. 

3) KWP Advertising

Source = Pinimg
This classified advertisement for a Freelance Studio Assistant really asks for some high level intellect and an understanding for humour otherwise it will be taken as a badly written recruitment advertisement.

4) Cards Against Humanity

Source = Dailymail
When you're hiring a CEO but sass runs your business. Cards Against Humanity is a clever game of cards where people take turns drawing cards over the previous card to make a hilarious combination of both the cards.

5) Ad In ASCII Code By EA Canada

Source = Linkedin
How to hire a smart developer? Just post a recruitment ad on a billboard saying 'Hiring' in ASCII code. It will easily filter the cream candidates from gamer kids and fanboys. 

6) Monster Jobs For Misfits

Source = Wordpress
Monster Jobs has been in the recruitment industry for as long as most people can remember. And they know the market well enough to pitch a wonderful idea like this to masses who can relate.


Source = Architectureworld

This is what you call 'killing two birds with a single stone'. saw two different problems—unemployment & suicide—in the society and stitched them together to each other. Saying, Hey! You have a problem we have a solution.

8) McD Taking Volatile Risks

Source = Sc115
At first this McDonald's Ad seems a bit racist but when you read more of what looks like a P.S. You'll discover that there is more to that Ad than just some blatant racism. The advertisement instead deals with the issue head-on, addressing it like it needs to be.

9) This Ad By Lost Boys Ad Agency

Source = Coloribus
For the curious brains having a hard time figuring out what this masterpiece of an ad is about then, I have an answer for you. It's the very famous Old Spice 'Smell like an Old Spice man' Ad.

10) Testicles Wanted By Concept Communications

Source = Globalrecruitingroundtable
This explicit ad is sure to get your attention. But when you read inside you'll discover that they're referring to the 'Courage' when they say testicles wanted. Clever!

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