How To Tell A Boy You Love Him

So Love is in the air? You have fallen in love with your bae but you are still confused and struggling for the best time to tell him.

6 years ago
How To Tell A Boy You Love Him

Of course, being in love is so much exciting but not confessing the feelings can make you feel regret. Telling your boyfriend you love him for the first time can be an exciting and the overwhelming moment.

The best trick to tell your boy that you love him is by finding the right time, right place and the right way to confess those three magical words. Some guys get intimated when you talk about love with them and it is quite important not to pressurize the guy. So if you want to surprise your boyfriend by saying I Love You, follow these steps. Also, don’t forget to read about the most romantic movies ever made.

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Think About The Right Time

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Make sure that your timing is right, just blurting out I Love You can sometimes force the person to say something. Obviously, one should not feel pressure, when you are waiting for an honest exchange. Wait for the golden time, or perhaps a dinner date shares a deep and honest conversation about your love affair.

Use Soft Words

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Gently land on to the topic and talk about positive sides of your relationship. Keep the conversation limited to your feelings. Express how you discovered that you love him. He will feel more confident and will understand you better.

Be confident And Calm

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How you are saying I Love You will play on your boyfriend’s reaction. If you are nervous and just rounding the conversation ‘I am not sure but want to tell you something’ or ‘I don’t know how will you react’ it makes your conversation more serious. Just flow smoothly into the topic and confess your feelings. Make eye contact, make him feel important and let him know that he is your attention. Tell your feelings directly, you can be funny later. (18.1)

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Don’t Set Any Expectations

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First and the foremost thing, don’t say I Love You just to hear the same back by your boyfriend. Say it because you have feelings for him, no matter what.  And what if he doesn’t confess the same for you? He should respect your views at least you were open and honest.

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Every Relationship Is Unique In Its Own Way

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Just remember that every relationship is unique and there are no rules set for how to love. There are some couples who say 'I Love You' after every hour, it may sound illogical but no one exactly knows how you both are connected with each other. Better use your own judgment and be honest.


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