15 Kickass Helmets That Every Petrolhead Wants

Safety gears save you from fatal accidents and helmets are the most important one of the bunch and it also has the most scope for aesthetic modifications. Check out these 15 Kickass helmets that every Petrolhead would kill for.

6 years ago
15 Kickass Helmets That Every Petrolhead Wants

Getting your motorcycle ready for a long ride or for running errands across town? You must also accessorize your head with a sturdy helmet if you’re a true petrolhead because only noobs avoid helmet usage.

Now, if you’re taking your fancy hot rod for a ride might as well get yourselves some fancy helmets to match.

15) Smiley Bandit

Source = S1s

Now pass past the traffic with a wide petrolhead grin.

Find this helmet here.

14) Killer Clown

Source = Shopify

To terrify people with the speed, sound and appearance alike.

Find this helmet here.

13) Harley Quinn

Source = Shopify

Gift this one to your biker girl friend, who drives you crazy. 

Clever, right?

Find this helmet here.

12) Storm Trooper

Source = Drivespark

Miss the bikes and bullets too, if you’re fleeing.

Find this helmet here.

11) Human Skin Helmet

Source = Jebiga

This weirdly unsettling helmet will trigger your all sorts of OCDs.

These helmets haven't hit the production line yet, know more about it here.

10) Fallout

Source = Pinimg

Be prepared for the nuclear warfare and the fallout that follows with these gas mask equipped helmets.

9) Ironman

Source = Alicdn

Get your chance to be the millionaire playboy, at least when you ride.

8) Steampunk

Source = Klimg

Optimus prime meets steampunk meets riding for the dopest combination ever.

7) WW1

Source = Badasshelmetstore

Okay! This is an exclusive for hipsters. Normies just avoid this entry like you avoid hipsters.

6) Roof Boxer

Source = Velos-motos-keller

One of the safest and the most versatile helmets out there.

5) Carbon Fibre

Source = Esellerpro

Carbon fibre is known to be the most lightweight and durable materials in the automobile industry, motorcycle helmets of such material were a long time coming.

4) Aviator

Source = Pinimg

These aviation based helmets are really cool and safe, gives you feel of a full fledged pilot.

People drive like they are flying on roads anyway, might as well give them aviation helmets.

3) Predator

Source = "alexlexusZXninja"

Possibly the most unique, bulky and terrifying helmet of all the entries here.

2) Reevu Rear View Helmet

Source = Pinimg

One of its kind helmet, lets you see what’s going on in your rear like a car’s rear view mirror.

Maybe that’s why it’s cleverly named REEVU.

1) Skully High Tech Helmet

Source = "SKULLY"

This Techy helmet comes equipped with 180 degree view rear camera and a Heads Up Display for several smart features.

For more unique helmets with extraordinary features, follow this link


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