Afghan Boy Dances in Joy After Getting a New Artificial Limb! Do Watch

Some people know how to celebrate life even in the darkest phase. And, this Afghan boy Ahmad is a great example of it. Yes, watch the video of him dancing in joy even after getting a prosthetic leg.

5 years ago
Afghan Boy Dances in Joy After Getting a New Artificial Limb! Do Watch

It’s the smile of the child that can give utter pleasure to anyone and that too in few seconds. And, the pleasure gets doubled if we see a child dancing in joy. Exactly! Nothing can stop us from smiling as they make us forget all our pain and sorrows.

Well, you will experience the same seeing this video of a little Afghani boy dancing in delight after receiving a prosthetic leg.

The 20 Second Clip of Ahmad that Won Netizens' Hearts

Around thousands of children died in the country and millions were injured in almost 20 years of war which was followed by the 2001 US invasion of the country. But recently, a video is viral from the war-torn country.

Few days ahead, a video went viral online, and it has touched thousands of hearts across the world. According to the post of Roya Musawi who shared it on Twitter, the video confers an Afghani boy named Ahmad who is dressed in a traditional cobalt blue Payraan, lost his one of the limbs in a landmine explosion in the Logar region of Afghanistan.

Now with the help of ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) Afghanistan, Ahmad received a prosthetic leg. Well, you can yourself see the happiness on Ahmad's face as he dances around his ward with other patients smiling too.

Roya Musawi posted the video with the caption,

“Ahmad received artificial limb in @ICRC_af Orthopedic center, he shows his emotion with dance after getting limbs. He come from Logar and lost his leg in a landmine. This is how his life changed and made him smile.”

The 20-second clip which was posted on Twitter was shot at an International Red Cross orthopedic center in Afghanistan.

Ahmad’s Prosthetic Implant

Source = Tribune

Prosthetic implant is artificial replacing of a body part and Prostheses restores normal functions of the missing body parts. The implant is performed on people who may have lost any significant part of the body due to some disease, an accident or a condition present at birth. Similarly, Ahmad lost one of his limbs in a landmine blast, and therefore implant was performed on him.

Landmine Explosion in Logar Region

Source = State

A land mine explosion happens due to an explosive device screened under or on the ground and plot to destroy or disable enemy targets, ranging from combatants to tanks and vehicles as they pass over or even near to it. The device detonates automatically due to pressure if any target steps on it or drives over it.

Well, it’s been years now that war is going on. But, most children suffer the effects of war. It can be easily determined by the numbers of child casualties in a war. And the worst part is that the numbers in Afghanistan are very high.

Around 927 Afghan children were killed in the conflict in the year 2018.  As per data collected by UNAMA, it was the highest number of children to have ever been killed in the conflict in a single year within a specified territory. Well if we count in total, there are 3,062 cases of child casualties reported from Afghanistan in the year 2018, while 3179 in the year 2017.

According to the reports from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the dispute in the country has resulted in the death plus injury of thousands of civilians, including minors.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said,

“In addition to the lives lost, the dire security situation is preventing many Afghans from enjoying their economic, social and cultural rights, with thousands of children already handicapped for life because of attacks on schools and medical facilities.”

ICRC Afghanistan is Helping War Victims

Source = Kyivpost

ICRC refers to the International Committee of the Red Cross. It was established in 1863, helping people affected by conflict and armed violence and also promoting the laws that protect victims of war worldwide.

The ICRC's Mission Statement,

“To protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and violence and to provide them with assistance.”

Similarly, to help wounded and disabled people, the ICRC is responding to the Afghanistan war by providing hospital support, monitoring the conduct of hostilities, making prison visits, improving water and sanitation, preventing IHL violations, helping detainees maintain contact with their families, promoting IHL & supporting the Afghan Red Crescent.

The Response Video Got on Social Media

Source = Storypick

Ever since the video hit the internet, it has been viewed over 3 lakh times. Moreover, it has garnered over 16,000 'likes' and a ton of comments cheering Ahmad's spirit as well as resilience. Also, many of the people thanked the Red Cross for their work in the war-torn country through the comments section.

Also, as the tweet went viral, people said that they were touched by his innocence and pure joy. Well, many said the video showed the resilience of the country and its people.

Some of the responses are:

One user wrote,

“I just want to hug him, dance with him and then cry in a corner.”

Other wrote,

“great job and great joy,depicting victory of human  courage over odds.”

Someone penned,

“Beautiful and uplifting. Thanks to @ICRC_af Ahmad is able to dance again.”

One other user wrote,

“This little boy embodies #Afghanistan: both its pain and its resilience.”

Another user Katie wrote,

“This is just delightful.  So happy for this little guy!”

One girl wrote,

“Literally can’t stop watching this video. We have so much to celebrate in life. ♥️”

Some other user wrote,

“Afghans like other nations in this world, deserve a peaceful life. We have been paying a huge cost for fighting international terrorism. Regional and International consensus will have a significant impact on bringing long lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

Someone else wrote-

“Video of the day…”

A Twitter user Suhrab Sirat posted the same video with the caption,

“I can dance again!"
Ahmad lost his leg after stepping on a mine in #Logar of #Afghanistan.  
He receives a prosthetic leg from an @ICRC centre. He stands and dances to an #Afghan music. This symbolises the Afghans resistance to war and optimism to the future”

Some other user named Safiullah Taye appreciated ICRC and wrote,

“What war has done to the Afghans next generation, but it is not to give up!
Even with a glimps of hope, we shall dance again! #ICRC #Afghanistan”

One more person posted the same clip with the caption,

“This #Afghan kid dance after getting his artificial Limb. 4 decades of war disabled millions of Afghans. Enough is enough, please stop this war!”

Undoubtedly, the video is adorable!


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