8 Epic Management Hacks That You Learn Only in a Middle Class Family

For the middle-class people, it's all about balance: balancing the dreams, requirements, family income, realities and expenses. And you learn how to stick to your roots and principles. Scroll down to read more about some epic management hacks that can be learnt only in a middle-class family.

6 years ago
8 Epic Management Hacks That You Learn Only in a Middle Class Family

Have you ever been on to a rollercoaster ride in day-to-day life? Have you ever experienced the life in an exceptional and adventurous way? Well, I am not talking about the “so-called adventurous ride” here but something more exciting and thrilling than that. Yeah, you guessed it - it’s the everyday life of middle-class people.

Anyone who grows up in the middle class family knows that life is a crazy blend of emotions, fun things, responsibility and yes balancing. In fact, it is more about balancing, balancing and balancing.

No wonder, growing up in a middle-class family is thrilling and an unmatched experience. The drama, fun, food sharing, budget, arguments, emotional blackmail are things that you can relate to in a typical movie or daily soap or maybe web series (if any)!

Even if life seems really hard, they know how to manage small things from storing polythene bags to using the bath soap until its last breath. Surely it’s an amazing feeling that only an individual who belongs to a middle-class family can understand.

But cut off the entertaining zone, the most important thing you learn from that is how to keep yourself happy, how to manage little things wisely and still be content with what you have. So be ready to learn some great logical management hacks that you can learn only in a middle-class family.

1) Waste is Best! They Believe in Reusing Things

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It sounds hilarious but trust me, it is the oldest mantra of a devoted middle-class family. I mean how can you throw things just like that, it is no less than a crime for them actually. The middle-class people know how to reuse things, from passing on clothes from elder to younger to storing the gift wrapping paper is a popular culture followed by every middle-class family. Also, if by chance the holding of a cup gets cracked so they will use it as pen or pencil holder instead of throwing it.

Well, on the broader scope, this small details actually teach us how to use alternatives in our daily life and how to value our hard earned money. Right?

2) Food Mission! Don’t Waste It

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Well even if you belong to the upper-class family, then also you are not supposed to waste food. But the middle-class family is too sensitive about these matters. I mean you cannot dare to leave food from your plate, you have to finish whatever is on your plate. If by any chance the food is left, then it will move to its second sweet home i.e. fridge. And in the evening or in the next morning, team efforts will speak - each family member to take a little bit and finish it off.

3) Television! Let’s Have A Small Gathering

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Oh, that’s common! Don’t be surprised to see television on this list. Anyone who has grown up in the middle-class family knows the importance of television.

Unlike the higher-class house, the middle-class family doesn’t have an individual television in every room. They only have one television that enhances the decor of their drawing room and gives them the opportunity to unite together every single day.

From news to movies to any cricket or football match they watch everything together. Hold on! They have another rule, channel will be decided by either mom or the younger one in most of the cases.

4) Special Crockery/ Curtains/ Sofa Covers is For Guest Or Occasion

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Another hack is using special crockery/curtains/sofa covers only for guest and festive season! That sounds bizarre, right? Well, middle-class people know how to spend their hard-earned money as situations are not the same always. Unlike high-class families, they keep their special stuff like expensive crockery, curtains, sofa covers for the special gathering, guest arrivals and festivals.

5) You Left The Lights On! How Can You?

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OMG, so you left the light on! How can you do this, don’t you know it is like a crime. Well, it's not about being selfish but taking care of every small detail of the house. Electricity bill is one hassle for many middle-class people, they always try to save energy and don’t like to waste it unnecessarily. So beware if you ever visit their house. Don’t forget to turn off the lights if you don’t need them. Well, if you look deep into the matter, the point is to teach a sense of responsibility and not create unnecessary drama.

6) Unmatched Excitement Of Free Gifts & Special Festive Sales

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Ever seen the satisfaction on your family members’ face when they get some really useful Christmas gift? Or did you ever get extra vegetables from the counter or free packets of your favorite food items? Well, this is something that is beyond sheer bliss and only a middle-class person can feel it.

And not to forget, the yearly Black Friday sale and other special festive sales are the days they impatiently wait every year to shop endlessly all the stuff they have been wanting to buy at discounted prices.

7) Use the Product Till Its Last Breath :-P

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Now that’s quite interesting and the favorite job of every mom belongs to the middle-class family. They know how to utilize things properly, from rolling the toothpaste to adding water to the shampoo bottle, are some things that can be used as an example here. Well, nothing wrong with that. In fact, you are learning how to use things optimally.

8) Sharing Room & Other Stuff With Sibling is a Must!

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No wonder, sharing room and other with your sibling cultivates love and promotes harmony in the family. Well, sharing rooms with a sibling is such a thing that majorly belongs to the middle-class family. Maybe due to the shortage of rooms, they have to make this alternative. And there’s nothing bad about it; in fact, it will promote understanding level and enhance the aura of a house.

So, these are some epic management hacks you will learn in a middle-class family. It is no secret that, in life, this ability to find balance, discipline, and colors brings so much maturity and responsibility in an individual belonging to middle-class family. What say?


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