10 Mesmerizing Things That Make a Wedding Special and Memorable

Add sparkle to your wedding bash and capture each and every moment of your special wedding day by exploring these 10 fun things. Keep on reading this article to know more.

6 years ago
10 Mesmerizing Things That Make a Wedding Special and Memorable

Two Souls With But A Single Thought, Two Hearts That Beat As One.”- John Keats

That pretty much defines the true essence of marriage! 

Wedding is an awe-inspiring celebration of love that every couple wants to rejoice in an exceptional way. It is an extraordinary moment that couple share with their closed ones.

Whether they say it or not, every couple secretly wishes that it becomes an everlasting moment, not for only them, but also for the people around them.

However, if you are someone who doesn't know much about the formalities of a wedding, it can seem a slightly daunting task. These days, the individuals are on a quest for the most unique wedding party that can add zing to their delightful event. Though, planning a memorable and special wedding bash often seems to be a tiresome idea.

No wonder, people spend a lot of time in planning the perfect wedding but some end up with the most common reason and that’s budget. Well, it’s not a matter of competition here because one day maybe someone will end up having a wedding greater than yours. And that's alright as not every marriage can be as 'royal' as you imagine.

But do you really think that stuff like budget and all can actually stop you from making your wedding day the most unforgettable day of your life. To help you out with that, here we bring you a list of some astonishing ways to make your wedding day unique and memorable.

1) Dazzling Decorations & Ambience

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Bring some sparkle to your wedding by enhancing the decor elements. Imagine a handsome groom and a beautiful bride going to tie a knot so the ambience should be dazzling that can complement the moment. Work out your design and color schemes, play with colors and fresh flowers to add to the natural beauty of your surrounds.

Keep the seating arrangements sophisticated yet elegant followed by gorgeous lighting. Use purples, pinks, blues and reds to create a party atmosphere as these colors are evergreen for a perfect wedding bash and create a romantic aura.

2) Don’t Forget To Bring The Prettiest Cake For You Two

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It's your special day! It's your wedding day so how can you forget the traditional dessert. Yeah, you guessed it I am talking about the wedding cake. There's nothing beautiful like a wedding cake that looks too pretty to cut. Cutting the cake is a prominent tradition in which the bride and groom would share a piece of the cake before distributing it to the guests. It symbolizes their love and promise to being with each other forever.

3) Light Up The Sky With Scintillating Fireworks & Wishing Lamps

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Wedding bash without fireworks and wishing lamps is like a dessert without sugar. And obviously, you don’t want your wedding to be tasteless right? So, why not incorporate some fireworks and wishing lamps. Just imagine a gorgeous outdoor wedding event followed by the most amazing fireworks and your hopes. Sounds really romantic, isn’t it?

4) Add The Magic Of Bridesmaids

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How can we forget the magic of bridesmaids, it's no less than a dream for the brides. Bring the magic and beauty of bridesmaids into your wedding and make it memorable. The bridesmaids are members of the bride's gang in a wedding and mostly, they are some close friends or relatives. They have to attend to the bride on the day of a wedding or marriage ceremony.

5) Celebrate It Like A Festival

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Stuck among a lot of alternatives? Still in a dilemma as to which theme should be the best for your wedding day? Well, how about a festive theme? Let’s rewind your favorite festival and celebrate your wedding day just like a festival. Lots of colors, cookies, wedding bells and the astonishing decor followed by a crazy crowd and the beautiful couple. What else you need to celebrate the wedding day just like a festival!?

6) Sparkling Seating Arrangement & Floor Decor

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Seating arrangement and floor decor is something that is often neglected but people don’t realize that ultimately, they will help in enhancing the ambience of your wedding venue. By keeping it classy and contemporary, you can change the shapes of your tables and try out some new-age designs. Simply changing the floor plan doesn’t cost anything, but it will make the room look different and interesting.

7) Tempting Food

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Now here comes the most important factor to work on and that’s “FOOD”. Tickle your taste buds and add some zing to your wedding party by incorporating some delicious food items. Not only the taste, but the presentation of food and its hygiene factor is one of the key aspects that can easily attract the attention of your guests. And you will feel proud and happy for the fact that your guest is actually enjoying the party.

8) Say Cheers With Your Favorite Drinks

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Cheers to the couples, big hopes, smiles and amusement. And hey, how can you miss all this fun. What else you need to flaunt in your wedding bash if you have great appetizers followed by chilled drink. Try on some cocktails just like you do in social gatherings. All you need to do is arrange a perfect and astonishing set up for your cocktails and add-ons your favorite drink. And of course, don’t forget your bar etiquettes; after all, it's a wedding bash right?

9) Rock The Dance Floor With Some Rocking Music

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Ok so I am not adding some trendy idea here as we all know that every wedding, by default has some rocking music and dance floor but only a few of them make history. Keep your music playlist the trendiest one, incorporate the extraordinary performances of your closed ones and don’t forget to hand over the dance floor to the couples as it will make the whole event extra-special and keep the guests engaged.

10) Hire The Best Event Planners

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No wonder, keeping your guests happy is probably one of the most daunting tasks for any party host. Wedding bash requires more insightful preparation; hiring specialized event planner will help you organize all the above-mentioned stuff quite successfully. Whether you’re looking to organize a delightful brunch or wedding reception dinner, the best way to keep your guests happy is to hire the event planner or catering service provider as they will suggest you some important considerations to organize every event amazingly.

So, what are you waiting for, make your dream come true by trying hands on the above mentioned amusing and awe-inspiring things.


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