Ever Wondered What Psychology Says About Emotions & Human Behavior?

The human mind is a mysterious, calculative, emotional and full of elusive things. Psychology and science have a lot to uncover about human behavior & emotions. Find that out here.

6 years ago
Ever Wondered What Psychology Says About Emotions & Human Behavior?

Emotions are the deepest feelings and thoughts in any situation that bring out the real you!

It's about the deep feelings, the unspoken emotions, the expressions and how you express thoughts and sentiments. Our life revolves around different powerful emotions like love, anger, fear, excitement, happiness, anxiousness, pride and lot more. We can even say that all these emotions act like doors in our lives and you never know when and where which door gets opened or rings the bell.

These myriad shades of expression have a strong influence in an individual's life. In fact, we are like puppets in front of our emotions, aren't we? Well, there is no doubt in that but ever wondered what is it that makes us feel one way or another? Why some stuff and actions really affect us?

Well, you have to dig further into that by understanding the psychology behind it.

1) Your Face Speaks More Than Your Words Do

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Although, this idea doesn’t have many believers but we can’t help it because it is one big truth related to emotions and human behavior. According to psychology facts and science, your face speaks out the way you feel. Research says that when a person has gone through some deep and intense emotions and tries to hide his/her feelings, then the condition of micro-expression occurs. (A microexpression is the innate result of a voluntary and involuntary emotional response that conflicts with one another).

People usually try to adjust their facial expression in order to hide the actual feeling. But in most of the cases, they begin to feel that emotions more strongly. We guess some feelings are hard to hide but face says it all. Your closed one can easily recognize it.

2) Shockingly Enough, Bad Feelings Are Good For Your Health

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You might be wondering how bad feelings can lead to great well being! But that’s how the psychology works. It is unpredictable and full of surprising facts, we can say. Studies suggest that, at times, experiencing negative thoughts and feelings like fear, anger and crying is vital for mental health and help us find out the positivity in all those negative stuff.

According to psychology, the person who only experiences positive thinking and emotions could become complacent one day and maybe start avoiding the issues that really matter in his/her life. Negative emotions are perfectly natural and it’s important. Don’t try to crush them. Rather, try to resolve it with a positive approach. It’s all about how you take it and balance it.

3) Smell Can Trigger Your Emotions

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Smell affects our thoughts, mood and emotions. Don’t be surprised because here comes another scientific concept related to emotions. Studies suggest that soothing and good fragrance might evoke good mood or emotions in individuals. While on the other hand, disgusting smell can ruin it within few seconds. You can easily conclude it by noticing some sort of fracas in a dirty area like slum areas.

4) Emotions Are Contagious

Source = Physiomed

It seems like emotions and feelings are contagious, I mean it’s quite amazing how you can take on the emotions of another person. Whether it's about picking up some positive thoughts and energy of those around you or being infected with their laugh and cry. Humans can’t control themselves from catching emotions and thoughts from other people around them.

5) Colors Affect Your Emotions & Mood

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Does the green color give you positive vibes? Does the color blue make you feel relaxed? Does the white color give you quite an environment? Believe it or not, but the fact is that color affects our mood and emotions dramatically. Colors are a strong communication tool that can actually influence action and reaction of human beings. Certain colors have been associated with some health signs such as blood pressure, metabolism and a lot more.

6) Eight Basic Emotions Often Affect Us

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A mental and heart activity and a certain degree of pleasure or displeasure is nothing but the intense emotions. This intense feeling is categorized in 8 different parts. We can say that according to psychology, joy, acceptance, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation are the eight basic emotions that humans often experience.

7) Emotions Are Directly Proportional To Different Parts Of Body

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I bet everyone feels it once in their life and not once but many times. From butterflies in the stomach, when you feel excited or eagerly wait for something grand to a severe headache due to overthinking or stress, your emotions always influences your body parts. Studies have also suggested that emotions, feelings, and mood are entirely physical as different body parts react to different emotions especially the upper half of the body is heavily stimulated during emotions such as love, happiness and pride, whereas depression and sadness are linked to numbness.

8) Emotions Lead To Self-Talk

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Life is an unpredictable journey that never remains same all the time, right? It is a blend of some happy moments and some bad ones. People often realize that they need to figure out something, there is something in the air that is suspicious but what is it? Well, in such a situation, most of the human beings follow a basic technique that is “thinking” and “self-talk”.

No expert, no books, no google, but you. Yes, it’s only you who can actually figure out things by talking with yourself.

9) Emotions Are Unbiased

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So, you are not allowed to judge “emotions” and it is not a culprit. In fact, it is the most unbiased thing in our life. Emotion is merely self-dependent that often conveys a message and the formula is pretty simple. For example, you feel fear, anger or sadness when you don’t get something you want; while on the other hand, you become happy on achieving something.

10) Love Is The Deepest Emotion Anyone Can Feel

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Love has a lot more to do with chemistry than you might think. Love is not a word but the most intense, deepest and beautiful feeling a person can ever feel because it influences both your mind and heart deeply. That’s why even the psychology puts it on top always.

Also, insecurity and jealousy are the two emotions that often come along with LOVE. Sometimes in a cute way, while sometimes in the wrong way. Either way, the intensity of love is unmatched and unparallelled. Well, your actions are positive or negative just depends on the type of relationships you have. Healthy relationships always lead to happiness, while unhealthy relationship lead to pain or negativity.

Psychology and science have come up with answers to lot of your complex questions about the most intense thing in the world “EMOTIONS”.


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