11 Cool Inventions for Kids That are Attracting Adults’ Attention Too

Right from handy kitchen tools to gardening kits, several inventions for kids have been used by parents today to improve their productivity.

4 years ago
11 Cool Inventions for Kids That are Attracting Adults’ Attention Too

Today, every now & then, a new thing is launched in the market. Be it related to study, technology, or home styling: several inventions are attracting the public. Right from cool gardening kits to kitchen cleaning accessories, these new inventions are gaining popularity because it is reducing human efforts. 

Are you also the one who looks for innovative things to buy for kids so that they have healthy playtime? If yes, then you would also agree that keeping kids busy with gadgets or with anything is what every parent demands to get their ‘me-time.’ 

Becoming a parent is a difficult job. And when your kids are naughty, then balancing work and kids at the same time needs training. During the lockdown period, many parents have shared the situation that they are facing when they have kids 24*7 around. While some are looking for parental hacks that could help them in managing the kids better, others are searching for products that could make less mess on the dining table. 

We have compiled several innovations that are meant for kids, but adults are also taking a keen interest in them.

1. Air Fort, Which Inflates in 30 Seconds and Turns into a Beautiful Home for Kids

Source = Airforts

Would you buy this for your kids? It is suitable for kids and adults as well. It is a great mess-free indoor play fort that takes no space. 

2. This is a Must-Buy Product if You Don’t Know How to Eat Waffles

Source = Brightside

This amazing waffle or sandwich holder could make them learn how to eat by themselves. Plus, it can also be used when you can’t hold a sandwich/waffle for long. 

3. Foldable Portable Crib

Source = Brightside

It includes a comfortable mattress bed with a sleeping board. It gets easily removed from the fastening straps provided. Don’t you think it would be fun rolling on this portable crib? 

4. Back Seat Cooler - An Ultimate Car Travelling Accessory

Source = Pinimg

It comes in a variety of designs and shapes and provides hot or cool air directly from vent to the back seat. This accessory is designed for kids but can be used by anyone. 

5. Indoor Strap Swing

Source = Weburbanist

When it is raining outside and can’t go out in the play area, then this indoor strap swing could help you. It is designed for kids but can be used by adults. Enjoy hours of swinging at home day and night. 

6. Baby Bottle Holder

Source = Brightside

This hands-free feeding product improves eye and hand coordination. What’s amazing is the bottle repositions its original position when the baby releases it. I wish I would have used this amazing bottle. 

7. A Beautiful Tree House With Door and Windows

Source = Brightside

It is a beautiful tree to nurture imaginative play and offers huge space for children and their toys. Kids can make a new world inside the treehouse. Spend time with your kids and enjoy a natural cum imaginative world inside. 

You can surprise your kid or someone special by gifting them this amazing treehouse. It comes equipped with slotted cardboard panels that are easy to fix. 

8. Realistic Dark Green Dinosaurs Lunch Box

Source = Shopify

It is durable and perfect for storing toys and food. It is made from polypropylene plastic material and makes a great sized lunch box. It is not only meant for kids, but you can also use it to keep kitchen accessories. 

Plus, it is a great product to carry when going out for the picnic. It is an amazing gift for those who are dinosaur-obsessed. 

9. Magnetic Fastener Cotton Footie

Source = Pinimg

These magnetic fasteners are hidden inside the fabric and get the baby dressed faster. It is a perfect gift for new parents. Onesie comes in a variety of designs, and this magnetic fastener could save you time. 

10. Anti Soggy Cereal Bowl

Source = Shopify

These amazing bowls can be used for salads, soups, and snacks. It is microwave-safe, unbreakable, and lightweight. The most amazing thing about this cereal bowl is that it lets you enjoy your snack without sogginess. 

11. Switch Extender

Source = Dama

It works with any standard switch plate. It is flexible, strong, and works horizontal and sideways. Switch extender works best for kids, toddlers, adults, and disabled. 

Final Words

We live in an innovative world, where innovations like video doorbells and semi-autonomous cars are not new. If you are a parent or parent-to-be, then buy these innovative products and use them whenever you want. 

Do you know or have been using these kinds of inventions to improve your child’s creativity and reduce your efforts? If so, then don’t forget to share your ideas. 


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