10 World’s Oldest Trees Present In The Mother Nature

Trees has always been a potential source which reminds us about the pristine nature and its ultimate powers. Since ages, these trees have inspired poets, writers, artists, scientists, warriors, and priests. Trees are a symbol of natural glory on the Earth.

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10 World’s Oldest Trees Present In The Mother Nature

Trees are part of nature since millions of years. The significance of these trees has increased many folds since then, as a single tree lives for millennia according to studies based on their germination. These trees have survived through harsh climate changes, civilizations, diseases, fire, natural calamities and much more. They have always served humanity with life’s essential food, and oxygen.

Trees have always made our surroundings pleasant and beautiful with their presence. We all know how much they are important for the sustenance of life. These are wonderful monuments created by our mother nature. Some of the trees are so old that their germination could not be calculated with the help of carbon dating.

Here is the list of 10 oldest trees present on the Earth :

1) Bristlecone Pine tree - Methuselah

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Bristlecone pine tree is the oldest tree in the world, found in California’s white mountain range popularly known as Methuselah.It is near about 4,765 years old. It has twisted stems which gives a mysterious appearance to the tree. Bristlecone specie is one of the oldest living organism on the planet earth. Not only Methuselah there are some other equally old species present in Nevada.

2) Old Tjikko - Clonal Tree

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These are trees which have set a record for being clonal. These trees are being developed with the clones of the parent tree with a very old root system. One such tree is Old Tjikko which is near about 9,550 years old. It is 16 foot present in the Sweden, a spruce tree which looks similar to Christmas tree. Leif Kullman who discovered the tree named it after his dead dog. According to scientists, it is the only living trunk of the clonal colony like Pando.

3) Jomon Sugi

Source = Yesyakushima

Jomon Sugi located in Yakushima Japan is one of the main reason to consider the island as UNESCO World Heritage site in Japan. This tree is the oldest cryptomeria tree in the world.

The exact age of the tree is not yet determined. According to some geologist, it is said that the tree is 2,000 years old while others claim that the tree might be 5,000 years old. It has resulted in the state change of the Yakushima island with its ultimate glory, wisdom, and grandeur. It is 83 meters tall and has a girth of 53 meters.

4) Zoroastrian Sarv

Source = Tishineh

Zoroastrian Sarv is also known as Sarv-e- Abarqu. It is a cypress tree in the province of Yazd province in Iran. It is considered to be one of the oldest living trees in Asia. It is 4,000 years old and has faced dusk and dawn of various civilizations till today. It is considered as a national monument of Iran. This tree is about 25 meters high and has a circumference of 18 meters. Its marvelous beauty is awestruck for people all around the world.

5) Llangernyw Tree

Source = Wikimedia

A 4,000-5,000-year-old Yew tree located in yards of Saint Diagyan’s church, in Llangernyw village. It has a circumference of 10.75 meters. Its magnificent beauty is a wonder to watch. It is said that the tree might have been planted in the Egyptian era when the pyramids were still considered to be a new development in the world. In 2002, the tree was designated as one of the 50 great British trees lists by the tree council.

6) Gran Abuelo

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This tree belongs to the family of fitzroya cupressoides. These trees are tall and evergreen. They are near about 3,644 years old and are located at the Alerce National Park of Andes mountains in Chile, this popular tree is known as Alerce. All the trees which belong to this specie have the tendency to survive for a long period of time. Although, the maximum age of the trees cannot be estimated. Many botanists believe that they are the second largest living trees after Bristlecone pine tree.

7) The senator

Source = Wikimedia

The senator is considered as the largest and the oldest cypress tree in the world. It is 3,500 years old located in Florida at the Big tree park, Longwood. The tree has a height of 125 feet and a girth of 17.5 feet. This tree was highly honored by the tribes living near the area. It was used as a landmark by Seminole Indians. Apparently, the tree was burnt in a fire ignited by a 26-year woman named Sara Barnes. It is the largest Bald Cypress tree in the United States and was widely considered as the oldest specie in the world.

8) The President

Source = Roadtrippers

This tree is situated in the Sierra Nevada, California in the giant forest of Sequoia National Park.  It is one of the largest alive sequoias in the world. It is 3,200 years old and has a height of 274 feet and width of 27 feet. It is one of the oldest sequoia ever known in the world. The tree has been named after the Warren G. Harding who ruled the United States in the year 1923.

9) Elia Vouvon

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This tree is considered to be the oldest tree of the Mediterranean, located on the Greek island of Crete Elia Vouvon. It is popularly known as Olive trees of Vouves aged between 3500 to 5000 years. It has the capacity to produce olives till today, which is marketed in the world at very high price.

As we know that the olive trees are resistant to fire and diseases thus their longevity is not a surprise for all of us. People who go on Greek tour must visit this tree at least once.

10) Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi - Sacred Tree

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A sacred tree is one of the oldest trees in Sri Lanka. It was planted in 288 B.C. From the fig tree of the Buddha. Thus it was given the name as Bodhi tree. The Bodhi tree and Mahabodhi temple have now become pilgrimage sites. This tree has been considered to have a great religious importance by the people. It is one of the oldest sacred trees in the whole world.

These were some of the oldest trees present in the mother’s nature in the whole world. Isn't these were amazing to know?


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