6 Advantages Of Hydropower That You Might Not Know

One of the best and the effective methods of producing energy is through the use of falling water. Hydroelectricity is both cheap and renewable, know what advantages it offers.

6 years ago
6 Advantages Of Hydropower That You Might Not Know

You must be aware of the term Hydropower. It is one of the oldest forms that generates electricity. Nearly thousands of years ago, this energy was captured to push lifts, mills to perform tasks like grinding grains etc. It is the form of energy that is generated by using gravity and waterfall.

Hydropower is a kind of renewable energy, a hydro plant produces a large amount of energy without releasing greenhouse gases and other fuels.

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Advantages of Hydropower

1) Hydropower Is A Source Of Clean Energy

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Hydropower is the best source of energy production. It is clean, green and doesn’t cause any contamination. In addition, it doesn’t release any toxic gases and greenhouse gases that may pollute the environment.

2) It Is The Effective Renewable Resource

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Renewable i.e. it can use until the end of the world. The method uses water to produce electricity, and naturally, water evaporates from the surface forming clouds and eventually falls again back to the earth in the form of rain. That is, Hydroelectricity will never become scarce. (18.1)

3) Flexible Form Of Energy

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The use of hydropower or hydroelectricity can be controlled, if the energy required is less than the water flow from the dam, it can be reduced or maximized according to the requirements. The adjustment of the water flow is necessary to save energy for future use. Unlike wind energy which is only available when it’s too windy and solar energy when it’s too sunny, water is constantly available to cover both.

4) Cost Efficient

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When it comes to the cost, the lower operating cost is another advantage of hydropower. Since hydroelectric power has few parts, it doesn’t require more replacements. Low maintenance and the low operating cost is the reason why hydroelectric power generates electricity for long period of time. It is a domestic source of energy and allows each state to generate their own energy without being dependant on other international fuel sources. (18.2)

The installation cost for the hydropower is high but once it is installed the cost relating to its maintenance and operation becomes extremely low. They can last between 70-100 years. Hydropower plants are easily adaptable and can be upgraded with the new technologies if needed.

5) Eco-Friendly

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Hydropower contributes the only little amount of greenhouse gases when compared with fossil fuels. Hydropower reduces the release of greenhouse gases that would occur from the combustion of 4.4 million barrels of petroleum across the globe (each day).

6) Hydropower Promotes Industry

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Apart from the above-known advantages of hydropower, it carries a number of secondary benefits too. It also helped people gaining education and investments. When the term hydropower was introduced in the small areas that lacked the resources, it encouraged industry and helped to build up infrastructure, navigations, and roads.


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