10 Epic Examples Of Network Marketing In Last Century

Often people think that “Network Marketing” is the great business approach. Maybe they don’t realize the worth of integrating these MLM techniques into the business workflow. Well, in order to help you out, we have sorted the list of 10 epic companies which reflects the worth of Network Marketing.

6 years ago
10 Epic Examples Of Network Marketing In Last Century

In the highly competitive and contemporary business world, a lot of people are now seeking for the most effective opportunities and ways to make money and outshine their business. And the one-stop source to unlock all the doors of opportunities is “Network Marketing”

Network marketing or multi-level marketing is an eminent tool and a business model which includes a pyramid structured network of people who sell a company’s goods by means of relationship referrals and mouth marketing. In this elementary network, the participants are usually remunerated on a commission basis. Also, the best thing about this network marketing chain is that the entire bulk profit shared among chain in a predefined percentage.

But, still many folks have heard some erroneous thing about “Network marketing or “Multi-level marketing” and still wondering what is the actual fundamentals belongs to it? Would it be something that I could be making money with? And whether it is legal or not?  Confusing right?  No worries because in this article we are going showcase 10 epic examples that depicted the reliability of network marketing in well manner.

1) Avon Products, Inc

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Avon is the USA-based company that proudly stood for beauty for more than 100 years. Certainly, Avon is a great example of network marketing that has stood for selling the best cosmetics products by means of multi-level marketing for over a century.

Reportedly in 2016, they were achieved huge success in terms of sales rate, which is about 11.3 billion and successfully supports approximately 6 million representatives worldwide.

2) Amway

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Amway is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses, that projected MLM concept in 90’s. They have been developing so many beautiful and healthy products for the betterment of people that have touched millions of lives around the world.

This company is quite popular for selling a vast number of products ranging from beauty products from healthy to household goods to nutrition and weight loss management. According to a report, once they have covered 80 markets and achieved 10.9 billion sales by implementing network marketing operation.

3) Tupperware

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Tupperware is another a prominent company that promotes MLM and concept of direct selling of products through their members. When it comes to women employment, Tupperware is truly transforming and inspiring women across the globe. Basically, Tupperware is all about the leak-proof plastic containers and it got so famous due to their selling strategies and network marketing operation that now it is listed in fortune under 500.

4) Herbalife

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Herbalife, another remarkable example allied to MLM, is global nutrition company assisting the people to pursue a healthy and active life since 1980. It is proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams and financial freedom by means of network marketing functions and successfully earning millions of dollars in sales in over 80 markets worldwide. Their products range are available exclusively through more than 2.3 million members in more than 90 countries.

5) Oriflame

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Oriflame! It doesn't need an introduction. It is a brand that providing the best beauty products and opportunities to achieve your dreams through its exceptional business concept (MLM) since 1967. In 2016, they had over 2 billion in sales with nearly 4 million representatives in 67 global markets, which quite a big achievement in this highly competitive world.

6) Forever Living

Source = Multilevelup

Forever Living was founded in 1978, manufactures and sell personal care products, aloe vera based drinks and nutritional supplements. This Multi-level marketing based company garnered so much popularity in their market niche and achieved the next level of success in terms of sales due to its amazing network marketing strategy.

7) Natura Cosmeticos, SA

Source = Diasdacruz

Natura Cosmeticos SA, a Brazil-based company was founded in 1969 and develops and sells cosmetics, hygiene, fragrances and personal care products. In order to grow the business potential and sales rate, they have projected the multi-level marketing methodologies. In 2016, this Brazil-based company got so much appreciation for achieving 3 billion sales rate.

8) Vorwerk

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Vorwerk, the prominent and the oldest company on this list, as it was founded in 1883 over more than 130 years in Germany selling the cosmetic, flooring products, household products and lot more. They have a great team of salesperson and sales partners also. It has over 1 million sales representatives that cover seven global markets.

9) Mary Kay

Source = Townnews

Mary Kay, another US-based company founded in 1963 has executed network marketing operation in order to promote the direct selling concept. The best thing about this US-based firm is that it is linked with a number of charities that work for women welfare. They have earned so much popularity in the particular niche for achieving 3 billion sales in 35 markets worldwide.

10) Nerium

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Nerium is the highly best-selling company provides anti-aging products and life-changing opportunity to the people. Its concept is pretty much different from any other regular company. This company has performed great MLM strategies in order to produce more leads and ROI. This anti-aging MLM was already ranked #86 out of 100 by Direct Selling News.


The fact is as clear as a glass of moonshine that the concept of network marketing is definitely ruling the current business world, and the aforementioned listed examples are clearly reflecting the success stories of this MLM concept.

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